The BDSM Secret Questions

It’s been a busy and warm week!!! I am sure if people actually hear the  the temperature that I have been dealing with they think that I am some sort of weirdly wuss creature that can’t handle anything. Truth to be told really, we are not build for heat around these parts. you know fifteen to twenty degrees will do us just fine.

The relative upside of this, is that I have seen some of the most awesome photos of the weather, beautiful and deadly lightning and striking super-cells in the air. Photos we have seen the last few years, usually from the United States. To have them from our coast in our weather is something a little bit special.

Real life has been incredibly busy the last week as well, which means I have had very little in the term of talking to people in either world, real or virtual about kink related things. The result of this is that I haven’t really got news of some of the things to write about. Terrible isn’t it?

But luckily I manage to dust of an old questionnaire I found and had stored in my folder full of ideas of once to write about. So I am going to give this a go. If you fancy giving this a go as well, please copy the questions as per usual and fill in the answers.

So, tell me your deepest, darkest secrets and I’ll tell you mine… (maybe…)
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After the shock and sadness from last week, this week has luckily been rather more on the level, in terms of excitement. Something I have been largely grateful for. Not that this has been an easy week. I miss my kitten deeply and I keep doing little things before catching myself out.

I know that it is normal but, it still makes me think of him and feel a little bit sad. Normal but upsetting at the same time, although on the other hand I should be worried if I did not react that way. I know with time it will pass and I will look upon the time shared between me and him with warmth and happiness. Still to raw at the moment I think.

I saw something interesting on twitter this evening. Apparently there is a writers contest being held. One short story, twenty-five hundred words, nothing pre-published. I may actually partake in that. Of course the non pre-published part means I can not use any of my stories that I have written so far. So I will need to have a think about this, not to mention what I will write about.

This week I wanted to write a little more BDSM orientated. I told you I would return to my favourite subject at some point. Tonight’s inspiration came by the way of Tessa Romanov who poked me last night that one of the regulars in Second Life and also a blogger was writing a blog about gags.

Now I love gags, and by that extension all kinds of sensory deprivation play. So I quickly hopped over to have a listen and a chat and I had a lovely evening chatting with the wonderful Tyra and Tessa, about the pros and cons. While I do not want to steal away Tyra’s thunder by writing exclusively about gags, I decided to write a little bit about the use of sensory deprivation within BDSM, and especially aimed at the problems one encounters in virtual environments such as Second Life.

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In absence, still bright

As someone mentioned to me, I tend to say quite often that I do not know what to write about or that this is not going to be a long blog. Then to prove myself wrong I write easily in excess of a good two thousand words.

Is that long? I do not know. however what I know is this. When I started blogging, for some reason or another I decided that a decent length blog would be around the sixteen hundred word mark. Not a target I always manage and I have at times down scaled my own expectations to anywhere between twelve and sixteen hundred as a good amount. Often however I tend to go well over it.

The strange thing of this all, is that this number is entirely arbitrary. I havre actually never asked my Mistress, how much words she expected of me and she never actually told me either. Strange that. I think for her, the fact that I wrote was more important to her, then the amount that I wrote. Either that or she had a number in her head and wanted to see, how well I did on my own, before stepping in. It does not overly matter in any case. I write to my best ability.

What I suppose, is important, that she has kindled my desire to write, my ability to write (when that ability choose to manifest itself) and given me structure in my life to do so. For that alone I am thankful.

So, why did I start this blog, with saying about writing?
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It’s has been a crazy and busy week, that has not seen me spending much time online and in the virtual world. For those hours that I did, it was seriously good. I got once again time to spend with my Mistress, something we both needed desperately. There is so much to do. One of the rules we have is that she gets to approve all of my clothing. And since we have a huge back log of clothes and such to go through, this will take us a while.

I do hope that sooner and later we can visit some of the places I have frequented lately and introduce my Mistress to all my new friends and let her catch up with all the old ones at the same time. I think for those that know me, seeing me sitting at the feet of my Mistress, may be in for a shock as how well behaved and possibly more quiet I am then normal.

Am I saying that, that I don’t behave when she’s not with me? Of course not! But when I am with my Mistress, my primary attention will be focused on her before anyone else. And of course, I will be on my best behaviour. It’s going to be fun and I can already hear the snickering, and comments from the peanut gallery. Thank you guys! ;)

As for my blog this week, I have after searching around the net for a suitable meme, come across a YABTQM, or in suitable English: “yet another bloody twenty questions meme”. This is a blogger oriented meme, so probably light on pervy content, but one never knows.

So, let’s get started..!
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Etiquette in the scene.

Good evening, welcome to another week of me writing about things that interest me, confuse me, I want to learn about or just catch my attention and I think that I have something to say about. Of course with plenty of rants.

It’s been a quiet but productive week so far and I have felt that I haven’t been as much in Second Life and around the net this week. The reason? Basically it has been a glorious week, with loads of sunshine. I have been making the most of it and attacking my garden, or rather the overgrown jungle that has threatened to take over the paving slaps. It needed to be done and while I am nowhere near finished, it already is looking way much better then it was. Still all in all, I think there is a serious case to be made for gardening with machete and flame throwers. It would definitely be more fun!

This week, I was really struggling to come up with a post, mostly because until an hour ago, writing has not been really on my mind with a lot of mundane real life stuff taking its place. But thanks to talking to some friends and reading one of the discussion logs, I came upon an idea that may be worth exploring a little bit more.

It’s also a topic that I haven’t really touched in a long time. So in that sense it makes for a good time to, albeit perhaps lightly, to revisit tonight. And what is that topic? It is about etiquette. The last time I wrote about etiquette, was in 2012 in my post about “protocol and behaviour in D/s relationships”. How does the time fly.

So with that, let’s have a look at Etiquette and how it applies.
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On discussions and such.

I am having a little bit of a sad. Well not really. But the fact is that the first game played for us in the world cup did not go well. What, you ask yourself? Are you writing about football? About sports? What perversion has penetrated this blog, this bastion of BDSM, reason and otherwise wonderful purveyance’s. Yes I know, I really never write about sport and watch it even less but I do watch European and  World championships. Not that I expect us to do well.

The downside of watching however is that the game ended rather late and I have not had a word committed to paper. Part because I have been rather stressed out and run of my feet today. Never a good thing for a weekend! Add to that a serious lack of sleep over the last few days (I always sleep a bit worse when it is rather warm), so I am probably not on my sharpest today.

Still as always I have a blog to write and write I will. While I may write a bit more freehand as I have done the last few weeks, with the occasional rant thrown in, I will and shall write. It does as always highlight my love-hate relationship with writing. I enjoy it and fight it, but at the end of the day I know I am happier when I write then when I am not.

So what can you expect in tonight blog. Well not perhaps as much as you hope for. I’ll try to get in some of my random thoughts about leading presentations. Having given them myself and loathed doing so, as well as having attended more then my fair share, I have seen various style and presentation forms and some work better then others.

And then there is the random and odd bits of information that I may sprinkle in at the end as well. Onwards and forwards we shall.

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Happy news and ranting

What a difference a week makes! Last few weeks, I have perhaps been a little bit down. Missing your Mistress is never easy and while we have had some sporadically contact over email and IM, the truth of the matter is that we had not been together for just over seven months. A time where most people in a virtual world such as Second Life long ago would have tossed the proverbial towel in.

But this week turned all this all changed on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, when all of a sudden she popped on quickly for a little while (it was after all close to my bedtime) to say hello. Needless to say I was more than overjoyed. It’s always good to hear from her especially since at that point the last point of contact was a while back.

This is, however, not where my happiness ends. On Thursday, while I was doing something else and not actually in Second Life, I had my tablet up and running and just happened to get the notification how she was in world. Since I was not able to directly start the client up on my computer, I rebooted my computer and in the meantime hopped on the mobile client on my tablet.

Needless to say it was wonderful. We got some time to spend in both the afternoon and the evening. Something that was sorely needed for both of us I think and while we have a huge long way to go to catch up and work through some things (for example to go through all the clothing that I have bought), I am feeling much more happier.

So that is what has been happening this week, among others. I can hear the “uh oh” from the peanut gallery already..
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