A week later, what a difference can a week make. By the whiskers of Bastet, it’s been a week of great ups and down and I do want to blog about it a little bit. But first the good news. Finally my house sale has come through! After a good ten plus week, the contracts have finally been exchanged. This means that basically we have now legally committed to the house buying. Getting out of this, would mean incurring heavy financial penalties. Next week, is the completion date, which means I get the keys as well and then, I finally have a house.

I can’t wait, I am looking forward to starting this new adventure. It really feels different from moving to another rental. This time it will be mine and I can do what I want. If I want drill holes in the wall, or grow catnip all over the house, I can. Not saying that is what I am going to do, but the freedom to do that is there. That in and by itself is a liberating thought.

Secondly, this week, there was the question of the Scottish referendum. It seems that much of the last week I have been talking and typing about this. While I realise that I have little to say except my own opinion and the fact that I am not Scottish and thus had literally no say in it what so ever, I was hoping that Scotland would actually vote against Independence. Despite what everyone say about the huge oil reserves that Scotland may (or may not) have and thus would automatically be come wealthy, I was not sure about that fact.

Combine this with several facts that were stated (remaining the use of the Pound Sterling, automatic entrance to the European Union) that were under no circumstances true at all, I think that the future of Scotland would have looked very bleak from the start, with not a huge amount of hope to balance it out in the next decade.

Luckily I think, although I can understand that a good forty-five percent of the Scottish population does not feel that way, the vote was cast in favour of staying within the United Kingdom. I hope that everyone can put this behind them and accept that this is what the majority of the people wanted. A democratic result. Now we need all to look at the future and work together to make things happen.

That is, what I shall do. So I shall now carry on with the part of my blog that the title hinted at:
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To be punished…

Another week gone and I am not closer to moving in real life then I was a week ago and it is starting to frustrate me to the extreme. I hate sitting around empty shelves, all my books in boxes, and shelves staring at me blank and empty. Hopefully sooner than later this will actually happen. All I can do is try not to let it influence me to much.

Otherwise this week has been pretty quiet all in all together. Highlights of course was the time I got to spend with Mistress and doing a little bit more shopping. Oh and spend lying tied up on the bed. What can I say, I am happy and spoilt girl.

I also have discovered the fun side of gaming again this week, and have been playing a lot. Mostly because I have discovered Steam (okay, yes I am a bit slow) and have had some good times playing games with others. It made me be a little bit less in Second Life then I am usually have been.

Of course, I will never forget that my tasks in Second Life takes precedence over the rest and I always make sure I do them before switching over to windows to play games. I can’t wait until more games are being released under Linux and game companies will see it as a viable source of development. We can only hope.

But this blog tonight is not about my trial and tribulations (yes, such a heavy life I lead). This  blog is, as I mentioned last week, about punishment. A topic I have written more then once about.

To re-cap: last week I wrote about testing of a dominant, and also of any partner in a relationship. In the introduction of that blog I mention that people would test dominants to get them to punish them. As I much highlighted in my previous blog, I am against the notion of people using punishment as a way to get attention, I am even more against the idea of pushing a dominant to the point that they feel that punishment is what you get.

I think however, we should not rush ahead of ourselves and start at the beginning. I promise I will return to that part of the blog a bit later on.
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Testing in a relationship

When I signed in to wordpress this evening, it showed me I had new notifications. Having not looked during the week, but rather relied on the emails to see what people were interacting with my blog.

To my surprise the top message was this: “You registered on WordPress.com 7 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!” Wow, seven yeas onwards from my first “Hello World” post .. how time has flown.

So one of the things I heard this week in an group chat that the fun of being a submissive was to test a dominant and get punished. This is something, at least that kind of statement that I have come across several times. It is interesting to see how much my blog has changed in some ways.

What started out as a general blog about what I got up to in Second Life, my adventures and thoughts, turned initially towards the deeper darker side of BDSM play, at least as far as Second Life concerns in the form of banishment and isolation play.

This later on, made a one eighty degree turn towards more fashion related items, but never as some of the more popular blogs out there. Just shots of what I have enjoyed wearing and had bought. A period that was most notably featured by long periods of absence and silence on my blog.

Sure, I did publish some stories in that time, but mostly my blogging was stagnating. Until, well until February 2012, where after I shared with my Mistress that I wished I could write better. She admitted that she missed reading my blog and thus the order came down from above that I was to write weekly and so I have done pretty much since then. A long time, where I only have missed a few entries here and there. So, I am quite happy about that.

As for this weeks topic…
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Dressing to impress?

It’s been a rather busy week, and while the end of this is not yet in sight, there is at least some progress. With ‘this’ I of course mean, my planned house move. Things are seemingly moving along a bit better now. Hopefully soon I can start focusing on packing and getting things underway.

In the meantime, most of my books are packed, with only one added so far this week. Not entirely the progress I had set myself but okay. The biggest problem is that this causes a very subtle amount of stress. There is a row of boxes behind me as I wrote, four high and two lines thick and it is a constant visual reminder.

As such I have been, quite a lot grumpier this week then I have usually been. Even meditation seem full of distraction, and while it is mentioned that this is not to be seen as a bad thing, on some level it still is a good indication that my mind is deeply unsettled. For those affected by my moods, I can only deeply apologise. As I mentioned to one of my friends yesterday, part of me, wants to cancel this all, calling it to an end and make a blanket fort and not come out until 2040.

Speaking of dates in the future, I seen that headspace, the company behind the platform and the meditation app that I use, makes sure subscriptions are valid (and I assume that they mean accessible) for the next hundred year. Seeing that yesterday made me laugh. There is some sort of joke to be made there how meditation increases longevity.

As  promised this week I was going to dig a little bit deeper into the clothing aspect of bdsm, a subject that for a long time has held deep fascination and interest to me.

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Yes, I did try to get as many of the letter M into the title while still making sense about it all. I think I pulled it off. :) Now that could be a meme of some sorts 26 posts where the title starts with a letter of the alphabet every week. On second thought, I think I’ll pass.

In some other news, the planned house move so far is not happening. Mainly due to hold-up in the paperwork, not on my end thank fully. Still it means hopefully that the move will go ahead in September, still it means that I have to may a month of extra rent. Sucks but it can’t be helped I suppose.

In the meantime, I have continued the packing of my books and more and more shelves are starting to look bare and empty. Add to that the enormous stack of boxes that is growing and looming over me at my back, 25 so far in total! While I do know that that can not be helped and is part of the process, it does makes me a little bit stressed as things are now out of place.

This week I had the idea of writing about the influence clothing and outfits can have on us both as a person and how people are reacting to it. I have written about it in the past but it seems to be quite a long time. Coupled that the topic recently featured in a discussion at the Cellar D/s club in Second Life, which makes it a excellent time to write more about it.

But tonight, the topic is going to be a bit more freestyle although with some consistency on the subject:
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Well it seems that my mood has at least a little bit lifted from last week. I am actually proud of the amount of words that I actually managed to write. I am sure that is up there with my all time records in terms of words/minute. But that is really neither here nor there. I got something blogged and better then I dared to hope at the beginning of the evening.

As I said, however, this is not (so far so good at least anyway) going to be the case hopefully. I have even got a decent topic to write about. But I shall enlighten you about that more in a little bit.

This week has seen some good news and some bad news, although both are completely and utterly unrelated. The sad news of course this week is that the great actor Robin Williams passed away. I think it was a shock for everyone. I think word failed me then and still fail me now to know that a man who gave so much laughter and joy to people, also knew such depths of despair that he saw no longer the way back. He will be remembered by generation for his countless movies. I remember watching Mork and Mindy reruns when I was only a wee cub.

I recently saw the following tribute video with the following transcript:

‘Please, don’t worry so much, because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting, and if you’re ever distressed cast your eyes to the summer sky, when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness turning night into day, make a wish, think of me. Make your life spectacular. I know I did.’
(graduation speech from the movie Jack)

Rest in Peace Robin,
may you find solace in knowing that you gave
joy and laughter to people
all around the world.

The good news is that I got to see my Mistress for a bit this week, including one time in the morning. There is always something special being woken up by her. It definitely starts the day off right. However it has only made a small dent in the amount of clothes I still have to show her.

But onwards to the main topic of the blog,

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Just having a waffle.

One of these days, I will learn to write well ahead of time. But it seems, today is not one of these days. I am not sure what caused, actually I am quite sure what caused it but I will not bore you with the details about my mundane real life tonight. Maybe one of the days, but as with all these things, the M.O. as they say, seems to be “but today is not that day“.

The house move, some other real life stuff just seems to have gotten on top of me and I am not dealing with it as well as I normally can or should. It doesn’t help, that one of the things that happened to me in the last few days, is something I was hoping to go one way but the result was something entirely otherwise.

I know, I know, there is such a thing as confirmation bias and there seems to be an opposite side of it as well. But such is life and right now I am contemplating several things. So, my life is rather upside down at the moment.

Of course with all of that, the pending house move so far is not really helping. It unsettles me, I am already looking forward to when everything is done and dusted and I can settle in from where I will be and get on with my life and get used to my new surroundings

But time shall tell….

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