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So, as always, I tend to pick up inspiration about things to write, when people in Second Life tend to talk about things. One of these subjects that was talked about this week was the usage of RLV restrictions or rather why a particular set of restriction was not useful. This lead me to the topic of this week: RLV restrictions and how to apply them.

So this post is going to be strictly about the world of Second Life, and the use of BDSM with in that and pretty much geared towards bondage. I thought it would make a nice change from the otherwise general BDSM advice (or there abouts) that I tend to write about. That is when I am not writing creatively or rambling freestyle.

The biggest problem I have with writing about this subject is that I am pretty much in two minds about this subject. On the one hand I can see to make certain restrictions have certain consequences about the interaction in world, but on the other hand; as a submissive (and especially one who very much love to be bound) my pleasure derives from doing dominant expects of me. And if my dominant decide to apply restrictions in a lesser or more restrictive format, I am not one to complain or tell that they are doing it wrong. I really have more sense than that. Honestly, really. Fer realz.

(And okay, I may just love it … but that is a discussion entirely best suited for another time)

So what is so interesting about RLV restrictions?

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Well this is going to be a short post. Right now I am back in the banesuit (using Scorpions/Sables bane suit). I have been informed that I will be in this for at least 24 hours, well that is 24 hours + any time I add to it myself due to violations.

Right now, I have made my way into deitide, finding a place to sleep between the walls of stonehenge. I will try to give tomorrow a better update. Part of me is thrilled to be back and part of me is a little bit scared. How will things be the second time around? I have no idea right now. Guess time will tell.

For now .. lex is gone .. and L-8746 is back. For how long, again, time will tell


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Well tonight around 6pm SLT the suit unlocked and L-8746 ceased to exist and could be just normal Lexi again. The experience has ended and once again I am able, or should be able to be me again.

Right now I am really drained due to various circumstances. For now I just want to relax, spend loads of time cuddling, and spending time with my friends, cause even though I choose to undergo this, I did miss you all an awful lot, and pick up my life and go back to being me again.

I hope to quickly post a longer blog with some thoughts about the experience and how it affected me. I can only say one thing: *IF* you ever consider doing this, give it serious thought, it’s much much harder than you think it will be and even with the limited amount of contact that I had with other people, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I am not saying this to scare anyone away, but to make you aware that doing this for a long term period, it *will* affect you. And yes, you probably think now, I can handle that. I can only say one thing: When Marine Kelley put the same warning in her blog, I thought as well, how hard can it be.

… now I know..

with love


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As I have been writing mostly over on the Subbie Union Blog, I think a little explanation here is in order to what has been going on the last couple of days:

After my ‘adventure’ as described in Short Term Isolation I finally managed to complete my own Isolation suit. Of course being as eager as I was, I happily showed it to Mistress, I knew what was going to happen next, she would ofcourse lock it after using her RealKey (great idea to sync all items to the same key ;)). However what I did not realize is that how far this would go.

See my greatest problem is my mouth (I am sure I have told this before), so after telling Mistress how to make the experience better (no timers, no release etc), Mistress of course happily obliged. But what a mistake to make. It seems that Mistress is highly happy with the idea of me being isolated, and all the while having her as my only source of contact.

So if I have been quiet in world, and not talked much, please do not be upset, I am *NOT* ignoring you. It is really simple down to this: I can’t communicate. The suit is rather devil-ish (thanks sis) contraption, mostly sprung from the wonderfull mind of my sis, it consist atleast of 7 different types of restraints, from top to bottom you’re looking at:


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Once in a while…

you come across a story, a story that challenges you, changes your perception. Recently I have come across a story like that and the it’s called “Eudeamon.” (NSFW) The author of this story is someone called EvilDolly (NSFW), and if someone should get into professional writing it is her.

I really have no other words to describe this story than “Oh fuck wow”, “It’s good …. very very good”. It’s so good it makes me almost want to give up writing. (there is also Galatea’sode to suckage’ (or rather the pearl of wisdom) so to speak which also quite speaks to me)

I can really urge you to go and have a read of it. It really touched me on so many levels. It scared me, it filled me with envy, dread, want and above all it made me laugh when the main character was happy and it made me cry when she went through horrible situations. The last couple of chapters I barely stopped weeping from either joy or sadness.

And what about the book, cause it’s really more a book (at 91 pages or so) than a story. I think I am gonna just quote Marine Kelly:

Now why am I talking about this novel ? Well, because the book… shook me a little. In a positive way. It’s definitely food for thoughts, the kind of book that makes you think about yourself, how you perceive others, what your kinks really mean… It gives you a glance about sub-space, about isolation, despair and how to transcend them, about the limits of human sanity. Like meditation. I feel better now that I’ve read this book although I cannot clearly point out why. But who cares. Read this book, and you’ll know.

And I agree. Once you have read the story, you’ll either know exactly what she means or you don’t. And sadly, if you don’t I don’t think you will not get it. Sad perhaps, but I think true. For me, I am not gonna reveal (yet) why this is so immensely powerful. There are so many reasons and I am trying to make sense of them in my head.

I think those that really know me, probably have a good idea exactly why this hits me the way it does.

As for the rest. I have just watched Velicia wander around for five and a half hours in a sort of Isolation suit, her version of it and it …. *sighs* it scares me, thrills me, I envy her and yes, I am jealous and wanted to be in her situation. It also fills me with dread, doubt and wondering if I ever could do such a thing. I hope she will write about her experiences ….

Vel .. please, sis?


P.S: The follow-up with be readable on the SL Subbie Union Blog.

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