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This week, there will be really no blog worth mentioning. I am very grateful for all the words of support that people have left for me and while I am well aware that it takes time and more time to get back to a position where I feel, well in many regards myself again. For all of you that I know and perhaps not know but who read my blog faithfully; your words do give me a source of strength. Thank you, truly and honestly from the bottom of my heart.

See despite the fact it was a house, nay a home, where I have lived for the last six plus months mostly alone, removing it was hard, much harder then I would have thought. In fact; as I have mentioned to many – it was the feeling of an eggshell breaking.

I am not sure how I got through this week and last. By and large, I suppose by being very busy with work. Work in that sense is being a wonderful distraction. But it is also new so there are in that sense a lot of changes happening in my life. I think it all came to a screeching crashing halt this evening when I had a huge meltdown and a panic attack.

I think with work so busy and hectic and the long days that I am making, I have so far, at least not in the last two weeks, given myself enough time to process and work through the various changes in my life and as I said, having a really quiet Saturday, sort of brought it all back to the forefront with all the power and intensity of a tsunami. Not one of the best afternoon I thought I would have.

So at the moment I am feeling very raw on the inside and thus this is pretty much all there will be for a blog. I am at the moment rather debating if I am going to allow comments on here or not. I can see both sides of this arguments. I think for now I am going to allow them to be on. I could always change it


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It’s been a busy week and lots has happened. However I think one thing shocked more then all the others. And that is, of course, the death of Sir Terry Pratchett. While I have not read many of his books, I have been a fan of him and reading through all of disc world has been long on my todo list. I have seen him in programs about his love for computers and of course astronomy and his battle with Alzheimer’s. He always came across as a wonderful human being with a zest for life. I think he is one of the great writers of our time and will be deeply missed.

On the personal front there are some changes happening and I am both scared out of my minds and really excited. It’s going to take quite some getting used to, but it is really promising and making things moving in a direction I am happy to go. Sorry to be overly vague but while I wanted to share the good news – I do have my privacy and part of my life to safeguard as well.

I have received several questions for March Question and Answer Blogging Challenge and I am going to get around to answering them from next week onward. I really need to set some time aside over the next week to gather and collate all the questions I have received. Remember you have until midnight on the last day of March to ask me any questions, as many as you like!

For today, mostly because I am actually quite worn out and want to be somewhat in bed on time, I am going to go with some generic questions to entertain you all. Let’s see how far I will get with them.


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So tonight I am not entirely in the mental frame of mine to do actually much. I am not going in details but rest assured it is one of those up and down things that eventually I will wrangle myself out of and move onwards from. Such is I fear life and with out the lower parts we would never be able to recognise what is truly wonderful in our life and what we can be grateful for and enjoy.

However there is still something in me that urges me to sit down and write. So tonight I was going to have a rather a mixed bag of topics. But having a bit of trouble getting going I started writing up the answer to the meme I found on plurk by Berry and an hour later I looked at my word counter and saw that I had written nearly a good fifteen hundred words, which I was rather amazed by. Normally my speed is roughly need about half that. For which I totally blame (okay and I am very grateful as well ) Strawberry Singh. *nods*

So I decided there and then that I was going to make this meme my blog-post for the evening and I am leaving the topics and questions for another night. So tonight you get the answer to fourteen questions about me and why I blog:

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