The Morning Service

Thank you all for all the reaction I have had on my blog about manners and submissives. I think the post was missing something so rest assured that I will return to the post in question at some later point, when I have time to let it mull over in my head and get a better idea of what I want to say and maybe in a little bit of a more constructive format. Still, thank you all for the reading it and liking it.

This week I am going to depart from the previous topic and this week I want to post something about service orientated submission and I will follow that up next week with a more in-depth post and relating to this one.

It is actually Tuesday evening at the moment when I am sitting down and writing this as I am off to visit family over the Easter weekend and will not have time to write as I usually do on Saturday evening. But I will schedule this post, so it will be probably Easter Sunday by the time you all get to read this.

But onwards and upwards as they say. Today’s blog instead writing about what service oriented submission details, I am going instead to adhere to to the old maxim of “Show, don’t tell”. The follow service I was requested to write, by Domina Isabelle Helendale after several mornings of talking and playing. It was an interesting exercise both in thinking and attending as well in writing a large piece a couple of days after my regular blogging.

The brief given was as follows: “You will write me a service of you being at my vanity in my bedroom, brushing my hair and putting on my make-up, while loose chains are locked on
her wrists and ankles.

The result you can read below.

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Manners of a submissive.

Good evening all. Another Saturday evening and as I am accustomed to do, I am stressing once again, what to write. Not entirely this time though. I have taken, as I have mentioned in the few previous blog, to making more and better notes on what to write about. This means I am sort of having the next few blogs more or less lined up already.

Of course, as the world around us is ever changing, so do what I want to write about. Things tickle me in ways, or I discovered or perhaps is that rediscover things that make me tick in very particular ways.  I am at the moment really hoping that I get permission to publish a piece that I wrote on the bequest of a Dominant and who found the work by my hand well worthy of place. Of course, this made me entirely happy. If I get permission to publish this, you’ll see this appear as my Easter Sunday blog, with the follow up on that piece the week after. Curious already? Check in next week!

But this weeks, this is not what I want to write about. This weeks, I want to write about what I think should be reflected in the manner of a submissive. Now of course, I know that everyone is different and that everyone has their own way of doing submission and as I have often said; “D/s is the interaction between two people and how they fill in that relationship is up to them, as long as it follows certain tenets or creeds.”

So the big caveat lector as per usual is that this is inspired by my views and by how I choose to conduct myself. You may disagree with me, you may even disagree with me and find my views unrealistic. I never said I was perfect myself and perhaps do not always follow the guidance that I so happily provide here.

Having all said that, let’s explore my thought on how I think submissives should behave at least in part, and sometimes for the right person in full…
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A week down the road and the March Blogger Q&A has officially come to an end. I thank you all for those who have participated and asked me questions, whether that was through Second Life, through e-mail, or in the comments sections. Admittedly, I am more then a little surprised that compared to other blogs, the amount of personal questions so far have been minimal, or perhaps better phrased down-right absent. But who knows in the coming years they will come.

As promised this week, I am to write about tasks and how one can successfully apply tasks into a BDSM relationship. It’s not the first time I have written about tasks (see my blogs “Setting tasks within relationships“, “More about setting tasks in d/s relationships“, and “About setting tasks“). Needless to say, it seems that tasks is both a subject that remains to fascinate people and baffle them at the same time. Perhaps baffle is the wrong word to choose here. I think more than anything that people struggle coming up with tasks that are useful for a submissive and look for information and inspiration.

Not to mention that these blogs keep scoring consistently high across the board. Although saying that. I just have had a look at my stats. Just in, the all time highest search term for my blog with a total of 2,832 hits, is actually “butts“. You people have a seriously unhealthy fascination with my butt. All I can say: stay classy Internet, well played.

It is perhaps then with no great surprise that two of the question I have received for the March Blogger Q&A dealt with tasks and thus, as promised these will be the last one that I am going to answer.

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After the success of last week, I was planning to do my research on Thursday and write on Friday but as always real life has the annoying habit of throwing in a spanner when you least expect it, or if nothing else, when you least want it. I luckily got at least some part of my research done and a little bit of an structure written down.

In the meantime, I have several possible blogs lined up, enough for the next three weeks to write about. To give you a teaser reveal, I will be writing on how about to deal with the the absence of a dominant, about begging (something I notoriously am bad at) and on what I see as acquired manners for a submissive. What I have not decided yet in what order I am going to write them. Plus there is always the chance I surprise you all with a new story, or a different topic and/or rant that comes up at the last minute.

What I do know is this: With the help of Jotterpad (a tool I mentioned last week) and the addition of Dropbox Sync to keep everything neatly in line, I managed to finally bring a little bit more structure in my writing folder and I am now more than ever able to actually write coherent thoughts down on what I want to blog when I want and more important the moment they pop up. As someone who writes a lot this is truly invaluable

As I promised last week, I would get around to the last remaining two questions of the March Blogger Q&A, which ironically seems to fall pretty much on the last few days of the challenge. For those who have send me the questions I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having taking this opportunity to write to me and ask me questions. I hope that tonight I can answer these question to the best of my ability.

So I am not completely at a loss where to start or how to tackle this, which as always is a big plus. So tonight the two questions seem to revolve about where can I find resources and what tasks can I set for a submissive. The latter seems to be always a struggle for dominants to come up with tasks and something I can perhaps understand at least from a logical point of view.

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As promised last week, I would actually sit down this time and write a little bit more. Turns out that I actually have a real life thing to attend to on Saturday evening, which by the time this will be published will be, quite probably already be past probably past or I am still having fun doing it.

So because of reasons, I shall have to write this somewhat in advance and get it ready for publication at the usual time. And as promised this week, I am going to answer a few of the questions I have gotten for the march q&a, well at least attempt my level best to answer them in a satisfactory way. Remember folks, you have slightly about a week left to ask me anything you want.

I am surprised and touched by how many people liked my last post. Seriously from the bottom of my heart I thank you all deeply. Often I am surprised at how well either my ranty posts are appreciated or my freestyle waffling. I am glad that you all enjoy those just as well as my more topic driven blog posts.

Other news that made me go squee this week. As a lot of people know, I am a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed series of games. There is something about the running around, sneaking up to people and stabbing them that quite appeals to the kitten inside of me. The sub-reddit for assassin’s creed has been abuzz with rumours about what the new game would be like, or rather more, what time period it would be set in. And today we got a sneak peak! YAY!

And it is eighteen century French, at the time of the French revolution. This is something I am looking quite forward to. Especially because Paris will be pre-Hausmann period so a lot of things will be quite different, and of course no Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe, but there are plenty of other places that should be there that are now, not. Bastille, Palais des Tuileries, and probably many, many more. I am really entirely stoked by this! *squee!*
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Writer block’s frustration

Good evening everyone. So finally after a week having been offline, I am back in the land of the modernly equipped and having a functioning pretty much exactly a week after I went mysteriously offline. Seems that there were two problems that hit me at the same time, although I have to wonder if they are not somehow related.

To give a brief explanation, it turns out that there was a little problem at the exchange (the room of wonders that the local telephone company uses to route all phone traffic) and then it was compounded by a second problem.

It turns out that some thieves decided that the copper in the phone cable was worth quite a bit of money and that they wanted some of that. The result was that they put about 400+ people out of phone services for a week. Really for that sort of people public canings should be brought back. Everything is now back the way it belongs, although there’s still some work going on at the lines, but maybe there are just double checking that nothing else has been damaged.

So, let’s see what this week brings us shall we?
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I hope that this blog reaches you all on time, as it comes on the back of having absolutely no Internet at home what so ever. And it is only in times like that that you start to realise how much we rely on the Internet. From chatting to my friends, to research for projects I am involved in, to just randomly googling various terms that pop into my head (such as “what does a soyuz capsule look like“).

And at times like this, when I am sitting down and writing my blog entry and working on stories, or penning down scenes, what I really miss is my trust electronic dictionary and thesaurus. It makes writing and looking up alternative words so much easier.

However, not having Internet does seem to have sparked some ideas for two new stories, or at least scenes that may eventually come out into a story or not. I have no idea yet. But … that is not really the point I think. What is the point is that I have some more creative ideas that need working out. And that it means my creative writing muscles get a bit stretched more. But you will have to be good and wait and see *cackles*

So, I do somewhat apologise if this blog appears a bit earlier then planned, and any if my normal markup seems to be a little bit off. Sadly enough the mobile client for wordpress, has none but the few bare essentials to make a post.

And of course, I would like to remind all my faithful readers that this month is world wide blogger Q&A month and thus as such, you can all ask me any question you like and which I will faithfully answer. For more details on this challenge: please see my post from earlier this week. And believe it or not I actually got an answer!! Which of course I will answer shortly here after.

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