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So the last two weeks, I have been writing about submissives and the various questions that pertain to them. Tonight, things are going to the other side of the leash or collar so to speak and I am answering ten questions about owners and dominants. After all, who knows better about these things then a submissive ~*grins*~

I know I was originally planning to write about another subject all together but that was before I decided that I really needed to push myself out of the house for various reasons and head into town to help and meet up with some friends. While this was a difficult call to make in the first instance, I have not a single regret that I have done so.

After a brilliant evening, we ended up in our local or perhaps rather usual watering hole where we had a great time until the landlady decided in the end that she wanted and needed to get some sleep and threw us out.

This of course means that I have only two hours of my allotted whole evening (well, really the whole week) left to write about. Considering I need to spend some time on various checks as well as posting it, I think this by and large means that I have about an hour and half, so I better get cracking on and no dallying about!

As I said ….

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There is little as frustrating knowing that you have to write, but at the same time feeling a huge apathy, lethargy and reluctance to write. Combine this with really not knowing what to write about and yeah you soon are creating a large enough problem.  What problem would you say? What about not blogging? But the biggest problem is that the whole blogging thing is part an instruction, although by now it is also has  become more of a routine.

I like to see a blog all nicely done. I do feel happy and statisfied, once I have hit published and the blog is all there for everyone to read. It’s perhaps the writing itself I struggle the most with. Now add to this whole delicious mix a source of disturbance of some sorts in my real life, nothing serious just enough to pull the mind of course and you have soon literally the recipe for a disastrous day of writing. Although to look back, I doubt there is a writer to be found on this planet that has struggled with the same feelings and nothing is ever come to pass without blood, soil and tears. Such is a writers life.

Do I have a topic to write about? Actually yes I do, several in fact. But all the things considered most of them require me to do research and concentrate on actually topic at hand which I am having a hard time to do tonight. The only other option is to finish the questions that I started last week, there are another seven to go.  Perhaps the best thing to do is that. However I can’t promise I will pen down another thirty-eight hundred words in response to it but at least it should give me some incentive to get words on paper.

I thus humbly ask forgiveness for my moment of self doubt. Seems on the positive side that my just starting to type aimlessly on my trusted word processor has at least shifted some of this feeling of lethargy and at least made a start.

Thus, I shall say onward and lets see where the next hour and half brings us:

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It seems that my last post about the rights of submissives was really well received. Both on my blog and people in the world of Second Life have taken really to the blog post. Even so far as some putting the link to the blog entry on the profiles. Which makes me feel really happy and a little bit proud perhaps.

Tonight, after having seen the topic being brought to discussion several times and having had several questions asked about it, I came up with the idea of writing a follow up post. The follow up post dealing with what the consequences could be if a submissive would be saying yes, or even no to soon. Not as a “you must not do this” but mostly as an exploration of some of the mindsets that can be involved.

Still, life never works out as planned when you are writing. At least it does not do it for me, at least some of the time. Tonight is by the looks of it such an evening. After several long days and really not enough sleep, I am struggling to stay awake and keep my eyes open. But write I must. So instead of going all stressed out, I am going to shelf the blog post about consequences for this evening and think of it some more.

Instead I am going to give you a slightly lighter type of blog, one that deals with ten questions for submissives that I found and wanted to do a while back. However the whole questionnaire is about 20 odd questions long. Which would take me quite a long time to type out. You know me, why use ten words when you can write on for several pages. So without any further ado, let’s get this “interrogation” started!:


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Tonight I want to write something that has gotten closer to my heart for the last few weeks and has so far filled me with a greater sense of dread and concern. While this blog will mostly aim at a situation that came forth from the virtual of world Second Life, I feel that the lessons learned from this are equally applicable in real life or in any kind of situation, whether that be analogue or digital or whatever form it takes.

What happened was, was the following: A submissive typed the name wrong of a dominant and the dominant subsequently flew off the handle, which subsequently upset the submissive. Whether you agree or not with the medium is pretty irrelevant to this discussion, what does matter is that the actions violate several core principles of BDSM, at least they do in my view.

Apart from the issues of consent violation, which are serious enough. I mean if a submissive is not yours, at best you can correct them or ask them to pay more attention. Flipping out and loosing control of yourself is not, ever, a good sign. I have written priory on consent in various blogs (consent, more on consent)

The issue that came to the forefront is that often in certain environments dominants will trample over submissives rights, which I want to talk about tonight.

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