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I don’t think it’s a huge surprise to most people who know me, that I am a fervent Linux user and a fervent RLV user as well.

Since Marine release the 1.14.* series of the viewer  (which is based on the 1.21.6 Second Life Viewer) a big  thanks to Loom Kish and Jessica Hultcrantz for taking care of the Linux RLV viewer, I was quickly able to switch to the latest viewer. Or so I thought …

Anyway it seems in their wisdom, LL have decided that they know exactly how the permissions of the files should be. Sadly this means that it has been made “impossible” to run the client in a multi user setup. After digging some around in the second life wiki I came across the following article, which states:

“On systems where multiple people use Second Life, you may wish to unpack Second Life, then have your root user move it to /opt and link /opt/path-to-Secondlife/secondlife to /usr/games. Any user who has access to play games should be able to run Second Life directly from the command line with secondlife.”

Anyway, I am slightly OCPD about how I install my clients. So let me quickly explain:

Basically I install the viewers in the /usr/local/games/ directory, then I use symlinks to hook everything together. The reason I do this is cause I have a ‘starter script in /usr/local/bin/ which quickly calls the script that is needed. This gives me the ability to switch quickly between clients and have backup clients installed as needed, by just changing the symlink.

But I digress…

After installing the normal viewer this morning I tried to start it and nothing happened. I tried again, and indeed again, nothing. So after running the ./secondlife binary by hand I got a “permission denied”. When I looked at the permission of the files, to my shock I found out how well `mangled` they were.

I have talked about this in the SL Linux User groups inworld. But the best suggestion was “oh just install it in your home directory“, which frankly is the most absurd suggestion I have heard. Yes it will work, but it is not the way things are intended to run. Sorry, it just is not.

After poking around a little bit, I have decided to write a script that uses a couple of find statements to reset the permissions to files, to a more sane and normal setting. You can find a copy the script on a pastebin here, also since Worpdress.com doesn’t allow scripts or textfiles to be uploaded, I’ll post the PDF with the source code here.

Anyway with the permissions reset like they should be on a normal application: everything seems to be working just fine 🙂

PS. Feel free to also IM me in world for a copy of the script if you want it.


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