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There are somethings you hope for in life, a nice job, a nice quiet place to live where you feel safe from harm and above a good health. And it’s in that latter that things are seemingly going horribly awry. A couple of weeks I had a stinking cold, which seemed to coincide with the height of flu/cold going around. So with everything over and all, I thought that would be the last of it. Turns out it could not be further from the truth and the cold is back with a vengeance, bah.

As you can see I am feeling rather suitably sorry for myself tonight. But being under the weather is at least a little bit of an excuse. I just completely lost my train of thought here, so it took me a good five minutes to figure out what I had a good excuse for. But yes, I have an excuse for feeling a little bit sorry.

I like to remind everyone that this month is the March Bloggers Q&A month, so feel free to leave any questions that you want to ask. If you ask me questions over email or in-world, please be aware to actually note which one you want for the blog. Since people tend to ask me a lot of questions, sometimes it does get a bit confusing what people mean, and I hate to be rude to not answer their questions until a week or so later. So start asking people!

To star the questions of, I actually found several on Strawberry Singh’s blogging challenge page. I was looking for something light and easy to blog about  and I found two. This week will be the first edition, called “Have you ever SecondLifed”, and I will keep the 20 personal questions for another time when despair, ill health or lack of inspections strikes me.

So let’s get started and see if I have ever …. Second Lifed.

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Good evening my dear readers. So tonight I had a much dunked ego and slightly less damaged lip. Apparently I am not grown up enough to eat pizza without any kind of help. I managed to burn the side of my mouth and lip with some piping hot salami/peperoni oil. Ouch!

Other then that it has been a little bit of a quiet week, although I am making some progress (finally!) with unpacking my house. While I will not bore you very much with all the particular details, I finally got some energy to spare to direct to finding places for stuff to go. It’s a long way to go but I made good progress and hopefully by Christmas  ninety percent of the things will be stored away!

While I was going to do some more serious writing above combination and a general feeling of being sore and tired/weary/worn-out means I had to look for other solutions. Luckily the solution for this game in the form of Tyra Love who posted a blog about her favourite and least favourite things. I met Tyra ages ago at the Cellar where she was doing some research for one of her blog posts on gags. Thus, this seemed like a good idea and some nice light subject to get my writing in, without sending my brain immediately into a huge meltdown and grey puddly mess.

A word of the “warning”; the information in this blog tonight, pertains mostly to the virtual world of Second Life. But let’s get started and see what my most favourite restraints are 😉


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After the shock and sadness from last week, this week has luckily been rather more on the level, in terms of excitement. Something I have been largely grateful for. Not that this has been an easy week. I miss my kitten deeply and I keep doing little things before catching myself out.

I know that it is normal but, it still makes me think of him and feel a little bit sad. Normal but upsetting at the same time, although on the other hand I should be worried if I did not react that way. I know with time it will pass and I will look upon the time shared between me and him with warmth and happiness. Still to raw at the moment I think.

I saw something interesting on twitter this evening. Apparently there is a writers contest being held. One short story, twenty-five hundred words, nothing pre-published. I may actually partake in that. Of course the non pre-published part means I can not use any of my stories that I have written so far. So I will need to have a think about this, not to mention what I will write about.

This week I wanted to write a little more BDSM orientated. I told you I would return to my favourite subject at some point. Tonight’s inspiration came by the way of Tessa Romanov who poked me last night that one of the regulars in Second Life and also a blogger was writing a blog about gags.

Now I love gags, and by that extension all kinds of sensory deprivation play. So I quickly hopped over to have a listen and a chat and I had a lovely evening chatting with the wonderful Tyra and Tessa, about the pros and cons. While I do not want to steal away Tyra’s thunder by writing exclusively about gags, I decided to write a little bit about the use of sensory deprivation within BDSM, and especially aimed at the problems one encounters in virtual environments such as Second Life.


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Tonight’s blog is dealing with bondage, and by and large aimed at the virtual world of second Life. I am not going to even pretend I do not like being tied up or other exclamations of fake innocence in this regard. Yes, you all know I love to get tied up and that I revel in the feeling and loss of control.

This is however not a feeling that is solely restricted (see what I did there?) to the virtual world however. I enjoy bondage in real life just as much. And it is because of this love of bondage in both worlds that I am destined to draw parallels between the two in terms of ability and restriction, where I can or perhaps where applicable.

Yes I am aware that there are things in one world that can not be replicated in the real world or vice versa. If only things were so simple. Who would not be able to kneel on their knees for hours at a time, be tied up in the most stringent of positions for long periods of time without being able to move a muscle and without any after effects.

Thus we can safely conclude that no two worlds are the same and that in real life we should be aware of these risks and act on our kink in a consensual knowledgeable manner. However just because things are not the same, does not mean we can apply a degree of reason and reality to our play in the virtual world, can we?


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So, as always, I tend to pick up inspiration about things to write, when people in Second Life tend to talk about things. One of these subjects that was talked about this week was the usage of RLV restrictions or rather why a particular set of restriction was not useful. This lead me to the topic of this week: RLV restrictions and how to apply them.

So this post is going to be strictly about the world of Second Life, and the use of BDSM with in that and pretty much geared towards bondage. I thought it would make a nice change from the otherwise general BDSM advice (or there abouts) that I tend to write about. That is when I am not writing creatively or rambling freestyle.

The biggest problem I have with writing about this subject is that I am pretty much in two minds about this subject. On the one hand I can see to make certain restrictions have certain consequences about the interaction in world, but on the other hand; as a submissive (and especially one who very much love to be bound) my pleasure derives from doing dominant expects of me. And if my dominant decide to apply restrictions in a lesser or more restrictive format, I am not one to complain or tell that they are doing it wrong. I really have more sense than that. Honestly, really. Fer realz.

(And okay, I may just love it … but that is a discussion entirely best suited for another time)

So what is so interesting about RLV restrictions?

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Well, it’s finally there. After a leave of absence, Loom Kish, finally released the much waited and anticipated RestrainedLife Viewer for Linux. This is version 1.12 which is based on the Second Life 1. 1.20.15 (release 92456).

This brings also to an end, my ongoing frustrations for trying to compile the own viewer come hereby (or perhaps for now) finally to an end. For some reason, The viewer either does not compile cleanly on my Linux box (either normal, or chrooted). Even following the various instructions and with help of Make-SL [1] script by Henri Beauchamp didn’t seem to help me very much. (yes I still have a build log available if anyone is desperately interested).

The only bug I have found so far is that when compiling from source, the “res-dl” directory is not created. Now the official Linux client from Linden Labs has this directory. When I compiled the Second Life viewer from scratch this directory was missing.

Now as far as I can tell; This directory contains a series of bitmaps used for context sensitive feedback of the cursor. (much buzzwords!). Without this folder being present, Second Life still works just perfectly fine. However, you wont get a changing cursor (into a hand, a finger, a magnifying glass.

The FIX: copy this folder from a normal client, and restart your Restrained Life client and all is/should be well 🙂

as per usual, the URI for the Restrained Life for Linux client. Go download it! 🙂


ps. now as to my current situation … see my next post 😉

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Five weeks passed Saturday. After a week which was both interesting and hard.

Tuesday evening Vanni had her “Hot under the Collar” event. Mistress and I happily could attend. While we were somewhat fashionably late it was fun to “see” other people for a bit. Although I noticed how quick emotions play up when being isolated. As simple as just clicking onto something became a major chore.Still I managed all in all, with a lot of Mistress help.

The rest of the week I spend between our dungeon and home. and it was hard going at times. I was definitely missing my friends and struggling with being so restrained.

But last night, Mistress decided that after five weeks, over a 180, a-hundred hours, locked up and incommunicado, as they say, that for now it was enough. She removed my bondage and all restraints and restrictions.

So what are my records now? Or rather how long have I been locked away from everything ?

Steel Shackle (RA) after 181 hours 12 minutes 30 secs
Steel Shackle (RW) after 180 hours 57 minutes 50 secs
RR Scarf blindfold after 188 hours 26 minutes 40 secs
RR Ballgag after 184 hours 31 minutes 10 secs

So I am for the time being free and able to come and see people and talk to those that have tried to IM me or send me note cards. I look forward to catching up with everyone and just wandering around the grid causing mayhem and chaos.

And yet, still a small part of me, regrets being free. Guess that’s the “insane” part of me, the need for that feeling of total loss of control in many ways. But for now, I am will get back to my normal self and be alive ..

I am sure that at some point I’ll end up being tied up.


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Well, it’s official. I now have spend 4 weeks locked up in almost complete isolation from the world. The only contact I have had is a day and a half break and could actually talk to people. But as things go, you get used to the silence and not talking. Communicating after being locked away after an extended and intense period of time, is something that takes (strangely enough) some getting used to.

A couple of nights ago (I think this was Wednesday or Thursday), Mistress decided to take me out for a little bit of fresh “air” as it were. We ended up going to the Deitide sim. And there were some people around. And I started talking with them as best as I could. Although…

The nick list in the chat client showing no one in range

I assume you can’t really call it talking, I can just about see who is in chat range thanks to the nick list. But that is about it. And I can’t hear. So all I really can is say hi to people, and then hear Mistress tell them that I can’t hear their return greeting.

For quite a while I was trying to keep up and interact. And, well I don’t know, I guess it all of a sudden hit me how really futile it was. I think for the first time it really hit me about being isolated from the rest of the world. I think that is part of why it hasn’t affected me so much yet. I have not only been out of touch, but also out of sight and away from everyone else.

That perhaps may have helped it make it easier to deal with. I don’t know.m I spend the rest of the night pretty much just listening to Mistress talking to other people and trying to piece together from half conversations what she was really talking about.

So for now I have finished one month of being locked up. Something I never thought I could do. A total of about 150 hours in inworld time. How much longer? I have no idea. Guess time and in particular, Mistress will tell :).


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Another week gone, and while I am at the moment no longer in the sky dungeon safely tucked away, not much has changed in that sense. I am not tied to a couple of leash rings inside the house. Still “All alone in the dark” as it were. 😉 Of course, there is less and less to write, all days are the same, the hours floating into each other.

And (as predicted) with the newest Restrained Life Viewer, I am now even cut off from listening to group chat. And no, I don’t actually respond to general group chat, apart from the Subbie Union group chat. And mostly just for the fun of it, I actually *do* know I am gagged and my client is blocking incoming and outgoing

But three weeks. I have never been locked up that long in my life. And yet it doesn’t seem to affect me as much as I thought it would. It’s calming actually in a sort of strange way. I did notice that without any contact at all it’s slightly harder.

Part of me fears sliding down into this feeling of extreme isolation. I can’t really think of a word to describe it. But basically its a state where there is very little exciting happening and it’s rough going. I’ve been there earlier when I was doing my first isolation experiments.And on the other hand, part of me kinda wants to get there as well. I guess more than anything else it would tell me how far I am getting to my limits to my breaking point.

Of course with approaching that there is always the part of me that is stubborn and wants to push further and further to please Mistress. 🙂 One thing I did notice, is that for now, I am having less problems with communicating. In previous times I needed some time to adapt to normal speaking patterns, perhaps as I had gotten used to it. I don’t know. I am not sure how I will react when I get out of this. I did notice when I could talk to people for a couple of days back, I found it, well kinda angsty to talk to people. Guess time and experience will tell how this will affect me.

I wait

I breathe

I surrender

I live

I am

I just .. am.


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Just a small note really, (and so people can find it through google):

Loom Kish has released the latest version of Marine’s Restrained Life viewer for Linux (verison 1.11.5):

It’s currently hosted on Rapidshare and can be accessed there:

Have fun and enjoy.


Note: the latest version is now 1.12 based on the 1.20.15 viewer

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