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The topic for tonight’s blog is a fantastical Smörgåsbord (Do you not just adore that word, it made my keyboard groan with pleasure), of various topics and questions taken from the submissive prompt website. I have several questions that I found interesting enough to write about and will do my best to be as complete as possible.

So, let’s get started. The subjects are various. Basically I look at the list of prompts or use the sites random feature and copy down those that I like and think I could write something about. Sometimes the question do not appeal to me or I think the answer would be way to short to write about. But enough about my methodology

The questions posted for tonight:

Please note that as always the standard disclaimer that this is my blog and that I write purely from my own experiences, thoughts and motivations. These may differ from how you live your life and how you see these issues. With that in mind, let’s explore the answers to these questions:

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Well, nothing changes the mind as much as a week onwards after my last blog-post. Yes I still plan to eventually do a fashion post of some sorts, but after talking with someone I decided to change tack (see what I did there?), and write about another one of my likes. But hey being a girl and a kitten, I am not if allowed (or entitled *cough*) to change my mind on certain things. Well, come to think of it, I am allowed to change my mind on all things, just as long as I am willing to accept the consequences but I am not going there and that is perhaps a topic for another blog-post some time down the line.

And as per usual I digress. As I was saying,  I decided to blog about one of my likes, and that like was pet-play. So what is pet-play in short? Pet-play, also sometimes called animal roleplay, is as the name already infers a form of roleplay where one of the participants assumes the role in greater or larger parts of an animal of their choice including mannerisms and behaviour. The main theme of pet-play is usually the voluntary transformation of a human being to animal status, and focus on the altered mind-space created.

The most common themes in pet-play are puppy-play, kitten-play and of course pony-play. But other variants such as cows and pigs are not entirely uncommon. However in the latter case there seems to be a larger element of humiliation present in the play then on average.

So let us explore, or rather sit back and listen to me talk about my views on pet-play:

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Anyone who has been around me, knows that for a long time I have had a fascination with pony-play.  For those not exactly familiar with what a pony-girl is or what pony play entails: Pony-play is a form of BDSM and/or fetish play combined with role-play.

It is an exchange of power between two people, one who assumes the role of dominant (although in pony play terminology this is often referred to as either Trainer or Owner, although variations exist),  and the other becomes their pony. In this case a “human pony.” It is a special interest area of BDSM. It can combine elements of bondage, training, discipline, Dominance and submission, even a little Sadomasochism.

Pony-play itself is a fairly old fetish, (more…)

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