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Well Christmas has just gone and I had a lovely two days with friends and family and more friends. Frankly after running around and being social, if nothing else, I am feeling completely shattered. I love company and having them all over at my new digs, the first Christmas there, was just awesome. Good food, good company and much joy and fun was head.

Right now, more then anything I am just shattered and worn out though. I am looking forward to the next few days spending in relative peace and quiet, watching the world go by and catch up on watching television. And maybe watch it snow! Yes, despite everyone predicting otherwise (I’ll bet the bookies are having a field day with that one, or are really really really pissed off), it started snowing on Boxing Day.

Another year has passed. Although right now I am not going to stand still and reflect on the year gone past. That will be reserved probably for next week. Why? Because at that time WordPress will release their statistics summary on how well this blog has been doing. So the whole looking back thing fits rather well with that.

I fear that this will be an entirely short blog post tonight, I have been working on getting something written for the last two hours and my mind is really nothing but mush at the moment. The fact that I have written scarcely three hundred words is probably testament to how much I am wiped out.

Honestly, I am giving up for tonight … Words will not come, I am too exhausted and I need to acknowledge what is important for me and that is rest and sleep. Hopefully next week, my energy levels will have recuperated to near normal operating levels and I can write freely. I do have some ideas lined up. My apologies for not being as eloquent as per usual.

But before I go, I want leave you all with this:

Thank you all for reading my blog in 2014.
I am looking forward to see you all back in the new year

Please have a most wonderful, prosperous and fulfilling 2015
May your hopes and dreams become realised and may you grow

Stay safe, have fun

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Well, it was the Saturday before Christmas, when all through the cottage, not a creature was stirring, not even a kitten. The crops were hung by the chimney with care, in hope that someone who would use them would soon be there. The submissives were nestles all snug in their cages, while groans and moans of ecstasy was etched all the clearly on their well gagged faces.

I hope that Clement Clarke Moore doesn’t mind perverting the pureness and intent of this poem, but I thought it was somewhat fitting this close to Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, Has it not sneaked upon us? I was really thinking I had way to go and all of a sudden it’s less then a week to go. Luckily the shopping is mostly done.

Next week … well planning is good right, I may write a little bit in a more retrospective way, glancing back at the past year. Although; knowing that wordpress releases their blog statistics in the new year I may leave it until the third of January. We shall see how things turn out.

But first of all, I want to wish you all a very happy and wonderful Christmas. May you celebrate it in the way you want, with the persons you want and love close to you. I hope it will bring you lots of joy, good times and of course good food and drink.


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Good evening folks. It is of course, Saturday night and that means writing. Today’s topic will be a myriad (or is it a plethora)of questions that I came across. I have a received a few helpful suggestions of writing topics that I can explore at some later point.

Including in these topics is the difference between dominants that rely heavily on protocol (something I tend to gravitate towards heavily) and dominants that prefer a more relaxed but sensual approach to their craft. Thank you Miss Carley Noonan for suggesting this topic! Another topic that I have decided that needed some attention was the topic on apologies. Sorry sometimes seems to be hardest word, as the lyrics go, but there are plenty of occasions where the word is muttered to easy. I want to look at what constitute a good apology and how you can go about formulating and making it meaningful.

In other exiting news, I have reached my 8th rez day in Second Life. For those not aware of the term; a rez-day, much like a cake-day (as used by sites like reddit and imgur) is the day that you signed up for the online world of Second Life. Basically your digital birthday. So this means I have spend the last eight years in a digital world and made some wonderful friends, met my beloved and wonderful owner and Mistress.

So many things have changed on a platform such as this. From the invention of RLV, the bondage scene and toys that come with it, to mesh; from clothing to body parts. It makes you wonder when a platform such as Second Life would rival graphics to a level that we would expect of modern games. Imagine the graphics of a setting such as the last instalment of Assassin’s Creed (but without the horrible texture bugs, hah!). I am curious to see where the world is going to and what kind of developments we will see over the coming years and to what extend the world and its supporting platform can be pushed.

When I was doing some quick research this evening to find something to write about, I came across the following question. “When you hesitate to write something, what reminder can you give yourself to be as completely honest as you can, both factually and emotionally?”


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Good evening my wonderful and dear readers. Another week, another Saturday has cometh and we are edging closer to the end of this year with Christmas not far off. I think this year, at least for me, will be a quiet Christmas, but I am actually perfectly fine with that. With all the palaver around the move, quiet time for enjoyment and contemplation is just what I need.

As for this weeks blog, surprise surprise, not a meme, or a questionnaire. For tonight, I wanted to make a start at least with writing about BDSM, a return to one of the core topics on my blog. However in staying true to the way my mind works, I am going to be slightly all over the place.

As you know I usually take my inspiration from various sources that I have come across during the week. However, this week; I have come across five little titbits that I think deserve some attention, each in their own right. The sources are both from fetlife, and some of the attitudes I came across in the virtual world of Second Life,

In a way sadly, there is little coherency between the different topics, so that may make the blog seem a little bit like it is jumping all over the place. But such is life I fear, especially my life. Take from that what you will. But onwards with the main part of the blog:

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