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As someone mentioned to me, I tend to say quite often that I do not know what to write about or that this is not going to be a long blog. Then to prove myself wrong I write easily in excess of a good two thousand words.

Is that long? I do not know. however what I know is this. When I started blogging, for some reason or another I decided that a decent length blog would be around the sixteen hundred word mark. Not a target I always manage and I have at times down scaled my own expectations to anywhere between twelve and sixteen hundred as a good amount. Often however I tend to go well over it.

The strange thing of this all, is that this number is entirely arbitrary. I havre actually never asked my Mistress, how much words she expected of me and she never actually told me either. Strange that. I think for her, the fact that I wrote was more important to her, then the amount that I wrote. Either that or she had a number in her head and wanted to see, how well I did on my own, before stepping in. It does not overly matter in any case. I write to my best ability.

What I suppose, is important, that she has kindled my desire to write, my ability to write (when that ability choose to manifest itself) and given me structure in my life to do so. For that alone I am thankful.

So, why did I start this blog, with saying about writing?

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Well everyone, we made it without alien invasion, the second coming, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, undead zombie-mummies, or flying spaghetti monsters throwing a spanner in the works.

So a very warm welcome to my blog in 2014…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine was good with good food, good company and some awesome presents. Books and booze. What else do you need for the cold winter evenings to be curled up in a big chair with a good book.

Although winter is perhaps a big misnomer around here. While the weather is entirely vile and bleak and the news is full of coastal areas being flooded (luckily no where near I am!). But so far we still have to see an entire night of frost. The way which it is going right now, it looks like winter may skip us all together.

But you know what they say. Forecasting the future and the weather is about as useful as trying to tell a time in a clock shop. So time shall tell what the weather will be.

Well after a short hiatus where my computer decided to overheat and I needed to deal with that, hard to write if your computer is not working. And while I have both a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone (so I could write if I desperately wanted to …), writing for me is still best done on my desktop.

So onwards we go. As promised, in this blog I will talk a little bit about the numbers that make up this blog.


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Well greatest of all news, is that after last week, I am back. Wow, what a week it was. Travelling always takes it out on me. But combine the travelling with the emotion of the funeral as well as interacting with a lot of people, we have a rather large family means I am pretty wiped out (more about that later). As you perhaps noticed this blog is posted a bit later than usual (and definitely a lot later than the last two weeks).

Of course the heat has not helped a lot either, rending me pretty much like a smoked sauteed kitty. Yes I know it is summer but we here are not build to endure heat as some other countries may be. First of all air-conditioning is pretty rare except in office buildings, and most of our houses are actually build to keep heat in, rather than get rid of it. To give a bit of a more concrete example about this, most of our walls are anywhere between six and ten inches, with insulation in between.

We’re simply not used to it. Last summer was basically a complete drenched out affair and drowned half the country. It was then said that there was a good possibility that the next ten years (!) of summer would be the same. And look at it now… Of course, complaining about the weather is just a pure national past time here. Obviously we next complain if it rains, is overcast or when the thunder comes that it is so loud we can’t hear the telly. Nothing like a good moan about it while being down at the pub.

So as for this blog, it’s mostly a rambly and a pretty personal one. Writing about things that happened to me in the last couple of weeks and a preview of sorts of what I am going to write about (hopefully, but you know me).


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my lovez, you all haz it.

I was gonna write a longer blogpost tonight about what is happening in the wonderful weird world of lex but seems events are conspiring against me.

Still letting you know I am still alive ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wanted to post the below image which is completely filled with cuteness.

My lovez

Above all, I want to thank my Mistress Thalia, and both my sis’s Velicia and Vanni ..

Thank you guys so much for being in my life. You are more important to me

than you ever may realize and I am thankful and honoured for knowing you.

love you lot, lots ๐Ÿ™‚


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I am rather behind on catching up on my blogs (writing and reading). But in short I had some wonderful days up and including the weekend. It was good, fun… and I seem to have completely lost track of last week *laughs*

What I think was Friday was Tuesday apparently! and much more different days seem to be messed up and I seem to have completely mixed up. Of course Thalia is completely to blame for all this ๐Ÿ˜‰

But one of the most wonderful things was being taken out dancing. I can’t even describe how special that was *smiles*, not to mention how much fun. I have no clue even where we were. I have some vague recollections of the club being called Heaven or so. And I think that about sums it up.

dancing01 dancing02


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There is a home

Funny little world this is, innit..

On Saturday during the discussion of “Designing for Second Life”, one of the questions that came up was who had their own home. As noted not many at that time did. My first reaction was “heh, why do I need a home right now“, for somehow it really seemed to be much to much trouble.

But it somehow changed in the last couple of days when Vel, offered me a place at her home. After popping in and out of her place (I will post pictures when she’s done), but for now, lets suffice it to say, that is resembles an Roman villa, with lots of open spaces, stables, kitchen and dining area, and gardens and much more. Above all, separate rooms for us all to stay in. After thinking about it, it started to sound more and more attractive to have a place to call home, to be when I don’t want to be somewhere else. To know where I will be surrounded by people who understand me and accept me for who I am.

So yesterday I finally accepted and asked if I could please move in and YAY! she said yes .. so now it seems I got myself a home. Now I need to find something to do with it and to decorate it. It’s a small room, but it is mine ๐Ÿ™‚ all mine *grins* So I guess I somewhat need to retract my statement about you don’t need a home.

I am now thinking, it’s good to have a place called home. The point actually hit home when I went home after the party at Clockwork and Vel IM-ed me:

Vel: ๐Ÿ™‚ Back home Lex?

And at that moment I think, I realized it. Yes I was home and it was good to be there *smiles

So I guess .. all in all, there is a home. Even for me ๐Ÿ™‚


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