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It’s been a while since I have written about the use of tasks with in BDSM relationships. Actually in reviewing what I written last time or rather when I had last written about this subject. And it turns out that this is exactly a year ago, give or take a day. But such is the nature of the actual year. So a year onwards, and here we go again…

In a discussion that I was partial overhearing this weekend, the talk came about controlling a submissive “remotely”. What did they mean by remotely. They did mean expecting a submissive to follow orders given in Real Life when they are given over a digital medium in this case (surprisingly) the world of Second Life. Speaking for myself, I personally do not like the term remote, mostly because it implies a certain distance between the dominant and the submissive, even though I do understand that this is a distance in the physical rather than the emotional sense.

So in the this blog I want to look once again at the various structures that can be placed within existing on-line BDSM relationship to make at least a partial step into reality that is the world of BDSM. I will try to give various examples if and where possible but by all means this blog is in general intended to be a higher level overview of the possibilities of what is possible and what is involved. Plus all examples and such given are of course from within my own frame of reference and may or may not be applicable to your own situation

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Within D/s relationship it is not entirely unheard of for the dominant to set various tasks (or chores) for the submissive. These tasks can range over a wide area of activities. From domestic chores to sexual ones to tasks designed to enhance the submissive service or their well-being, either physical or mental.

There are two different tasks in my opinion (not to be confused with the various actual tasks themselves); repeating and non repeating. The non repeating task could be something as a “write an essay exploring the need for sensory deprivation in all its facets.” This would enable the submissive to pour all her thoughts into something that can be used further on to the relationship.

A repeating task, well to keep it close to home; “write a blog every week.” But also housework, would fall under the repeating tasks that can be set by a dominant. The advantage of a repeating task would be that it gives the submissive structure, and enables them to plan ahead. They know what is expected of them and what is coming when.

While there are many reasons for a dominant to set tasks for their submissive but basically it boils down to two reasons: The first and foremost is: Because they want it. Reason number two: See reason number one. While this sounds rather funny, perhaps even flippant, let’s have a closer look.


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