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Hell, … for a writer … is an empty page.

That same page, that I have been looking at for the last two plus hours, trying to force my mind into a coherent construction of words, and left wanting.

It is not even that I have an averse against writing a blog. I have actually discovered that it has become a matter of fact to an extend. Saturday evening is my writing time and that is it. However this week the motivation to actually write or actually to push my mind to the stage of forming complex ideas and putting them into sensible readable words seem to be lacking.

By far I think the biggest factor is in this, that despite my hope that I have kicked this flu’s backside, it is still lingering around in my system. For those not in the know let me explain. I came down with a small case of the flue on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing overly spectacular, some light fever, coughing enough to develop muscle ache, and as usual sleeping a lot.

But by Thursday my temperature was back to normal. Although I am still pretty low on energy and sleep a lot. The latter I shall assume, will please my Mistress, but I fear she worries that I have not shaken the remnants of this flu. Hopefully plenty of rest fluids (gin is a fluid, right?) and some extra anti flu medicine and vitamins should hopefully help.

So far this means I have missed one class of French just before half-term among others. But so be it. I am old and at least somewhat wise enough to know not to push myself more than what is smart. Well, most of the time. Sometimes.

Anyway, moving on, so tonight I stared for several hours at the blog I am still planning to write about mental versus physical domination (sorry Rae!), but nothing was forth coming. Now I do not want to post nothing so I decided, as I often do in these cases, to turn my hand to freestyle and write about things that happened. (more…)

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Hi everyone, I am back from my mini-break with family and shall continue blogging in my usual fashion soon. For now please stick with me while I write a quick blog post. Sadly real-life has somewhat conspired against me, and I am struggling to find a good topic that I can write about in a short time. Hence the following: you are stuck with this weekly blog-post being rather freestyle and me rambling on a bit about the various things that keep me busy and hopefully next week I can write more insightful musings.

With regards to my blog, I have a great question for you readers (I know you are out there, after all I do have site stats πŸ˜‰ ); what kind of thing would you like to know more about or would you like to see me write about. I know from the search terms that my blog comes up often in terms of rubberdolls, banes, isolation, dollifications and picture of my posterior (really people?) *laughs*. So if there is something you like to know more about or perhaps like me to write more in-depth about, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


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Butt surely!!

Some people are just so darn helpful. πŸ™‚ It seems that there is a meme going around the Internet these days which was started by Marnix Malifozik, who wanted to start a meme and see how far he could run with it. This was in turn picked up on the New World Notes blog. And thus the wildfire started to spread.

So, that’s what it is about. Pictures of your backside, but in a still sexy and tasteful fashion. And, well after much pushing from both Velicia and Vanni, I have decided to go along with this and the result is below:

Nekkid but tasteful butt - I

Nekkid but tasteful butt - I

Both pictures are taken at Sin Lab in the Circe Sim

Nekkid but tasteful butt - II

Nekkid but tasteful butt - II

I think this is the first time I have posted some naked pictures of me (yes, I am *that* shy). But for all it’s worth …

Obligatory butts:

I hope you enjoy. πŸ™‚



[*] – Edit: Linked the pictures properly this time so it all can be seen “up close and personal

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Rubber doll

Well for the past couple of days I have been playing about with my various outfits, and I came across the idea of dressing myself as a rubber doll. This is not the first time I have played around with this idea. but since I have all new toys to play with, I thought it was time to revisit this topic:

The is the four different outfits below:
(please click on each photo, so you can see the outfits
in up close and personal detail

Basically most doll outfit consist off at least a POC catsuit, Fairlight boots and gloves, a *Kas* Corset and Chastity belt, the Hair is also got from ER and can be changed to suit your fancy.

The pink latex doll is probably the most shocking for everyone, as I don’t do pink that often, but I think it’s tastefully enough. The real extra here is the Scorpion Gas mask [1]

The Red latex doll is wearing the lockable ER hood. Sadly this does not come with scripts or a HUD but it’s delicious in the way it looks. I love the detail of the little heart shape locks.

The Bane / Black latex doll is the most basic of outfits and yet perhaps the most evil as well. Because with the bane helmet set to severe settings, it could make life basically pretty hard to live.

The blue latex doll is the least restrictive one. No isolation features, just a tight latex hood which actually leaves the mouth and eyes open. Granted that means you could use it for a whole level of others toys such as gags, etc. I am sure you can think of something.

I was thinking of putting a picture here of me as a pony, but I am going reserve that for another blog post. Still if something like that is your interest there is still ways to let me know. πŸ™‚

I am going ask you to vote please which outfit do you like best, and leave a comment. Which outfit of me as a rubber doll do you like best, which outfit would you like to see me walking around in. If rubber dolls aren’t your thing, just vote for ‘Other’ and leave a comment what kind of outfit you would like to see me in.

I might pick a random winner for something, from the comments. πŸ˜‰ IF I do and what it will be, I will let you know.

So I am going to have a little bit of a poll here (so please vote):

[1] – Yes I know the name changed, I can’t remember it. bad lexi!

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Sometimes, I really should keep my mouth shut. I really should take the following lesson to heart:

“I will not make my life more difficult than necessary.”

As .. well … You would think by now, I would learn, wouldn’t you? I mean, you would, right?

Here I was, at home, with Mistress, just talking about the various bits and bobs and joking. Happily curled up in front of her (as kittens are notoriously known to do) and doing the things I usually do, which might include nipping and being just general a silly, playfull kitten.

Mistress and I cuddling and talking at home.

I can’t remember how exactly we got here, but at some point I started asking about trouble. It was getting late, so Mistress gently chided me, that I might be in a whole lot of trouble where it not for the fact that it was pretty late.

See, at this point, anyone with an ounce of common sense and grounding in the ways of the wise would have taken her word for it and just left it at that. It’s a good thing I still have the cute thing going for me. πŸ˜‰

After some teasing about how much trouble I exactly would be in and what this would entail, I ended up being muted through my collar and shortly later I was ‘helped’ inside the banesuit once more again.

And that is where I am now, and have been for the past couple of days. Locked away and shielded from the outside world. For how long? who knows. It may be some time, It may be not. Time will tell.

me relaxing on the edge and "sunbathing" under a tree at home

Right now I am just relaxing outside our home. Perhaps soon I will start wandering around various sims or making my ways around. If you see me, feel free to say hi. Just realise that I won’t be able to really respond much, it at all.

So yes, I guess it really meant that lesson has not sunk in that I should not make my life more difficult for myself than I really need. But all in all I also got to remember:

Mistress is not evil, just merely kind.

She really is :)) And frankly, part of me loves to be as much restrained and completely at her mercy and whims as I love seeing and able to talk to my friends.

L-8746 (aka lexi)

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A long long time ago, almost at the start of our relationship, the question came up of me being collared by Thalia. As circumstances around that time prevented it then, we never put it to the back of our minds. We talked often about how and what we wanted.

It seemed already back then that we are very often so on the same wavelength, it’s sometimes really scary. (There have been times have where she’s saying something I really was just thinking about. There were a couple of big issues that we decided almost right from the start.

  1. That the collaring would take place amidst our dearest and closes friends
  2. That the collaring would consist of both the actually collaring and the partnering.

So we finally started planning. The first thing we did was combine a guest list, I think we were somewhat suprised that if everyone would make it *and* bring a guest as well we would be hitting close to a nearly sixty people present at that time.

We had a bit of a struggle getting things organized, but luckily we had such a huge help from our good friend Vanni, who really helped it all pulled together. She came looking for locations with me and eventually ended up suggesting the wonderful church at Chateau de Psau. Once I saw the church (And the accompanying ballroom), I was sold. I just knew it was just the right place. (Thank you Psau and thank you Miss Faith Darrow!!).

With the location and the date firmly set (we choose the 17th of November as that would be two months since we met each other at the Deitide sim. Of course the next item on the agenda was working out the ceremony and getting a dress, which means shopping!!

We got a lovely purple dress for Mistress from Nymphetamine, (a shop which I absolutely adore). However getting a dress that fits a small, gothic neko, was proofing to be a slightly harder task. Again help came in the person of Vanni and friends. We ended up with a little impromptu shopping party (me, Mistresss, Velicia, Vanni, Niki) at Niki Ree’s fashion store. A dangerous shop with loads of lovely and beautiful dresses. We finally settled on a lovely purple satin/silk long ballgown and luckily .. I have the hair to match πŸ˜‰

Mistress and Me looking our best

(this is Thalia and me, waiting for our guest
to arrive and the ceremony to begin)

The ceremony itself was once again mostly handled by Vanni (as I asked her to officiate the ceremony) She typed it all out and of course we had some input and made it all the way we wanted it. Once everything was settled the big day came.


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Having been bought several outfits that are near Elegant Gothic Lolita and somewhat “Doll” Like in appearance. (thank you all, you know who you are :P). After much banter, Niki was the one that prompted a polite request for pictures. and Thalia though this was a brilliant idea. So head over to my blog and see some of the different outfits that I have.

The two outfits are thanks to my Mistress, Thalia. The left outfit, which really was my first full doll outfit, is called “Lolita Sayuri Long” and is from a place called ‘The Bunker‘ but was bought from ‘Victoriana’s Boutique‘ which is a huge shop full of these Elegant Gothic/Gothic/Gothic Lolita clothing.

My first doll Dress! My first doll Dress!

The out below is latex and was bought (again, she spoils me something rotten) for me, by Thalia, from Draconic Kiss (they have a nice latex section) and is called “Lament“. It’s frankly one of my most favourite outfits πŸ™‚ I wish I could colour it but sadly perms won’t allow it. Well we can’t have everything, can we *grins*. As you can see on the left and in more detail on the right, out of my back sticks a “Toy Box Collection’s wind-up doll AO key!” (I have seen a lovely key that works in conjunction with the Amethyst Collar. That one seems to really make you stop walking if you are not windup *shivers*)

latex sexy doll The Doll key up close

for more pictures : (more…)

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After reading some comments on Black Widows (correction, it was Soph’s comment on this blogenty by Argent Bury) I just had to have a look and when I visited the store with Thalia, for um .. well, let’s call it research *Grins*.

Bountyhunter Be carefull

Above: Me on my own, on the ground and around our house, making sure that noone is misbehaving πŸ˜‰ Below: me and Thalia discussing our plans for world domination *grins*

The Dangerous Duo Dressed for pleasure ;)

The last picture is Sirena’s Chicago outfit. Her shop has *loads* of beautiful clothes.

I wore it last night out, when Thalia took me, to “The Pirate of Cassiar“, a secluded dance club which was rather quiet but to be honest we didn’t care. It had been quite a while since we have out like that and just the two of us dancing.

We were so happy just being in each other company, that we pretty much just forgot everything around us. I could have stayed and danced there forever to be honest apart from the fact we needed sleep badly.

Thank you Thalia, I am short on words to describe how much it meant to me and how much I enjoyed just being with you *smiles*

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