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Well a quick blog written on the Friday before the weekend. At least I managed to get it done. It may not be as long as you all hoped for, or perhaps are accustomed to but such is life at the moment. Things are moving slowly along but creeping up on me at the same time.

Tonight (it being Friday evening/Saturday morning) is probably the only moment I have free left to quickly sit down and write a blog and get that posted. From tomorrow morning it’s all hands to the pumps finishing up the important rooms of the house, the bedroom and the office and packing up stuff. I feel I am running out of time, energy and steam.

So this week we shall see the second part of the spanking meme. Maybe during the next week I shall see if I can find a bondage meme or something. They do almost write themselves and while, yes, I know in a way it is cheating, my standing orders are to blog and not exactly to blog about what. I promise that once I have moved back in and settled I shall return to other subjects a well.

For now, it’s keeping it light and fluffy in the face of a lot of stress and adversity. But I shall get there. So let’s see what questions there are..


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Hello my dear readers, well there is good news and not so good news, although the later is much part of the former. Most of the regular readers are aware that I have been waiting for my house sale to be completed. It finally happened. I am now the proud owner of a house. It needs some work/love and attention but I’ll get there. I will need to remember that I should take it one day at the time and one room at the time.

So that is the good news. The not so good news is that over the next couple of weeks, I will be severely busy with decorating, stripping, moving, sorting and all the general little jobs that come with things like that. This may mean that something will need to give. In some way or another. One of these things may be blogging for the next couple of weeks. I hope not. I will try not.

Mistress has given me permission to forgo blogging for a short little period if real life proves to be too hectic. Which may mean that for the sake of my sanity (oi! no laughing from the peanut gallery. Bloody peasants), that the next two weeks blogging will be either non existent (but I will let you know at the time. I think however, that it is safe to say that there won’t be any deep blogs and that those that I do manage to post will probably be rather on the shorter side. Except a lot of random waffling, ranting, perhaps some raving and the occasional utterance, maybe a meme or two. After all memes practically write themselves. Time shall tell.


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Good evening. At another week draws to close and my attention turns to the horrors that are composed of a blank page. Luckily I have at least one topic lined up for tonight that I promised to write about.

I had some nice feed back on last weeks blog post and some of my stories. Especially “Bedtime” and “Cuffed“, with one of the commenter’s expressing a very definite interest in having the story expanded beyond the initial meet and chronicle Rona journey into service and submission. And I must admit that I am entertaining the notion of writing a sequel.

It is high time that I actually get more engrossed once again in my creative writing. It has been too long since you have seen an update for “Self Control“. Add to that that I have still countless stories on the go, including one in a far enough stage that I actually could publish parts of it, but because I am a tease, I am not going to do this just yet.

What I can and will reveal however is that the story is called “The training“. It involves a male dominant/female submissive power structure and it jumps all across from past to present and back again. I started it a while back and soon became clear to me that I have written something of even better standard that I have written before, so it is clearly a mark of progression about my skill (or positively lack thereof) as a author.

Needles to say I am incredibly proud about what I have written so far. I was hard broken that I actually seemed to have lost track of it, or rather that I had lost it. I did not have a copy on my computer, nor one on my backup drives. But thanks to my good and wonderful friend Mara I found it stored safely on my web-server, obviously the last place I decided to look. So yay, look out for this in the future.

And with that it is time to get on our way, in a whole different direction, with the real topic of tonight’s blog. One which is rather more leaning towards real life play rather than play in a virtual environment.

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