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This week has been a little bit better in terms of stress levels, although the weather is still warm which does not help. I need a good cold week or something, although saying that, the weather today has totally been in line of expectations as far as an English summer goes. Sort of slightly warm, plenty of rain and windy. Call me crazy but yeah I was digging it. It also means I do not have to go out  and water my plants. Downside? It makes the weeds grow so much faster.

However this week has been worse due to the lack of sleep. I am not sure what caused it. I go through these cycles where sleep just does not come. Yes, I have pretty much tried everything, bar heavy sleep medication and I am really not a huge fan of taking them because of reasons. Yes, I have heard all the arguments about how to reset your sleep but that means probably not having a brain like me that goes “nope, not going to happen missy”. But I am sure it sorts itself out soon enough.

As I predicted, the fall out in the general BDSM community with regards to “50 shades of Grey” keeps going on with people divided in various camps, ranging from “it’s going to cause the death of the scene”, to “we shall be fine, they will need to learn but everyone has to do it” to people going “meh”. Personally, I think it is going to be a case of a little bit of everything. We shall see new people in the scene. Some clearly thinking that BDSM is how 50 shades is portrayed. They will get laughed at, and they will get their feelings hurt. They either slink away or will grow up, sit up and learn and come to understand and integrate. Such is the way of things, as it always has been.

One of the things that seems to cropping up and that I think has some relevance to 50 shades of Grey, is the question of safety, so I shall dedicate that blog to this:


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Tonight I have a mixed bag of topics. Some of them are suggested, directly or indirectly, by friends. I must admit that I am not above asking people for ideas. But I always ask, I have never threatened anyone with bodily harm to provide a topic. Well, not that they would be willing to testify anyway.

I have been admittedly feeling rather relaxed over the last week, absolutely helped by more than gorgeous weather and enjoyed reading some of my favourite writing and writers blog and tweets. One of the the blogs wrote something that I have been thinking about. That as a writer you just need to sit down and write. No excuses, just you, the words and whatever the medium you write on. And I think it made an impact on me, that I tend to feel at times not in the mood to write and let that mood drag me along until the moment that I can not delay it further and the fear of missing a deadline or two, in this case not blogging and being too late to bed, overcomes my inertia.

Tonight while I am not overly early in writing, which is due to the fact that I just work better against deadlines (one of the many reason I would probably not make it as a professional writer) but I am feeling not overly stressed. I have my topics, so all I need to sit down and explore each of them a little bit better.

So; are you sitting comfortably? Good, let us get started:

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