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So, as always, I tend to pick up inspiration about things to write, when people in Second Life tend to talk about things. One of these subjects that was talked about this week was the usage of RLV restrictions or rather why a particular set of restriction was not useful. This lead me to the topic of this week: RLV restrictions and how to apply them.

So this post is going to be strictly about the world of Second Life, and the use of BDSM with in that and pretty much geared towards bondage. I thought it would make a nice change from the otherwise general BDSM advice (or there abouts) that I tend to write about. That is when I am not writing creatively or rambling freestyle.

The biggest problem I have with writing about this subject is that I am pretty much in two minds about this subject. On the one hand I can see to make certain restrictions have certain consequences about the interaction in world, but on the other hand; as a submissive (and especially one who very much love to be bound) my pleasure derives from doing dominant expects of me. And if my dominant decide to apply restrictions in a lesser or more restrictive format, I am not one to complain or tell that they are doing it wrong. I really have more sense than that. Honestly, really. Fer realz.

(And okay, I may just love it … but that is a discussion entirely best suited for another time)

So what is so interesting about RLV restrictions?

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There are moments in everyone’s life, especially those who write, be that for a personal, amateur, or professional that words just not flow. Reasons for this can be be varied, be that lack of inspiration, emotions disturbing the flow or even such a thing as the phase of the moon (although since the moon is Waxing Crescent at 38% of full), I doubt the latter is the reason, how much I would love to.

But yes, considering that I am in large part, mostly human. I am not without moments that the words just not will come. Or at least that I lack the inspiration of writing in a meaning full way about a particular BDSM subject. Which is somewhat ironic as everyone who knows me, that I can not shut up talking about BDSM as it is one of my favourite topics; and I have an opinion or three.

However, since I have to write something, I decided once again; to treat you all to the various little things that occupy my mind over the last week but that neither really warrant a whole blog by themselves or cover a subject I have written about previously. This also mind hint at a pattern in the type of blog posts I have put up in the past weeks and months. Yes, Rambling or freestyle post (the latter does sound so much better and kinder, does it not?) usually means I am lacking any inspiration to wax lyrically about a given subject and have reached the point that I rather let my mind cast forth directly, rather then a formed (and perhaps opinionated article).


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Well, nothing changes the mind as much as a week onwards after my last blog-post. Yes I still plan to eventually do a fashion post of some sorts, but after talking with someone I decided to change tack (see what I did there?), and write about another one of my likes. But hey being a girl and a kitten, I am not if allowed (or entitled *cough*) to change my mind on certain things. Well, come to think of it, I am allowed to change my mind on all things, just as long as I am willing to accept the consequences but I am not going there and that is perhaps a topic for another blog-post some time down the line.

And as per usual I digress. As I was saying,  I decided to blog about one of my likes, and that like was pet-play. So what is pet-play in short? Pet-play, also sometimes called animal roleplay, is as the name already infers a form of roleplay where one of the participants assumes the role in greater or larger parts of an animal of their choice including mannerisms and behaviour. The main theme of pet-play is usually the voluntary transformation of a human being to animal status, and focus on the altered mind-space created.

The most common themes in pet-play are puppy-play, kitten-play and of course pony-play. But other variants such as cows and pigs are not entirely uncommon. However in the latter case there seems to be a larger element of humiliation present in the play then on average.

So let us explore, or rather sit back and listen to me talk about my views on pet-play:

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So, probably next week I plan to have several pictures up from new outfits that I have bought recently. It is a bit harder since one of my favourite photo-post editing sites has gone up in flames back in April or so. Basically they got bought out by Google and Google said sorry, but no cheese for you. Why is this important? It is not really, there are plenty of tools available even on my computer who should be capable of doing the same job. Just that the site managed to pack them somewhat easier for me to comprehend.

So while I have a long list of topics to potentially write about, there was little in my list that entirely grabbed my attention. So while I thought to write a bit freestyle again, I also came to the conclusion that I haven’t wrote much about BDSM the last few weeks, well excluding my story. So perhaps I should start rambling about this topic instead. Last time I seemed to have decent results with that.

This idea was inspired partly by a friend of mine in-world who showed me a picture of a pet-store where he had a look at the various implements that were on sale. Which made me muse about how much things there are in our daily life that we can use to enhance play with. So hence the topic, perverting the house … and seeing what you already have on hand that can be used to play with…..


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