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Sometimes, I really should keep my mouth shut. I really should take the following lesson to heart:

“I will not make my life more difficult than necessary.”

As .. well … You would think by now, I would learn, wouldn’t you? I mean, you would, right?

Here I was, at home, with Mistress, just talking about the various bits and bobs and joking. Happily curled up in front of her (as kittens are notoriously known to do) and doing the things I usually do, which might include nipping and being just general a silly, playfull kitten.

Mistress and I cuddling and talking at home.

I can’t remember how exactly we got here, but at some point I started asking about trouble. It was getting late, so Mistress gently chided me, that I might be in a whole lot of trouble where it not for the fact that it was pretty late.

See, at this point, anyone with an ounce of common sense and grounding in the ways of the wise would have taken her word for it and just left it at that. It’s a good thing I still have the cute thing going for me. 😉

After some teasing about how much trouble I exactly would be in and what this would entail, I ended up being muted through my collar and shortly later I was ‘helped’ inside the banesuit once more again.

And that is where I am now, and have been for the past couple of days. Locked away and shielded from the outside world. For how long? who knows. It may be some time, It may be not. Time will tell.

me relaxing on the edge and "sunbathing" under a tree at home

Right now I am just relaxing outside our home. Perhaps soon I will start wandering around various sims or making my ways around. If you see me, feel free to say hi. Just realise that I won’t be able to really respond much, it at all.

So yes, I guess it really meant that lesson has not sunk in that I should not make my life more difficult for myself than I really need. But all in all I also got to remember:

Mistress is not evil, just merely kind.

She really is :)) And frankly, part of me loves to be as much restrained and completely at her mercy and whims as I love seeing and able to talk to my friends.

L-8746 (aka lexi)

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Well, it’s finally there. After a leave of absence, Loom Kish, finally released the much waited and anticipated RestrainedLife Viewer for Linux. This is version 1.12 which is based on the Second Life 1. 1.20.15 (release 92456).

This brings also to an end, my ongoing frustrations for trying to compile the own viewer come hereby (or perhaps for now) finally to an end. For some reason, The viewer either does not compile cleanly on my Linux box (either normal, or chrooted). Even following the various instructions and with help of Make-SL [1] script by Henri Beauchamp didn’t seem to help me very much. (yes I still have a build log available if anyone is desperately interested).

The only bug I have found so far is that when compiling from source, the “res-dl” directory is not created. Now the official Linux client from Linden Labs has this directory. When I compiled the Second Life viewer from scratch this directory was missing.

Now as far as I can tell; This directory contains a series of bitmaps used for context sensitive feedback of the cursor. (much buzzwords!). Without this folder being present, Second Life still works just perfectly fine. However, you wont get a changing cursor (into a hand, a finger, a magnifying glass.

The FIX: copy this folder from a normal client, and restart your Restrained Life client and all is/should be well 🙂

as per usual, the URI for the Restrained Life for Linux client. Go download it! 🙂


ps. now as to my current situation … see my next post 😉

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