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There is a home

Funny little world this is, innit..

On Saturday during the discussion of “Designing for Second Life”, one of the questions that came up was who had their own home. As noted not many at that time did. My first reaction was “heh, why do I need a home right now“, for somehow it really seemed to be much to much trouble.

But it somehow changed in the last couple of days when Vel, offered me a place at her home. After popping in and out of her place (I will post pictures when she’s done), but for now, lets suffice it to say, that is resembles an Roman villa, with lots of open spaces, stables, kitchen and dining area, and gardens and much more. Above all, separate rooms for us all to stay in. After thinking about it, it started to sound more and more attractive to have a place to call home, to be when I don’t want to be somewhere else. To know where I will be surrounded by people who understand me and accept me for who I am.

So yesterday I finally accepted and asked if I could please move in and YAY! she said yes .. so now it seems I got myself a home. Now I need to find something to do with it and to decorate it. It’s a small room, but it is mine πŸ™‚ all mine *grins* So I guess I somewhat need to retract my statement about you don’t need a home.

I am now thinking, it’s good to have a place called home. The point actually hit home when I went home after the party at Clockwork and Vel IM-ed me:

Vel: πŸ™‚ Back home Lex?

And at that moment I think, I realized it. Yes I was home and it was good to be there *smiles

So I guess .. all in all, there is a home. Even for me πŸ™‚


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Dancing @ Clockwork.

Well last night, the world pretty much seem to grind to a halt as my usual hangout was absolutely deserted. Normally there is always something going on. But last night, I sat there on my own. I was kinda moping and somewhat undecided what to do and torn between sorting to my ‘bag of goodies‘ (also know as the inventory of Doom), or hopping around in world visiting various places.

And then, Sophrosyne IM’d m, asking if I wanted to come over to the Clockwork as they were having a little party. So quickly I changed in something more (or less suitable) depending on your point of view;). And headed over. It was good to see some people again, and I think I will probably see more of them in the future (I found I actually starting to like dancing *grins*)

I would like to thank especially Alex Burgess and Esteban (damm, I love his fluffy bunny slippers) for providing the excellent music :). I was rather sad to actually have to go and crash out. So I headed *home* and what home is .. will be in the next post..

to be continued ….



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climbing out of my shell.

Well last night was fun.

For once I decided *not* hang about on my usual place and sit on cushions waiting for people to come up and talk that people come up and talk. I’ve seen Sophrosyne‘s announcement for both “Designing For Your Second Life” and the following “Pajama Party” on her blog, so it seemed a good idea to actually show up and have a look and see whats happening. Plus I think it’s good for me to go out and and meet other people πŸ™‚

It was good, I had a good time both at the discussion and the party dancing my hearts content out (and going out in public with my new hot pink hairdo. And yes, perhaps I was a bit quiet, but I am somewhat shy when meeting new people the first time. Don’t worry it will go away and you’ll have trouble to shut me up πŸ˜‰

But i think I will keep up and try toΒ  go to more things and be a bit more outgoing about things πŸ™‚ .. and if anyone thinks there is something going on that I might find interesting, feel free to IM and me prod me to come along πŸ™‚


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luscious hotpink!

*grins* after puchasing about 50 hairstyles and having some fun with it I can say this pink one is somewhat growing on me. Although there is a good chance I will still be around showing my ‘normal’ raven black locks. They’ve grown on me and they are just me

Anyway just to show what I look with a luscious hotpink hair


luscious hotpink lass

And the more I wear it, the more I’m starting to like it. But it does soo clash with half the stuff in my wardrobe πŸ˜‰

guess someone should take me shopping πŸ˜›

on a second note.. I am stuck until later tonight till I can get back. *sniff* Miss ya’ll guys πŸ™‚

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Yarr! There be pirates!

well since apparantly it’s talk like a pirate day around the world (some people are rather annoying with it), I think I should at least do something about it or perhaps with it.

So where does a girl find a rather nice looking pirate outfit, and a pirate sim for that matter πŸ™‚ Expect pictures later .. much later as SL currently seems to be down for maintenance

update: due to other related problems, there will sadly be no pictures of me as wee lil’ wench. ah well



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Finding my Twinsister

The last days have been uhm, rather interesting. It all started when I ran in to A and we started talking as I had not seen her in quite a while. But as we sat talking. Suddenly she exclaimed how much we really looked alike, and I have to agree,

Our avi’s really look similar. There are ofcourse plenty differences but similar enough. And we have the same view on a load of things. In short (for now) I have been hanging out with her a lot and I think I will even more in the nearby future. So far thing have been really really fun.

However tonight I am rather fustrated by my ISP being annoying again and having me cut of from the net. So it seems the predicament I was in might endure for another 24 hours (I might tell you all soon what it was). But If I start to make less and less sense and you see me running around into walls, you can safely asume this: I probably have gone insane. please, please, please, submit me to the nearest asylum, psychiatric hospital for immediat evaluation πŸ˜‰

till soon



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As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I wanted to stop by the other memorial. I will return there later when there is anything happening there. But at the same time, I dont want to be bouncing all over the place taking pictures.

The towers themselves are “ghost towers”. They are build onto scale and rise out over the clouds and literally tower over you when standing at the base.

wtc memorial wtc memorial

They are in a way beautiful and the ghost like appearance probably does do them more justice then if the creator would have had a made a solid build. Again, it’s the “simplicity” of the build that makes the statement. (I am saying simple, in the broadest definition. I can’t design to safe myself. But the best designs look so elegant and simple, yet the truth probably is a different matter. By no means am I disregarding the time and effort gone into this.

I really am running out of words to say, so I am going to leave you with simple pictures of the memorial that can be found at the base of the twintowers.

wtc stonememorial 2 wtc stonememorial

wtc stonememorial 3 memorial solar system

CS (the creator of the design) says this:

We cannot rebuild the WTC; we do not try here. We restore their image…apparitions in he mist, built to precise scale. Sunbeams past through them, as would anything else. They will remain unchanged and untouchable forever.



It’s the last of one, i promise πŸ™‚

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