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I am a fan of science fiction. While I shamefully can not remembering reading any Asimov (something that I am determined to redeem myself in, along with some of the works of Robert Heinlein), I am of course more than familiar with his name and his influence on the genre and some of his work such as his laws on robotics.

One of the earliest books that I read was fantasy, follow shortly at a young age reading several stories by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, that made a more than lasting impression. In that sense I owe a great gratitude that my parents are just as avid reads as I am, in fact I more thankful for surely inheriting  their love for reading and their love for hoarding books. Still today, I am not considering a visit home to be a proper visit unless I come home with several books that I took from them.

So fantasy and science-fiction has been a large part of my life and I suspect it will always be. So what has inspired this blog, which seems take another different tack then other blogs dealing with the alternative lifestyle as such? Well in short the title of this blog should have been a big clue for the science fiction inclined…. but for those not in the know, the blog post is about the British Science Fiction show, Doctor Who.


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Hell, … for a writer … is an empty page.

That same page, that I have been looking at for the last two plus hours, trying to force my mind into a coherent construction of words, and left wanting.

It is not even that I have an averse against writing a blog. I have actually discovered that it has become a matter of fact to an extend. Saturday evening is my writing time and that is it. However this week the motivation to actually write or actually to push my mind to the stage of forming complex ideas and putting them into sensible readable words seem to be lacking.

By far I think the biggest factor is in this, that despite my hope that I have kicked this flu’s backside, it is still lingering around in my system. For those not in the know let me explain. I came down with a small case of the flue on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing overly spectacular, some light fever, coughing enough to develop muscle ache, and as usual sleeping a lot.

But by Thursday my temperature was back to normal. Although I am still pretty low on energy and sleep a lot. The latter I shall assume, will please my Mistress, but I fear she worries that I have not shaken the remnants of this flu. Hopefully plenty of rest fluids (gin is a fluid, right?) and some extra anti flu medicine and vitamins should hopefully help.

So far this means I have missed one class of French just before half-term among others. But so be it. I am old and at least somewhat wise enough to know not to push myself more than what is smart. Well, most of the time. Sometimes.

Anyway, moving on, so tonight I stared for several hours at the blog I am still planning to write about mental versus physical domination (sorry Rae!), but nothing was forth coming. Now I do not want to post nothing so I decided, as I often do in these cases, to turn my hand to freestyle and write about things that happened. (more…)

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