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Rubber doll

Well for the past couple of days I have been playing about with my various outfits, and I came across the idea of dressing myself as a rubber doll. This is not the first time I have played around with this idea. but since I have all new toys to play with, I thought it was time to revisit this topic:

The is the four different outfits below:
(please click on each photo, so you can see the outfits
in up close and personal detail

Basically most doll outfit consist off at least a POC catsuit, Fairlight boots and gloves, a *Kas* Corset and Chastity belt, the Hair is also got from ER and can be changed to suit your fancy.

The pink latex doll is probably the most shocking for everyone, as I don’t do pink that often, but I think it’s tastefully enough. The real extra here is the Scorpion Gas mask [1]

The Red latex doll is wearing the lockable ER hood. Sadly this does not come with scripts or a HUD but it’s delicious in the way it looks. I love the detail of the little heart shape locks.

The Bane / Black latex doll is the most basic of outfits and yet perhaps the most evil as well. Because with the bane helmet set to severe settings, it could make life basically pretty hard to live.

The blue latex doll is the least restrictive one. No isolation features, just a tight latex hood which actually leaves the mouth and eyes open. Granted that means you could use it for a whole level of others toys such as gags, etc. I am sure you can think of something.

I was thinking of putting a picture here of me as a pony, but I am going reserve that for another blog post. Still if something like that is your interest there is still ways to let me know. 🙂

I am going ask you to vote please which outfit do you like best, and leave a comment. Which outfit of me as a rubber doll do you like best, which outfit would you like to see me walking around in. If rubber dolls aren’t your thing, just vote for ‘Other’ and leave a comment what kind of outfit you would like to see me in.

I might pick a random winner for something, from the comments. 😉 IF I do and what it will be, I will let you know.

So I am going to have a little bit of a poll here (so please vote):

[1] – Yes I know the name changed, I can’t remember it. bad lexi!

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