Dressing to impress?

It’s been a rather busy week, and while the end of this is not yet in sight, there is at least some progress. With ‘this’ I of course mean, my planned house move. Things are seemingly moving along a bit better now. Hopefully soon I can start focusing on packing and getting things underway.

In the meantime, most of my books are packed, with only one added so far this week. Not entirely the progress I had set myself but okay. The biggest problem is that this causes a very subtle amount of stress. There is a row of boxes behind me as I wrote, four high and two lines thick and it is a constant visual reminder.

As such I have been, quite a lot grumpier this week then I have usually been. Even meditation seem full of distraction, and while it is mentioned that this is not to be seen as a bad thing, on some level it still is a good indication that my mind is deeply unsettled. For those affected by my moods, I can only deeply apologise. As I mentioned to one of my friends yesterday, part of me, wants to cancel this all, calling it to an end and make a blanket fort and not come out until 2040.

Speaking of dates in the future, I seen that headspace, the company behind the platform and the meditation app that I use, makes sure subscriptions are valid (and I assume that they mean accessible) for the next hundred year. Seeing that yesterday made me laugh. There is some sort of joke to be made there how meditation increases longevity.

As  promised this week I was going to dig a little bit deeper into the clothing aspect of bdsm, a subject that for a long time has held deep fascination and interest to me.

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Yes, I did try to get as many of the letter M into the title while still making sense about it all. I think I pulled it off. :) Now that could be a meme of some sorts 26 posts where the title starts with a letter of the alphabet every week. On second thought, I think I’ll pass.

In some other news, the planned house move so far is not happening. Mainly due to hold-up in the paperwork, not on my end thank fully. Still it means hopefully that the move will go ahead in September, still it means that I have to may a month of extra rent. Sucks but it can’t be helped I suppose.

In the meantime, I have continued the packing of my books and more and more shelves are starting to look bare and empty. Add to that the enormous stack of boxes that is growing and looming over me at my back, 25 so far in total! While I do know that that can not be helped and is part of the process, it does makes me a little bit stressed as things are now out of place.

This week I had the idea of writing about the influence clothing and outfits can have on us both as a person and how people are reacting to it. I have written about it in the past but it seems to be quite a long time. Coupled that the topic recently featured in a discussion at the Cellar D/s club in Second Life, which makes it a excellent time to write more about it.

But tonight, the topic is going to be a bit more freestyle although with some consistency on the subject:
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Well it seems that my mood has at least a little bit lifted from last week. I am actually proud of the amount of words that I actually managed to write. I am sure that is up there with my all time records in terms of words/minute. But that is really neither here nor there. I got something blogged and better then I dared to hope at the beginning of the evening.

As I said, however, this is not (so far so good at least anyway) going to be the case hopefully. I have even got a decent topic to write about. But I shall enlighten you about that more in a little bit.

This week has seen some good news and some bad news, although both are completely and utterly unrelated. The sad news of course this week is that the great actor Robin Williams passed away. I think it was a shock for everyone. I think word failed me then and still fail me now to know that a man who gave so much laughter and joy to people, also knew such depths of despair that he saw no longer the way back. He will be remembered by generation for his countless movies. I remember watching Mork and Mindy reruns when I was only a wee cub.

I recently saw the following tribute video with the following transcript:

‘Please, don’t worry so much, because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting, and if you’re ever distressed cast your eyes to the summer sky, when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness turning night into day, make a wish, think of me. Make your life spectacular. I know I did.’
(graduation speech from the movie Jack)

Rest in Peace Robin,
may you find solace in knowing that you gave
joy and laughter to people
all around the world.

The good news is that I got to see my Mistress for a bit this week, including one time in the morning. There is always something special being woken up by her. It definitely starts the day off right. However it has only made a small dent in the amount of clothes I still have to show her.

But onwards to the main topic of the blog,

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Just having a waffle.

One of these days, I will learn to write well ahead of time. But it seems, today is not one of these days. I am not sure what caused, actually I am quite sure what caused it but I will not bore you with the details about my mundane real life tonight. Maybe one of the days, but as with all these things, the M.O. as they say, seems to be “but today is not that day“.

The house move, some other real life stuff just seems to have gotten on top of me and I am not dealing with it as well as I normally can or should. It doesn’t help, that one of the things that happened to me in the last few days, is something I was hoping to go one way but the result was something entirely otherwise.

I know, I know, there is such a thing as confirmation bias and there seems to be an opposite side of it as well. But such is life and right now I am contemplating several things. So, my life is rather upside down at the moment.

Of course with all of that, the pending house move so far is not really helping. It unsettles me, I am already looking forward to when everything is done and dusted and I can settle in from where I will be and get on with my life and get used to my new surroundings

But time shall tell….

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This week has been a little bit better in terms of stress levels, although the weather is still warm which does not help. I need a good cold week or something, although saying that, the weather today has totally been in line of expectations as far as an English summer goes. Sort of slightly warm, plenty of rain and windy. Call me crazy but yeah I was digging it. It also means I do not have to go out  and water my plants. Downside? It makes the weeds grow so much faster.

However this week has been worse due to the lack of sleep. I am not sure what caused it. I go through these cycles where sleep just does not come. Yes, I have pretty much tried everything, bar heavy sleep medication and I am really not a huge fan of taking them because of reasons. Yes, I have heard all the arguments about how to reset your sleep but that means probably not having a brain like me that goes “nope, not going to happen missy”. But I am sure it sorts itself out soon enough.

As I predicted, the fall out in the general BDSM community with regards to “50 shades of Grey” keeps going on with people divided in various camps, ranging from “it’s going to cause the death of the scene”, to “we shall be fine, they will need to learn but everyone has to do it” to people going “meh”. Personally, I think it is going to be a case of a little bit of everything. We shall see new people in the scene. Some clearly thinking that BDSM is how 50 shades is portrayed. They will get laughed at, and they will get their feelings hurt. They either slink away or will grow up, sit up and learn and come to understand and integrate. Such is the way of things, as it always has been.

One of the things that seems to cropping up and that I think has some relevance to 50 shades of Grey, is the question of safety, so I shall dedicate that blog to this:

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Let’s go to the movies

This week has been a lot less busy then the previous one, thank heavens. But it has still been a emotional one. And of course the warm weather has not helped tremendously. It is luckily nowhere near as war m as it was, although today the temperature did reach a good twenty-eight degrees.

Not entirely weather that entices you to go out and do stuff, is it? On the plus side of things, I did manage to get out of the house and meet some friends in town on Wednesday and actually had a fun and lovely evening, after a less then ideal start. Still the situation improved considerably after about and hour and it was well near one o’clock in the morning before I actually crawled in through the doorway.

And in doing so, I actually managed to visit a little bar that I have had my eye on for quite a while but never gathered up my strength to go and visit it. Until the opportunity presented itself on Wednesday. Of course, as such things goes, I immediately regretted not having gone earlier as it turned out to be a cracking little bar, with a rather well stocked assortment of beer and other spirits. And I got to taste a gin here that was made here right in the county, so I am rather chuffed with that. All in all a wonderful night.

Who does not love movies? I think most people love the idea of movies, either at home or at the cinema. Admittedly the latter is often, or rather can be, a lot more fun experience. But watching a movie flaked out on the couch is not bad either. So what prompted that little segue?
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The BDSM Secret Questions

It’s been a busy and warm week!!! I am sure if people actually hear the  the temperature that I have been dealing with they think that I am some sort of weirdly wuss creature that can’t handle anything. Truth to be told really, we are not build for heat around these parts. you know fifteen to twenty degrees will do us just fine.

The relative upside of this, is that I have seen some of the most awesome photos of the weather, beautiful and deadly lightning and striking super-cells in the air. Photos we have seen the last few years, usually from the United States. To have them from our coast in our weather is something a little bit special.

Real life has been incredibly busy the last week as well, which means I have had very little in the term of talking to people in either world, real or virtual about kink related things. The result of this is that I haven’t really got news of some of the things to write about. Terrible isn’t it?

But luckily I manage to dust of an old questionnaire I found and had stored in my folder full of ideas of once to write about. So I am going to give this a go. If you fancy giving this a go as well, please copy the questions as per usual and fill in the answers.

So, tell me your deepest, darkest secrets and I’ll tell you mine… (maybe…)
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