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While pursuing my RSS feed this morning I saw that Inara Pey had blogged one of  Strawberry Singh’s Monday blogger meme’s. And since I have been putting in a lot of effort in the last few blogs (which both have been really rewarded and received quite well by my readers), I thought that this week a meme would be a rather excellent variety.

Reading for me, and books in general have always made a significant part of my life. From a young age books were an escape mechanism to the outside world that was not always and wonderful and rose tinted as most people look back on their youth. Of course, everyone is a avid reader in my family and when we used to go on holidays, there were usual several boxes of books in the trailer for each family member, and as the holiday grew, you first read your own books and then went back trying to find books from others that you liked. By the end of the holiday; you would probably even have read the books that you did not even liked the look of in the first place!

Even right now, I am surrounded by bookcases filled with historical, fictional books, as well as technical and autobiographical books (a large proportion of my bookshelf to my right contains various technical books on a lot of different subjects). Some cookery books, although most of them are housed in the bookshelves in the kitchen. After all you want those where the action is.

I think for me, there is also some correlation between book reading, and that what eventually led into me being a writer of some sorts, although I sometimes think I lack the drive and discipline (and as well at this moment,  maybe the right environment and surroundings) to do something like that full time.

And with that, onwards to the meme:

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After having been a week and a half away from home I can not even begin to tell you how good it feels. If only it was not overshadowed by having to leave again in three weeks, but such is life I fear. I shall of course endeavour to keep my writing up, but due to a long and hard week with just not enough sleep, my brain is sort of mush about what to write about.

So given that not a single decent topic comes into my head tonight, I am just going to sit here and type and see what brings it out in the end. It would not be the first time, probably not the last and sometimes the results of it all is not all that bad either.

And I think I have found the overall theme for my blog post tonight. Books. Books are awesome. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, love for reading was instilled and encouraged by my parents from an early age. Right now there are about three book shelves surrounding me and friends have remarked that my house looks half like a public library.

So tonight I want to write some about books and mostly books that have a connection to BDSM in some way or another. But I am not going to kick it off by talking  about instructions book on how best to tie your partner into a wicker basket. Really of all places, I first would like to start off with a book review:

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