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The stick behind the door…

Often heard within the scene is that a submissive should please out of the kindness of their heart and thus they need little to no oversight. After all we are submissive, and we like to please, a wish after all is a command that makes us scurry to obey our dominants orders?

While this is to a certain extend true, after all we do love to please our significant others. The fact remains that the assumptions is often that because we are submissive, oversight is often not needed.  Just give order after order and relax sipping Gin and Tonics while the submissive will see to their assigned task and report when ready.  No need to see that what they have done is indeed up to the standard that the Dominant requires, right?

And this is exactly where I disagree ….
(and I am sure that a lot of others agree with me on disagreeing. Besides this is my blog).

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The Love Challenge

No this is not about a corny television series. Luna Jubilee posted this mini challenge on her blog. Since I needed a nice topic for this weeks blog, I thought that it would be a good idea to help and spread the love, good will and cheer in our world. I know, I am such a giving soul and the work of a kitten is never ever done… just don’t get us started on string theory .. but that is a completely different story!

There are so many things I love about Second Life and a lot more things I love about my Real Life, but I am focusing this on Second Life for now:

  • My Mistress, not only for who she is, but for taking the time to help me grow and make me do things, such as writing and stretching my creative muscles. I can’t thank her enough for the care and love she graces me with.
  • My direct family; Vanni, Velicia, Mara, Sasara, Thalia … these people have stood by me, listened to me, laughed and cried with me. Thank you all, your support, love warms my heart. You’re all absolutely wonderful.
  • My extended family and friends; I think those at the Wicked Seduction sim, my loyal subjects in the subbie union *grins* 😉 Second Life is a social platform. Perhaps not in the way the Lindens would like it to be (although god knows wha they are thinking at times), but it is about people interacting with each other.
  • Wonderful creators and shops, such as *ICING*, *G-Fields* and of course creators such as the awesomely talented Marine Kelly and her brand of RealRestraints. Without such talented persons (and I miss many out of this list), Second Life would be a horrible, dull plywood place.
  • Vintage fashion, i love vintage dresses and can easily spend the national defense budget of small third-world country on this.
  • Social networks such like plurk and twitter, where I can share, and pick up new ideas. I should plurk a lot more (you know, I say this a lot about various subjects, I am starting to detect a trend here!), but I try to at least share a little bit of me everyday!
  • Photos, I take some photos but most end up in the bin, because I am horribly critical of myself. The best ones end up on my flickr account. I am a bit sad about the picnic site closing because they made editing and post processing my photos a breeze!

And of course, in the true style of the Internet, what would a blog post be without a picture of a kitten? Well thankfully your friendly, ever-so-cute looking neighbourhood kitten is always there to help you out. The picture below is taken at the same sim *G-Field* is in. They have some surprising little nooks and crannies to take pictures in:

Well this is a short list of some of the things that I love, make me happy and extremely grateful. Or as the song goes, “these are a few of my favourite things” *laughs*


Love and blessings,

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I am not what you would really define as one of the worlds natural writers. Words and inspiration for new blog posts are not things that will come natural to me. This may come to some as a suprise considering that while I may have the right to remain silent, in chat it often comes across as me severly lacking the ability to do so.

However, I think, with a bit of luck there may be a change in that. I am currently doing a quick overhaul of my blogs, categories and tags. So some posts may be a bit more difficult to find but it’s all in the effort of doing some spring cleaning.

Starting this week, I am to write a blog post every week for now on any given subject that I choose. So to begin, I think it’s fitting I write about my reluctance to write. I once read that the best way to get the writing bug is to actually write and read. This is for me part of the problem. I read a lot during my day; technical stuff, emails, mailing-lists, blogs, etc … That doesn’t even stop when  I get home because there are various projects that are demanding my attention which often requires more reading or at least digging to books to find the right pieces of information. As such, reading for relaxation is not something that is the highest priority on my agenda.

So since I don’t read much in that regard and I doubt you lot would want me to go blabbering on about scripts and geek stuff and technical things ad naseum, I am going to have a bit of a challenge to write a weekly blog. The idea .. well the order was given by my Mistress *smiles* so that should provide a rather healthy incentive to keep writing.

Now as for writing, I am great at starting stories but never finishing them. This is because I usually get a visual scene for a story and write that down and then, I am lacking a decent follow up. So at the moment I have the following stories lying around in varies stages of completion:

the second part of the Rona chronicles, so far called “sequel”, this is set in the same universe and featuring Rona, our loveable main character from ‘cuffed’. The instruction, a story about finding a mysterious box on your doorsteps with instructions. Indian_princesses, a story featuring a British girl in India. The last story is called self-control and is in the most current one and working on the scenario of making someone giving up all even their complete self control. How far am I going to take that? Wait until I publish and find out. 😉  Then the final two stories, latex and cowgirl, which are merely a couple of sentences noted down. Maybe they develop more. maybe not. Time will tell.

I was writing a story called Neko, which was basically a fantasy back story on why I became a neko and my adaptation to it. But circumstances changed and the whole idea of writing that particular story had become moot. Maybe one day I return to it. There were some scenes in there that even impressed me. *laughs*

Well I think this rather qualifies as decent first blog post and if al goes to plan the first of many. I do like to sign of with a thanks to my Mistress for making me write, it stretches both the creative mental grey matter and makes sure this blog doesn’t go under. I also like to thank certain people for reminding my Mistress that writing is such a fun idea. You know who you are ..be careful 😉

Lots of love,

yours truly

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