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As anyone who knows me, I just adore *ICING* as a shop and have a moderately large collection of Miko’s clothes in my inventory. So, you can easily imagine my happiness when I saw an email that a dress was waiting for me. *sighs, oh the hours I had to wait*

The dress is *ICING*’s addition for the Vintage Fair [and here] and was first advertised on plurk. The dress is a gorgeous two colour number with small polka dots. There are six colours to choose from all in total, but displayed here by yours truely are: pink, navy and red.

Enjoy, and I, for one, can’t wait until the Fair starts in two days

And thank you Miko for a wonderful dress *smiles*


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A while ago (yes this post is very much overdue, my sincerest apologies to Miko Omegamu), I got to admire the wonderful dress set that is the “Joan” dress from one of my favourite designers in Second Life, of course that being *ICING*

The first dress I got was in wonderful blue as you can see me showing it off belong lounging happy at the Victorian beach cottage on our land..

The second dress is the result of colouring the dress in green. The dress Miko made was the result of the same dress worn by the gorgeous Miss Christina Hendricks, I must say that this dress is certainly one of my favourites, especially in so many gorgeous collours. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you Miko!!

If you like this dress, you certainly can’t go wrong to head down to *G Fields* in Second Life and pick up a pair (or two or three) of ribbon slingbacks. They come in a gorgeous range of colours and quite possibly well suited to go with the Joan dress.

Last but not least, while I was over at *G Fields* yesterday I discovered the wonderful little flower garden there and couldn’t resist the chance for a photo. Now normally I tend to do a little bit of post processing, but this time, it came out so perfect I decided to publish the shot as is….

the gorgeous dress I am wearing in the picture, is called Minuet and how could it be else, made by *icing*.The only thing you perhaps don’t quite get from this photo is the cute little bows on both shoulders.

All in all, those dresses madeĀ  a very welcome addition to my wardrobe šŸ˜€



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