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Well as I promised, I would try my best at doing some creative writing. I have chosen this story as a start. What you will find here is perhaps the first chapter of a longer story in the making. Remember folks, you read it first here. *grins*.

The story is called Self Control and I decided to write this in the space of about an hour and half. So please do realise that this is straight from my brain to `paper’ as it were. Normally I pass my creations of to at least one proofreader, but here you go…

As per usual; my stories are published under the:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

I hope you like it, please any comments, constructive and otherwise are very welcome. Ladies, gentlemen, my dearest readers .. I give you …

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Well as promised, I would write something, or at least my views about role-play. Now of course role-play is pretty common in the world around me. I could even go all meta on you, my dearly beloved readers, and discuss the intricate of how as a person we amuse a role each time we interact with different persons. After all we act different as a mother, a daughter, an employer or employee, a friend or a lover or a submissive *smiles*.

However I am not going to detail that much, besides I need to get this blog finished at some point before Sunday! Role-playing refers to the changing of one’s behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. The Oxford English Dictionary defines role-playing as “the changing of one’s behaviour to fulfill a social role”. Role-playing as an activity has a long standing history even within the on-line world on media such as IRC and of course our surrounding of the world of Second Life.

So what am I going to talk about here. Mostly what role-play is to me and my view on the various way of role-play, and most of all pertaining to Second Life. So what is exactly role-play and what is my stance on it?


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Back from holiday!

Hi everyone, I am back from holiday once again and had a lovely two weeks away from it all. With gorgeous weather, gorgeous food and wonderful times with family and about and about I feel tired but at the same recharged as well. Ready to take on the remainder of the year.

And with that my weekly blogging shall return. I do apologise for the hiatus, but with the holiday and having a break from everything, I was granted a temporarily relief of my writing assignment. I am hoping in the coming weeks and months to do more variation in my blogs; from musings and topics on bdsm in general, fashion (where applicable), other musings and perhaps some short stories. As you probably remember I have many stories lying around and while writing blog-posts is one, creative writing is a still a skill I haven’t mastered yet.

And yes, I know the idea about writing, is that writing is a skill that is brought on by writing, writing and more writing and I definitely should write more in private as an exercise. However I know my personality is a lot better suited to working to death-lines, then free winging it, a good example of this is that the last story I published “Cuffed” took around a year in total to finish.

For some reason the closure of a death line means I am hyping myself up more, which eventually seems to deliver result eventually, although this feels often like I am endlessly procrastinating and then get unduly stressed out. I think my personality somewhere is seriously screwed up *laughs*

Anyway, to return to the topic of creative writing, I am still toying with the idea of giving myself a standard set of time, say one hour or two hours to actually write a quick short story, right here. I am willing to hear suggestions for scenarios. Perhaps a format of 30 minutes to think about a scenario/write out quick notes, and then one to two hours of writing a quick story. Could work. Could spectacularly back-fire *laughs*. Still an idea that is worth contemplating.

So one of the plans I am having for the coming months is trying to set up my plot at home again. For a very long time I have, what looks like an enormous pile of rubble strewn across my land in what only can be described as a building accident that serves as proof for generations to come that I should not be allowed to handle explosives, or anything sharper than a butter knife.

I am either going to give a build-it-myself type cottage a go, despite lacking seriously motivation after SL decided to eat it on last rez. Or find something that is suitable for my taste and style. So expect a progress/building blog soon. I do warn you however, my skills with regards to building are not all there, so don’t expect something beautiful. What it will be however, is completely me.

So for now it is good to be back, both in real life and second life. And settling back in at my homes in both worlds and picking up the routines. Speaking of routines, it was a delight in a way to have to clean the dust. It was in a rather strange way (but don’t tell anyone), grounding. Plus knowing how much my work is appreciated, certainly does help.

For now, I am going to love you all and leave it as this. I am still recovering from all the travelling from last week (strange how something like that, takes it out of you …), and know that my next planned blog will be about role play and what I think of various angles on that subject

But for now,

be safe, have fun

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