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I am not sure how far I am going to get with this blog tonight, and I am talking about length rather than if I can actually blog tonight. For once it is not because I lack in the ability to write, even though I am lacking a definitive topic. But of reasons for a far more personal nature.

And for once I am going to by and large just write for myself. Now that sounds strange, because after all this is my blog and I write about what I want. But as i have remarked upon in the past, I also do at times cater to my audiences and write about things I want them to know or for which they have asked me, either directly or indirectly. As a blogger, I am not above being creative in finding things to write about and to generate content.

But the reason I am writing for myself, is not what I write, or how, but what about (hmm that’s pretty much what, but in my mind a difference). Tonight I want to write something that is very personal to me and that pertains directly to my current real life. As I mentioned,  my mind is pretty much not with it this day.


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Well for once I am actually trying to get this blog written sooner, rather than later, mostly because I am out for a larger part of the evening and I don’t want the stress of having this to write when I come home, hanging over me. Although at the rate this writing is going so far I am not certain that will be a possibility and I may have to finish this. But we shall see.

There are two things I want to write about this evening. First of all something my Mistress mentioned a couple of days back. Part of this blog comes on the back of having a rough week in more ways than one but I shan’t bother you entirely with the amount of details.

Suffice to say that I made one major screw up by not having done something that was asked of me.And yes, I knew I was doing it and yet I did not motivate myself. Anyway, that is in the past as it has been dealt with between Mistress and me.

However, I made one more smaller misstep and Mistress said I should write about it. So I am going to touch upon this in the first place and then I am going to to honour my dear and wonderful friend Mara who suggested the other topic for this blog. Thank you sweetie!!

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Another evening, another time to write my thoughts on something or another. I was happily surprised to see that my blog last week was not all that badly received by you, my dear readers, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So tonight I want to talk about a lesser known side of bdsm, one were there are no physical restraints present but where almost literally it is all in the mind. While I haven’t written about this subject in a long time, I have planned to dedicate a blog to it, since about September 2012. Procrastination as such is indeed an art.

For those that not know this, I have a very long standing interest in hypnosis and the subtleties of mental play within bdsm. These probably started very early in my teens with the books of Arthur C Clarke and were certainly fuelled for weeks onwards after seeing an old showing of the adventures of the young Sherlock Holmes. Really that movie has so much to answer for. Over time I have found various websites dealing with this subject that educated me more and fuelled my desires.

So let’s explore this topic in some more detail. Please make yourself comfortable and take a couple of deep breaths …You will now get all verrrry … sleeeppy….

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Well I fear I you lot have to wait a little bit longer on the next instalment of my chapter of Self Control, or any story for that matter. Plenty of ideas, that is the problem but how to convey my thoughts into writeable material seems to be the problem. But alas I must write something so tonight it is going to be one of my (which must be by now) famous freestyle articles on what ever occupies my mind.

This may not be a long blog tonight, but we shall see how we get on. As I said, plenty of ideas on stories, but as I have touched upon earlier, my stories consist of flashes of information, rather than ideas that are workable into a full story. Often I begin with outlining the idea and then I work the rest around it, or it slots magically into place. But sometimes it is just too hard to get an idea workable. While the fantasy maybe hot, to write about it, to bring that fantasy to live so that others can enjoy it in the same manner I did.. well …

Speaking of writing and writers,

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First of all before I delve into the this weeks topic I really want to thank you all, my dear readers for the wonderful responses and likes on my last blog post. It really warms the cockles of my heart to get such an overwhelming response.

One of my readers, Miss Charlotte The Harlot asked if I had ever written about the dynamics of Long distance BDSM relations with a focus on Master/slave relationships. And truth be told, no it is, I think a topic I have not written about a lot, although perhaps there are trends to be found in several blog-post that I have written in the last few years.

Even the munches I have held with Vanni, it’s not a topic we ever considered (hint), but perhaps who knows. However as you all know, I am so ready to please my readers that indeed the topic this week is about Long Distance Relationships.

A long distance relationship is, in terms of definitions, a relationship where you can’t easily pop around to see the next person, say within a days travel. Often in these times of Internet with its digital and virtual environments, these relationships are either spanning several states (in the case of the US), or even countries or intercontinental.

So what do you need to make such a dynamic work. What can you do to keep it ‘fresh and juicy’ as it were. What are your options and what are your limitations. How do you develop the dynamic and how do you deal with issues as after-care and sub-drop as well as punishments.

So let’s have a look, shall we?


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