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As in a true fashion, I always decide I know my topic for next week and then when the time comes I have either not researched the subject in a manner I would have like, although truth to be told this more often than not translates really into, have not researched the subject at all for various reasons, one probably being that if I do not feel comfortable about the subject, I am subconsciously kicking against it and will not allow myself to do the work. It’s my own brain conspiring against me. But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

So, this week, there is going to be a slightly different topic, but hopefully one with a bit more consistence then last week, although no promises, as you may well know I do have occasionally the tendency to go of topic because … oh shiny stuff! Ahem, like I was saying, I shall try to keep my writing and rambling mostly consistent this evening.

Last week while I was hopping around and relaxing for a bit at one of my usual haunts, I could not help but over head a conversation that made me do a double take, since I found it so hard to believe what was being said. Luckily SL crashed at that time effectively stopping me from responding.

The premise of the whole situation was that submissives misbehave just to get punished and that they are needed to misbehave(!) because if as a dominant your slave does not misbehave you run the risk of your skills becoming rusty and your attitude becoming lazy.

Take your time to process that information for a moment…


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Well first of all thanks to me reading way to much r/bdsm and related sub-reddits; I have some topics and some are from that dark corner of my psyche. So be afraid. No just kidding, although some of my topics are perhaps controversial and not as much discussed i terms of bdsm.  But this is me we are talking about and normal is defiantly a term we should not apply here, please check and leave your sanity at the door.

One of the topics I wanted to write about, as I saw on various sites; is that the kink of the week is collars. However I already wrote in lengthy details about collaring just last month, so I am not going to touch that subject here.

So I am a bit struggling here for topics, so perhaps I mostly wing it freestyle tonight and if you are looking for something meaningful perhaps move on to next week and hopefully I can write something better than today:


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Tonight I have a mixed bag of topics. Some of them are suggested, directly or indirectly, by friends. I must admit that I am not above asking people for ideas. But I always ask, I have never threatened anyone with bodily harm to provide a topic. Well, not that they would be willing to testify anyway.

I have been admittedly feeling rather relaxed over the last week, absolutely helped by more than gorgeous weather and enjoyed reading some of my favourite writing and writers blog and tweets. One of the the blogs wrote something that I have been thinking about. That as a writer you just need to sit down and write. No excuses, just you, the words and whatever the medium you write on. And I think it made an impact on me, that I tend to feel at times not in the mood to write and let that mood drag me along until the moment that I can not delay it further and the fear of missing a deadline or two, in this case not blogging and being too late to bed, overcomes my inertia.

Tonight while I am not overly early in writing, which is due to the fact that I just work better against deadlines (one of the many reason I would probably not make it as a professional writer) but I am feeling not overly stressed. I have my topics, so all I need to sit down and explore each of them a little bit better.

So; are you sitting comfortably? Good, let us get started:

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Another week has gone by and it’s time for me to face up to the reality of writing. I have some topics left from what I was going to write about next week and I probably weave them into the narrative as we say.

This week has been a lot more positive than the prior. Probably in no small way helped by the fact that finally(!) we got some decent weather. Seems spring has arrived and while the evening chill has been still overly present, the days are nice enough to dress lightly and sit in the last rays of the day, savouring an nice glass of wine or two, we got to celebrate this and since research has shown that wine lessens the chances of arthritis, better save than sorry. Bring on the summer I say.

The bad side of how my mind works. There is, I think no surprise to be found among the people who know me well, that at the best of times, my mind is rather weird and I am apt to come out with silly things sometimes. But i digress I was joking with my wonderful friend Mara about writing about the “bonds” market she totally ruined the joke for me, but that’s okay, I kind of do like it at the same time that she got where my mind was going. But since then I wanted to type the following sentence: “In the Bond market, Pierce Brosman is at an all time high”. This is from the very amusing Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie sketch named “Paul Financials report”.

Speaking of things on my mind. One of the things that has occupied mine recently is the nature of our language. How we write it and how we use it. So I decided to write about it this week and explore my thoughts and feelings on this subject…


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