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Neko: a change in looks

As it is been a while since I posted, after my previous post, I have long been twiddling and procrastination (which in some parts is still ongoing *grins*, I finally decided to take the plunge. As I pointed out, I have long been fascinated by neko’s and I guess I am gonna reveal slightly what one of the main reasons is.

Quite a while ago, I had a dream one night about me, Thalia. As usual with dreams that I remember, the detail was quite vivid and I decided to write the dream down. While going through the motions the next couple of the day, I would get flashes of other parts of the dream or ideas that would continue or elaborate on parts of the dream. Each time I grabbed whatever was near and wrote it down as precise as I could.

((To explain this a bit better, I am only an average writer and the two stories I have written (one is ‘bedtime’ and published here). The other cuffed is about 80% complete and will hopefully soon done as well. This is the first time I actually have altered my writing style different to what I am used to.))

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Thalia and I found ourselves once again on Temenos Island. After looking around and me, doing my usual ooh-ing and aah-ing over what to choose, I finally choose the Voodoo ears and tail. A big thanks for Thalia for being ultimately patient with me and encouraging me and for being so supporting *smiles*. (b! she’ll know what I mean *grins*). I also spend some of my money on a very nice combination of a sweater (either turtleneck or v-neck) and short pleaded skirt, as you can see in the pictures below.

I came however to a couple of decision/conclusions. For one, even though I do like the spots on the ivory leopard skin, I can’t sadly afford the skin and more important as october hush pointed out, it makes you look like everyone else, and frankly I kinda like and got used to the way I look. So I am probably gonna take up her suggestion and go and have a look at ‘spots’ for my normal skin.

I know several people have already seen me wandering around and thank you all for the kind and sweet words. Those that matter to me most (and y’all should know who you are, although I don’t speak with some of you as much I would love to) have all been wonderful about it. Thank you *smiles*

Left: Shopping on Temenos Island and finally having my purchase.
Right: At home, showing off and getting used to my cute new ears.

neko_temenos neko_closeup

Left: Wandering around at home at midnight, walking on the edge.
Right: Being somewhat shy and reserved (as I am) šŸ˜‰

neko_moon shy_neko

Left: Kneeling before Thalia in the classical ‘nadu’ position
Right: Kneeling at one of our popular hangouts, Deitide.

neko_nadu neko_play

I am also going to break another one of my traditions and publish the three excerpts from my new story. Some people (two or three) have already read this. Anyway, although I am rather nervous about publishing unfinished work, I hope you enjoy reading some of what I have written:


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