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Good evening. I am dreadfully sorry for not having posted yesterday. This is the first time in three years that I have actually missed my deadline for writing. A long weekend spend with family who wanted to see something in my area and a promise I made to some friends that went slightly awry (and took a whole lot longer than I expected) meant that by the time I came home I only then realised that I should have written.

The late hour of the day meant that I had really only two possibilities. One; I could have sat down and written there and then. However the lateness of the evening and having had a weekend that pretty much threw my normal rhythm asunder meant that that I would have paid for it today. Much more then I already did.

So knowing that my health comes first, I decided to fore go writing and post today instead. Yes it is late, but better late then never I suppose. I did do however the somewhat smart thing and worked on getting something resembling a topic together for this week.

As most have seen me do, I just love answering questions. It gives me ideas and ways to talk about one of my favourite subjects. Add to this that I have promised in the past that I would answer some more questions in a form of a frequently asked question type style blog. This all means that this method will be used tonight. So sit back and relax and let me kick this off with …


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Good evening all. So a busy week, a busier weekend but there are some good things after this week. Some great friends have told me I can always count on them if something like last week happened with silly dominants. That of course warms the cockles of my heart.

While I am in no way shape or form needing someone to defend my honour, I am after all more then capable to stand up for myself. Still it is nice to know there are people who care enough for me to have my back may I have a need for it.

In other news, I am still alive. For those that haven’t spoken to me in world or otherwise; I woke up last week with bad stomach pains and turns out that the lining had become inflamed and irritated. Very annoying. Whether it is from stress or what I do not know. I have been to see the doctors and well; at the moment while my stomach is acting up a little bit it is improving daily. At least I have not been awake during the night due to pain.

As for this weeks blog; I came across an old blog post from Clarisse Thorn, about Kink Blogging. Something I am pretty much familiar with. Since I was looking for a topic and she offered several questions on the topic of blogging; I thought it would be nice to tackle and answer them,

So without any more delay;

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It’s been all in all a rather busy week but at least in most respects; plus admittedly I am still a little bit hungover after going out out on the town last night. Ever heard about this saying “write drunk, edit sober”? I am sure Hemingway had no problem doing that but it seems I am not good either of them. It’s also questionable if the quote actually is directly attributable to Hemingway but that is perhaps for literary musings of another time.

No, I am not still drunk. I have in the past tried to write drunk. Three martini’s is a hell of a kick to be writing on, it also makes it actually a lot harder to write then you would think. Editing sober, is only decent if you don’t have to deal with a hangover. But, no sympathy after all for self inflicted pain. Besides, pain inflicted by others can be much more delicious and better, well, as long as it is consensual.

But a week can be quite a difference. I think I am somewhat start to acclimatise to the work schedule although I know I still have a long to go. However this weekend is a first one in a long time that I feel fairly relaxed without the hint of any kind of anxiety or panic feelings. So hey, that’s a fairly huge step forward.

But really, what a difference a week can make. As I wrote last week, I got slightly tied up by a dominant. But that was not the end of it, and neither was it slightly. Following on from that evening, I pretty much spend the week tied up, gagged, bound, helpless in one way of another. It’s been, as you can imagine, a rather long time since I have been that tightly and that long restrained.

It did teach me at least some things …

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Right, I better get actually my butt in gear and start writing. It’s been an absolute gorgeous weekend and I have been rather busy away (mostly) from the computer. I actually had to adult for real today. My garden is horrendously overgrown and I noticed people walking past the window and looking at the overgrown weeds in it. So something needed to done. At least it looks a whole lot better now! Sure I probably need to fight it back a couple of of more times before it get to a manageable state. So far really my exciting life! *laughs*

Well, I just deleted a large chunk of my blog, mostly because I am really struggling with writing. Yes, I said I would work on doing the Frequently asked questions post. But looking through the question I felt I was facing an incredible drag to writing about it. So I am shelving that for the moment. I am sorry and I do apologise.

Honestly, my life is such in a emotional upheaval now. The new job that is entirely more demanding in ways that my old job was not, my time schedule has entirely changed. It is strange to think that less then two months ago I was still being up till three or four am in the morning! Now, if it gets past eleven in the evening and I can’t wait to get into bed!

So lots of changes and while my dear Mistress was apt of saying that change is inevitable and wonderful, I am still not sure about that. Yes, change is inevitable. I am currently the living proof of that. Not that I am the only one more then likely to undergo changes in my life. However, it is my blog so a lot of the things I write are applicable to me.


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