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It’s been a rather busy week and quite a busy weekend of sorts, although a good weekend of sorts. One that certainly ended on a spectacular high note. Yes it sounds cryptic. I know . Some who will know me better in Second Life will know what I am on about. As I mentioned last week, I promised to write about two topics. Speech restrictions, which I did last week. To my surprise, I had a lot more to write about it (okay, it really should not have been a surprise), then I initially thought, so much instead that I never even got around to writing about mantra’s. Mostly because by the time I largely got done with writing about speech restrictions, I was nearly hitting sixteen hundred words, which by any stretch of the imaginations is a good amount for a weekly blog.

Thus I decided to forego the writing about mantras and save that for this week instead. Though due to circumstances (more about that later) and probably slightly bad planning on my part, I did not get around to actually writing this.

So perhaps a little bit of a day later, and I am pounding out the words. One of the advantages of a train journey is that you can sit down and think exactly what you want to write. I decided early on that I was going to expand on the subject and not just write about mantra’s, although they form an important part of this blog. I was also going to write about conditioning.

Why? Because, I think that they both are quite close related. Of course mantra’s are in a way part of conditioning someone or a set of behaviours. So I will start by delving a little bit into what conditioning is and can do, before switching to the specifics of mantra’s.

So onwards and upwards (downwards, spiralling?)

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Another evening, another time to write my thoughts on something or another. I was happily surprised to see that my blog last week was not all that badly received by you, my dear readers, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So tonight I want to talk about a lesser known side of bdsm, one were there are no physical restraints present but where almost literally it is all in the mind. While I haven’t written about this subject in a long time, I have planned to dedicate a blog to it, since about September 2012. Procrastination as such is indeed an art.

For those that not know this, I have a very long standing interest in hypnosis and the subtleties of mental play within bdsm. These probably started very early in my teens with the books of Arthur C Clarke and were certainly fuelled for weeks onwards after seeing an old showing of the adventures of the young Sherlock Holmes. Really that movie has so much to answer for. Over time I have found various websites dealing with this subject that educated me more and fuelled my desires.

So let’s explore this topic in some more detail. Please make yourself comfortable and take a couple of deep breaths …You will now get all verrrry … sleeeppy….

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Tonight, while once again, I was lacking more or less direction of what to write. I actually have some ideas on file, but as usual they do require a certain measure of research into the subject. And with being short changed on time this week, research is one of the things that sadly (and perhaps wrongly) slipped. But such is the nature of the beast.

So here I was sitting in my office and pondering what to write about and as usual there are three sort of options available for me at such a time: a) as always I can go back to writing more in the saga (said she modestly) that is “Self Control“, but I have not found a way forward with this yet.  b) Freestyle it c) find some other solution, usually in the way of some prompting or meme post.

And C, tonight is the choice for this blog. However instead of some meme I decided to visit the submissive prompts website and look if I could find some suitable topics to write about. Perhaps one, perhaps two or more, depending quite how the mood takes me. The topic so far covered in this blog-post will be:

(I hope the links work, wordpress.com seems to have a habit of deleting the <a id=””> tags on random,)
(i do apologise)

So, yes those are a very wild varied amount of topics, perhaps all of them worthy of their own blog-post in the future, but for now I shall start with answering them as best as I can:


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