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A new outfit…

Just a while ago, I found a lovely little shop called Vita Bella. It’s a shop that just sells the right kind of clothing for me. Nice, sexy and with more than a dash of demure and 40s/50s style.

The outfit released this month is called “Lola” and is described as:

A classic vintage silk high-waisted pencil skirt with a coordinating silk blouse. This outfit accentuates your curves and just oozes silky sophistication! The blouse is tied at the neck with a pussy bow and has cute capped sleeves.”

Lola Blouse

The Lola Blouse in variations

So having bought both outfits, because I just know that Mistress will love the pink skirt on me. I decided to play a little game of mix and match. However it turned out rather hard to find a decent-ish location for a secretary or librarian type photo shoot:


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