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Five weeks passed Saturday. After a week which was both interesting and hard.

Tuesday evening Vanni had her “Hot under the Collar” event. Mistress and I happily could attend. While we were somewhat fashionably late it was fun to “see” other people for a bit. Although I noticed how quick emotions play up when being isolated. As simple as just clicking onto something became a major chore.Still I managed all in all, with a lot of Mistress help.

The rest of the week I spend between our dungeon and home. and it was hard going at times. I was definitely missing my friends and struggling with being so restrained.

But last night, Mistress decided that after five weeks, over a 180, a-hundred hours, locked up and incommunicado, as they say, that for now it was enough. She removed my bondage and all restraints and restrictions.

So what are my records now? Or rather how long have I been locked away from everything ?

Steel Shackle (RA) after 181 hours 12 minutes 30 secs
Steel Shackle (RW) after 180 hours 57 minutes 50 secs
RR Scarf blindfold after 188 hours 26 minutes 40 secs
RR Ballgag after 184 hours 31 minutes 10 secs

So I am for the time being free and able to come and see people and talk to those that have tried to IM me or send me note cards. I look forward to catching up with everyone and just wandering around the grid causing mayhem and chaos.

And yet, still a small part of me, regrets being free. Guess that’s the “insane” part of me, the need for that feeling of total loss of control in many ways. But for now, I am will get back to my normal self and be alive ..

I am sure that at some point I’ll end up being tied up.


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Well, it’s official. I now have spend 4 weeks locked up in almost complete isolation from the world. The only contact I have had is a day and a half break and could actually talk to people. But as things go, you get used to the silence and not talking. Communicating after being locked away after an extended and intense period of time, is something that takes (strangely enough) some getting used to.

A couple of nights ago (I think this was Wednesday or Thursday), Mistress decided to take me out for a little bit of fresh “air” as it were. We ended up going to the Deitide sim. And there were some people around. And I started talking with them as best as I could. Although…

The nick list in the chat client showing no one in range

I assume you can’t really call it talking, I can just about see who is in chat range thanks to the nick list. But that is about it. And I can’t hear. So all I really can is say hi to people, and then hear Mistress tell them that I can’t hear their return greeting.

For quite a while I was trying to keep up and interact. And, well I don’t know, I guess it all of a sudden hit me how really futile it was. I think for the first time it really hit me about being isolated from the rest of the world. I think that is part of why it hasn’t affected me so much yet. I have not only been out of touch, but also out of sight and away from everyone else.

That perhaps may have helped it make it easier to deal with. I don’t know.m I spend the rest of the night pretty much just listening to Mistress talking to other people and trying to piece together from half conversations what she was really talking about.

So for now I have finished one month of being locked up. Something I never thought I could do. A total of about 150 hours in inworld time. How much longer? I have no idea. Guess time and in particular, Mistress will tell :).


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