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It’s a little bit past thanksgiving now in the US, even though it is not celebrated over here. Still it is hard to escape the fact especially with the fact that even without thanksgiving we do get the whole ‘Black Friday’ thing. Yes, I can understand it is nice to have a bargain but, in all seriousness, this consumerism on a grand and greedy scale really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there and nothing I really wanted to blog about. What did I want to write about? Actually about being thankful among others. Wait, what, is she actually going to sit down and write a proper blog this evening? Is the world coming to an end? is this a season of goodwill? Who knows!

Anyway, let’s put some words on the paper before I have to attempt to do this sleep thing once again. Not that I have been having a lot of luck with that these past few days. Remember I mentioned (at least I think that I did) that I was poorly? So yes, after having a few days off work last week, my cold has not really abated, a lot of coughing though which keeps me awake during the night. Most annoying when you need sleep to get through the day.

But such is life and I don’t think that writing about it, is going to make me feel a whole lot better soon physically although it may do momentarily in the mental sense of the word. All I can do is keep taking meds, steam and make sure I get as much sleep possible.

Other that that as I said, one of the things I wanted to write about this evening is the thing that I am thankful for:

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I have (and thanks to my dead friend Lady Tenshi who convinced me when I posted this ethical question) decided to write a really really quick blog about why I have not written  this week.Apart from anything else I have come down with a bit of a flue and that has descended onto my chest which means that I spend most of last week home and feeling sorry for myself. Not to mention by and large rather crappy.

This has not changed much over the last few days. Especially that the coughing has seem to be gotten worse. Now add to that that I did not sleep at all Sunday night and only had 3.5 hours of sleep last night, but I still worked full days.

The result is that I am feeling rather brain dead and my writing has very much declined.  I do apologise (something that I seem to be doing far too much lately); however I will do my best and remain optimistic and try to get a proper blog done this weekend. I know I know, I have said that before. But I have my reasons.

For the rest of this year, I will blog the next three weekends. If you have any special requests please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to honour them in my writing.  Why the special mention of the three weeks?

Because I am spending Christmas away from my home this year and I have decided that it is going to be a holiday. For the first time in three years since I started blogging, I refuse to worry my holiday how I should write, how I avoid questions by my parents and family and how I am getting this blog done. For those that know me, the refusal in and by itself is telling enough.

So I will take a few weeks hiatus and start back up from the second weekend of 2016 with renewed energy. As you all know I have been struggling with the format a lot and I hope that this break will rejuvenate my juices

That said, I should get my butt in bed and get some sleep. But I made myself write and about that I am somewhat happy even though that is is probably the shorted blog ever (last week not counting).

I wish you a good remainder of the week and hopefully till soon. P

With all my love

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Nothing to say

Well I was planning to write on Friday. But the attacks in Paris stopped that right in its track. Much like many others around the world I could only stare at the television, dumbfounded in shock. It’s tragic. I really have no words for it. So I am not going to write about that. I have so many thoughts about that, ranging from anger to sadness. But perhaps another day. When I am more coherent. When I can put my thoughts in order. Not today. Not this week.

I am going to be honest, I do not thing that I have it in me this week to write a blog. With my energy sapped by not feeling well on Saturday and having very little sleep I just do not have it in me to come up with anything.

Trust me, I have tried.
Seems I have failed

please have a good one all.
See you next week.


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There are days, when I just seem not to be able to write. Well no, that is not true. I have written. A lot actually. I have been writing reports and plans at work. Today I replied somewhat ranty to someone on facebook and that was a good 400 odd words.

So all in all I have written more then my fair share of words today. It is perhaps little to no surprise with the little but good sleep I have been getting the last few days that my ability to creatively write has somewhat diminished. And this … this annoys me to no reason.

I should be able to write at least something. And I will not give up on this. This may not be long but I want to at least write something, because I am. *sighs* Yes, I am stubborn! And a whole lot of other things that are all wrapped up in a confusing ball called emotions.

Still, I had a lovely conversation with someone I know in Second Life. Turns out that we are pretty much life next to each other in different sims. As far as that goes with the size of the Second Life world, that means we are practically neighbours within shouting distance. I may have to wander over one day and explore some of her parts of the world.

So for tonight, I am going to go back to the questions about Dominants and their submissive. So a bit more relational wise. Other than that, it’s just going to be case about sitting down, and stop feeling sorry for myself and write.

Let’s roll!


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The weekend by, partially because a very busy and hectic real life and a reasonably occupied weekend actually has not seen me get much chance to do any writing. Plus there was something that I wanted or needed to watch. Well strongly wanted at least.

The problem is that this left me with very little time to actually do any writing whatsoever this weekend. This is pretty shamelessly bad of me. I thought I was off to a good start last week but it seems I have had a momentarily relapse. But I am sitting down to write now and while I may not have enough time left in the day to do my writing. I still have my stuff to get ready for tomorrow.

Still any writing I will get done today, will safe me having to do tomorrow. Which at the rate I am going this will be the larger chunk of writing this. But, I think as the saying goes, such is life. I still am committed to blogging. The schedule may be a bit off at times but I am planning to keep writing as much as I possibly can. The only difference I may make this year is over Christmas.

First a little bit of an update on my personal life as much as it is shareable. I have noticed a slow shift in myself moving away or perhaps moving a little bit onward. Thoughts that begin to bubble to the service. There have been a few times this week where on purpose I have not worn my collar. For the first time in over 6 years.  Time will, hopefully make it easier. I still do go back to wearing it. There is a certain familiarity and comfort in feeling it around my neck. I know that some of you think I am probably less then sane, but this is my way of dealing with it.

Baby steps. That is it…


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