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Sometimes when writing you are struggling to grasp a topic. You are working through your options, look here and there and trying to figure out where you want to go and where you need to go. It’s something I have described as “the terror of the blank page”. It just sits there the cursor blinking at you in the corner as if to say “well, what are you waiting for…”

Your eyes catch the blinking, knowing that at some points the words should be drawn out from there to appear on the screen before you, page after page (well at least three pages long) and your words flow like prose should flow, and …. the truth of that moment is, it never comes. This is always my fear that at that moment in time, the words just utterly completely fail me.

Of course in contrast, there are those wonderful moments that everything does fall into place and the words take off on their own and you hammer them out with the rhythmic beat that would not be without merit as the soundtrack to the mechanical workings of Victorian industrial revolution or an army marching drill.

I have always found, and I am sure that many writers and bloggers will agree with me, that writing when someone asks you to write about a certain topic is always easier then when you have to come up with a subject on your own. So today, as I am always prone todo, I decided to poke around various sims in Second Life, asking people if they have a topic about which they like to read, so that I can research it and write it.

Today, such a topic was handed by a dear friend of mine, Miss Ash Yheng, who after some discussion came to the topic of “Dehumanisation, as a path to submission“. Now considering that dehumanisation to an extend has been an interest of me, I decided that it was an interesting challenge for me to write about.

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Good evening. At another week draws to close and my attention turns to the horrors that are composed of a blank page. Luckily I have at least one topic lined up for tonight that I promised to write about.

I had some nice feed back on last weeks blog post and some of my stories. Especially “Bedtime” and “Cuffed“, with one of the commenter’s expressing a very definite interest in having the story expanded beyond the initial meet and chronicle Rona journey into service and submission. And I must admit that I am entertaining the notion of writing a sequel.

It is high time that I actually get more engrossed once again in my creative writing. It has been too long since you have seen an update for “Self Control“. Add to that that I have still countless stories on the go, including one in a far enough stage that I actually could publish parts of it, but because I am a tease, I am not going to do this just yet.

What I can and will reveal however is that the story is called “The training“. It involves a male dominant/female submissive power structure and it jumps all across from past to present and back again. I started it a while back and soon became clear to me that I have written something of even better standard that I have written before, so it is clearly a mark of progression about my skill (or positively lack thereof) as a author.

Needles to say I am incredibly proud about what I have written so far. I was hard broken that I actually seemed to have lost track of it, or rather that I had lost it. I did not have a copy on my computer, nor one on my backup drives. But thanks to my good and wonderful friend Mara I found it stored safely on my web-server, obviously the last place I decided to look. So yay, look out for this in the future.

And with that it is time to get on our way, in a whole different direction, with the real topic of tonight’s blog. One which is rather more leaning towards real life play rather than play in a virtual environment.

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Well first proper blog post of the year! The weather is turning cold outside but my computer is buzzing warmly, rearing to go and this week, quite unlike last week no overheating problems with my computer. Except of course my natural perchance to excel in procrastination, but as everyone knows, that is a skill that comes natural to all cats.

So here we go. Having struggles for the last, gosh ten hours or so to come up with a topic I decided in the end to have a browse around on the web and as I am usually prone to do ended up on the submissive’s prompt website for inspiration.

Since I have not done a list of questions from them in a long while, not counting the ’30 days of …” questionnaires I did at the end of last year. I thought it would be a nice idea to kick of the year of blogging with one of them.

As fate would have it, the first seven questions that caught my mind seemed to have to do how my submission, or my actions and service relate to my owner. So who am I to argue with that and found a few more questions to complete the ten that I wanted.

So let’s have a go and a look at the 10 questions.

  1. Do you ever view service to be an ‘invisible convenience’ to your owner?
  2. Do you have a ritual where you worship your owner in any respect?
  3. Are you ever jealous of your Owner? How do you cope?
  4. How does your owner discipline you?
  5. Are you a quiet obedient submissive or is there an element of playful brattiness in your dynamic? How does your owner encourage or enhance who you are?
  6. What special training would you like to have? What benefit would it serve?
  7. What are your sleeping arrangements? Do you have a ritual before getting into bed? Do you sleep with your Owner or in another location?
  8. Have you ever been asked by your Owner to switch and play the top with another submissive?
  9. Does your Dominant give you a list/rota to do things around the house?
  10. How does your owner expect you to communicate when you are angry/upset?

As you can see these are somewhat varying in nature but all aimed at my attitude towards my owner and Mistress. So let’s have a look at the answers:

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Well everyone, we made it without alien invasion, the second coming, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, undead zombie-mummies, or flying spaghetti monsters throwing a spanner in the works.

So a very warm welcome to my blog in 2014…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine was good with good food, good company and some awesome presents. Books and booze. What else do you need for the cold winter evenings to be curled up in a big chair with a good book.

Although winter is perhaps a big misnomer around here. While the weather is entirely vile and bleak and the news is full of coastal areas being flooded (luckily no where near I am!). But so far we still have to see an entire night of frost. The way which it is going right now, it looks like winter may skip us all together.

But you know what they say. Forecasting the future and the weather is about as useful as trying to tell a time in a clock shop. So time shall tell what the weather will be.

Well after a short hiatus where my computer decided to overheat and I needed to deal with that, hard to write if your computer is not working. And while I have both a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone (so I could write if I desperately wanted to …), writing for me is still best done on my desktop.

So onwards we go. As promised, in this blog I will talk a little bit about the numbers that make up this blog.


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