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Good evening. At another week draws to close and my attention turns to the horrors that are composed of a blank page. Luckily I have at least one topic lined up for tonight that I promised to write about.

I had some nice feed back on last weeks blog post and some of my stories. Especially “Bedtime” and “Cuffed“, with one of the commenter’s expressing a very definite interest in having the story expanded beyond the initial meet and chronicle Rona journey into service and submission. And I must admit that I am entertaining the notion of writing a sequel.

It is high time that I actually get more engrossed once again in my creative writing. It has been too long since you have seen an update for “Self Control“. Add to that that I have still countless stories on the go, including one in a far enough stage that I actually could publish parts of it, but because I am a tease, I am not going to do this just yet.

What I can and will reveal however is that the story is called “The training“. It involves a male dominant/female submissive power structure and it jumps all across from past to present and back again. I started it a while back and soon became clear to me that I have written something of even better standard that I have written before, so it is clearly a mark of progression about my skill (or positively lack thereof) as a author.

Needles to say I am incredibly proud about what I have written so far. I was hard broken that I actually seemed to have lost track of it, or rather that I had lost it. I did not have a copy on my computer, nor one on my backup drives. But thanks to my good and wonderful friend Mara I found it stored safely on my web-server, obviously the last place I decided to look. So yay, look out for this in the future.

And with that it is time to get on our way, in a whole different direction, with the real topic of tonight’s blog. One which is rather more leaning towards real life play rather than play in a virtual environment.

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For a while now I have been wanting to write about my views on how to build or maintain communities or at least some pointers on where to look. As per usual I write purely from my own perspective having deal with a few online and some real world communities. And while I most definitely don’t hold all the answers to how to build the perfect everlasting community, I hope you find enough interesting material here to give food for thought.

Building up a D/s community is not unlike really building a d/s relationship and the same sort of qualities come to the forefront; Communication, focus, honourable intent, consistency, fairness to name just a few of the qualities involved. But much more then a single entity the D/s community exists of many people, all with their own needs and wants and desires and each looking to get out of the community and to some extend to put into it.

Within the community you will find often persons in different roles such as;  teachers, councillors, players, voyeurs, the active. Each of them brings and enriches the community in their own way. But because no person is the same this makes managing a community often an act like balancing on a tightrope with an piano on one end and juggling basketballs with the other.

The interesting point I found when doing some quick research for this subject was that there seems to be really little information about how to build and maintain BDSM communities. Which is rather puzzling since there is written so much about every other subject within BDSM going. So what are some of the more crucial points? let’s explore that below in this blog post


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