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Well shortly after Mistress left for the night, I decided to head into the world. Sure it is easy being a bane when nobody is around on a skybox ..roughly 400-odd meters of the ground. But nobody said that it was about being easy. In fact I think some one (who goes by the designation of M-8722) posted on Marine’s Blog that it was an experiment to be savored. So my first act was to leave the safe and comfortable surrounding of home behind me. knowing it might be a while before I am there again.

Anyway, I digress. I made my way to Deitide and after a brief wandering around there and Castle Darkstone, i found myself near the Stonehenge monument. I thought this was as good a place to spend the night as any. I made myself as comfortable as possible and dozed off for the night 🙂

The following morning I set off exploring the surrounding. I am still half of mind to try and make my way across to Zhora. just I guess to see others in somewhat similar circumstances. Perhaps. The relaxing morning (Deitide is quite a pretty sim to wonder around in) was somewhat broken by me crossing paths with fdili Polki. I am not sure what she must have been thinking. By the looks of it she was quite new to Second Life and I am sure she was just looking to talk to me. I think my behaviour must have kinda spooked her as I abrubtly turned around and kept moving away from her as steadily as possible. I could have tp-ed away but somehow I never saw a reason to. So fdili, sorry if I didn’t talk back to you or paid you any attention, I am just not able to do that.

Anyway the rest of the day I spend mostly lazing about around Deitide and neighboring sims. Hopefully more later on my time ..


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Well this is going to be a short post. Right now I am back in the banesuit (using Scorpions/Sables bane suit). I have been informed that I will be in this for at least 24 hours, well that is 24 hours + any time I add to it myself due to violations.

Right now, I have made my way into deitide, finding a place to sleep between the walls of stonehenge. I will try to give tomorrow a better update. Part of me is thrilled to be back and part of me is a little bit scared. How will things be the second time around? I have no idea right now. Guess time will tell.

For now .. lex is gone .. and L-8746 is back. For how long, again, time will tell


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Well everyone knows that Mistress is of course the pure embodiment of evil 😉
[I am so going to get in trouble about it but it is true!]

Anyway, I digress. The reason for this, is that Mistress decided I needed a little bit of a challenge. The challenge was this, I was to be restrained in a bondage frame and wasn’t going to be released or anything at all before I managed to struggle out at every single one of my cuffs (this being; real restraint arms and legs, collar, ball gag, blindfold and modified ballet boots with real restraint scripts in them.

The biggest problem is that I have never ever managed to struggle out of them, be it the normal cuffs or whatever restraints. But considering there wasn’t much of a choice either way, I better give it a good try. As far as struggling out goes .. It’s easy enough to get to the “locked” stage .. but after that!! It’s most frustrating!

Apart from just being tied up, she also made sure I couldn’t access the command channel /77 which is for the cuffs. This means you have to actually click on all the cuffs themselves and seriously when being blindfolded (luckily on blurry), it takes a lot of effort. And with the cuffs set on no-interact (block) with the enviroment. You basically have to work your way through.

We had agreed that she could re-lock any cuff while it was still locked on, but once escaped, it couldn’t. So off I went. It took me a long time, in fact a total of 78 hours and 26 minutes from start till finish.

So how long did it take me to totally escape (in random order)

Steel Shackle (RA) after 30 hours 50 minutes 20 secs
Steel Shackle (RW) after 78 hours 26 minutes 10 secs
Steel Shackle Collar after 203 hours, 21 minutes 30 secs [1]
RR Scarf blindfold after 45 hours 40 minutes 50 secs
RR Ballgag after 25 hours 5 minues 40 secs
Ballet Boot after 55 hours, 11 minutes, 20 secs

[1] (but this was locked way longer before that)

It was rather interesting to manage it all but also very frustrating (yes, oh and did I mention that it was frustrating). And of course I do owe Mistress a big thanks for the suggestion of moving the camera around lol.

But at least I did manage to get free 😀


ps. I may be in bigger trouble though, since I knew the cuffs couldn’t be re-locked, I might have been, uhm, well lets name it, somewhat slightly challenging in my behaviour *grins* (honestly I can’t help it)

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