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This week has been quite something, I must admit. I fear that this post has taken me some considerable time to write due to unfavourable circumstances and perhaps not the most cheerful one, but just a reflection on the week past. Tune in next week for the usual cheerful writings.

The weather for one is absolutely rotten and vile. Yes it is a national past time to actually complain about the weather but seriously. We are currently having a very cold March, which apparently is due to the strong persistent eastern winds. I mean, it’s almost April!

Ahem, onwards and upwards as they say, or as Churchill used to say “KBO” (Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister during WWII) ended almost every phonecall with KBO. KBO is an acronym for “Keep Buggering On”)…


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Last blog …

Off the year! Hah! No do not be afraid, I am not going to stop blogging.

I honestly do not think I would be allowed. Admittedly, I have found some joy in writing and putting my thoughts to the screen. Imagine that blogs would have to be hand written. I am sure that I would not have reached many people. My handwriting becomes quickly illegible after a sentence or two and if I would write over a thousand words, it would probably be easier to read cuneiform.

So, a whole year has passed and I thought that it would be fitting to look back over the last year about what has happened and what has passed. It’s been in many regards a rather interesting year.

First of all, and I think that is the most obvious one is that in February this year I have started blogging again and not just the occasional post, pretty much blogging on a regular basis. I think all in all I may have missed one or two weeks where I did not write, either due to a holiday or unforeseen circumstances.

In the beginning I was rather struggling with blogging, but (and I am reluctantly to admit this) the last few months I feel that I am getting better. Not just at putting my thoughts on any given subject onto paper, but also not getting all stressed out when writing does not come. My biggest downfall at the moment. I still write perhaps rather late in the week (usually the evening before), which if the block-fairy strikes, it means that the deadline looms and dooms consistently closer.

And to my own surprise, I have even started a sort of short type story, and posted 4 chapters here so far. And that has been going quite well, although I am trying to figure out how to continue the story. Of course with family visiting, the run up to Christmas, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, (Sorry, I just had to think of the movie, the King and I, starring Yul Brynner) I haven’t time to sit down and work this out in my head.

Speaking of writers and their works, this year also saw the release of `50 shades of grey’ which caused a furore in homes up and down the country and I think as much in the editorial world. Nowadays you can not walk past the bookshelves in the supermarket to find all kind of books on this subject. Some better than others, mind.

One book that did stand out for me, or rather a trilogy of books, is a series called “the original sinners“, by Tiffany Reisz, who has written three books so far which deal with BDSM themes and a very interesting story line and believable characters. I can not recommend these books enough.

This year, saw me being with my wonderful Mistress for three years(!), as she pointed out that meant that for more than the half of my second life, I have belonged to her. That was an interesting and powerful realisation. And I am looking forward to the next three years. Thank you Mistress, once again, for the wonderful years you have given me.

I also turned six, in second life years, and I now feel properly among the old timers of this world *laughs*, even though I know there are those who surpass my age with ease and have been around since the dawn of time itself.

And so much has changed over time. Especially with the introduction of mesh, allowing some wonderful things in fashion to see the light of day and in fetish-wear as well (hey this is after all *me* who is writing).

Those that stand out are *KaS* for their wonderful catsuit and corset dress, of course without a shadow of the doubt, the ever so talented (and cute) Darien Caldwell, who brought out a beautiful harness and straitjacket. And of course Marine Kelley with her new mesh ropes which are just too much fun.

On the fashion side of things, there are too many designers to keep track of that have brought out wonderful additions to my ever expanding wardrobe, to name a few; *G Field*, Maitreya, Schadenfreude and ColdLogic. I am sure I am missing 99% of all the fashion designers out there but as they say, c’est la vie.

Sadly as wonderful the world of Second Life is, it is also very transient and people and places come and go and are sadly missed by the people who frequent them. I am thinking of places in world such as Wicked Seduction and the D/s Chapter-house and its owner Minerva who sadly seem to have disappeared. Also one of my favourite fashion designers, Miko Omegamu from *Icing* seems to have gone quiet for over a year. They are, as far as I am concerned, deeply missed and I hope and pray they are well.

Yes, so that made me a bit more sad then I thought it would. But onwards and upwards as they say. I will not say, what Churchill used to say in situations like that, even though the phrase just tickles me pink.

With the new year looming around the corner, I believe this is the traditional time to both look back and ahead and make new year resolutions. Except for the tiny little fact that I do not do them *laughs* I think if you are wanting to make a change, you should do it there and then and not wait until some date. That only puts pressure on yourself. Just do it when you are ready.

But I am looking forward to the new year, to continue and improve my knowledge of the French Language, to learn more and go out and meet people in Leicester. I also want to start getting back on my bicylce and maybe start running. I found an enamours fun app for my android called Zombie Run. I mean, what is not to like .. Zombies, game-play, check!

And of course, to bring the circle round write! While I do not dream to have any hope to write in the same league as Tiffany Reisz, I still hope to publish and finish some more stories and write blogs about various subjects.

But above all I hope to have a wonderful year both in Second Life and in reality with my family and loved ones, with my friends and those who I haven’t met yet. I am looking positively towards the future and hope for the best.

To everyone reading this blog

I wish you, from the bottom of my heart a very Happy New Year.
May all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true and it is my profound wish that wellness and peace will remain your companion throughout the coming year

With all my love,

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So, probably next week I plan to have several pictures up from new outfits that I have bought recently. It is a bit harder since one of my favourite photo-post editing sites has gone up in flames back in April or so. Basically they got bought out by Google and Google said sorry, but no cheese for you. Why is this important? It is not really, there are plenty of tools available even on my computer who should be capable of doing the same job. Just that the site managed to pack them somewhat easier for me to comprehend.

So while I have a long list of topics to potentially write about, there was little in my list that entirely grabbed my attention. So while I thought to write a bit freestyle again, I also came to the conclusion that I haven’t wrote much about BDSM the last few weeks, well excluding my story. So perhaps I should start rambling about this topic instead. Last time I seemed to have decent results with that.

This idea was inspired partly by a friend of mine in-world who showed me a picture of a pet-store where he had a look at the various implements that were on sale. Which made me muse about how much things there are in our daily life that we can use to enhance play with. So hence the topic, perverting the house … and seeing what you already have on hand that can be used to play with…..


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I am rather behind on catching up on my blogs (writing and reading). But in short I had some wonderful days up and including the weekend. It was good, fun… and I seem to have completely lost track of last week *laughs*

What I think was Friday was Tuesday apparently! and much more different days seem to be messed up and I seem to have completely mixed up. Of course Thalia is completely to blame for all this 😉

But one of the most wonderful things was being taken out dancing. I can’t even describe how special that was *smiles*, not to mention how much fun. I have no clue even where we were. I have some vague recollections of the club being called Heaven or so. And I think that about sums it up.

dancing01 dancing02


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There is a home

Funny little world this is, innit..

On Saturday during the discussion of “Designing for Second Life”, one of the questions that came up was who had their own home. As noted not many at that time did. My first reaction was “heh, why do I need a home right now“, for somehow it really seemed to be much to much trouble.

But it somehow changed in the last couple of days when Vel, offered me a place at her home. After popping in and out of her place (I will post pictures when she’s done), but for now, lets suffice it to say, that is resembles an Roman villa, with lots of open spaces, stables, kitchen and dining area, and gardens and much more. Above all, separate rooms for us all to stay in. After thinking about it, it started to sound more and more attractive to have a place to call home, to be when I don’t want to be somewhere else. To know where I will be surrounded by people who understand me and accept me for who I am.

So yesterday I finally accepted and asked if I could please move in and YAY! she said yes .. so now it seems I got myself a home. Now I need to find something to do with it and to decorate it. It’s a small room, but it is mine 🙂 all mine *grins* So I guess I somewhat need to retract my statement about you don’t need a home.

I am now thinking, it’s good to have a place called home. The point actually hit home when I went home after the party at Clockwork and Vel IM-ed me:

Vel: 🙂 Back home Lex?

And at that moment I think, I realized it. Yes I was home and it was good to be there *smiles

So I guess .. all in all, there is a home. Even for me 🙂


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Dancing @ Clockwork.

Well last night, the world pretty much seem to grind to a halt as my usual hangout was absolutely deserted. Normally there is always something going on. But last night, I sat there on my own. I was kinda moping and somewhat undecided what to do and torn between sorting to my ‘bag of goodies‘ (also know as the inventory of Doom), or hopping around in world visiting various places.

And then, Sophrosyne IM’d m, asking if I wanted to come over to the Clockwork as they were having a little party. So quickly I changed in something more (or less suitable) depending on your point of view;). And headed over. It was good to see some people again, and I think I will probably see more of them in the future (I found I actually starting to like dancing *grins*)

I would like to thank especially Alex Burgess and Esteban (damm, I love his fluffy bunny slippers) for providing the excellent music :). I was rather sad to actually have to go and crash out. So I headed *home* and what home is .. will be in the next post..

to be continued ….



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