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As always on a Saturday, I am sitting down to write, except for the difference that for once I am writing quite a lot earlier. The reason: Real Life. There is a planned social event tomorrow with my friends in the town that I live in. This means that I can not really afford to stay up into the wee late hours of the night to agonise about what I should write about and burn the midnight oil for this.

Especially as sleep this week has been hard to come by, with one night already spending in bed counting the ceiling tiles until the first meagre rays of sunlight pierced the veil of the night, to announce the dawning arrival of a new day.

In many cases thus, writing somewhat earlier is not an overly bad thing all in all considered. If I can get this done sooner rather then later, it means both that I get some time to spend the evening relaxing, rather then pounding out the words and get plenty of sleep. Win, win if you are asking me.

While looking for something to write about I came across the following questions from a blog called “A kinky girl Bella”. While they looked interesting enough to answer them and to write quickly, on a closer look they may be somewhat more difficult to answer.

Why? Mostly because they are asking for questions on both sides of the collar. While I have no qualms in any way about writing from the submissive perspective, the opposite however is not entirely true. Writing from a dominants perspective is, by and large, mostly speculation. Sure in my years of BDSM I have an idea what goes on in their head, but by the same token I am not a mind reader and mostly what I can remark on or write about, is adapted from my point of view regardless. So I am not entirely sure yet, how I am going to tackle this.

There are two ways I can tackle this. Well officially speaking three ways, but the third would be to abandon the topic and try and find something new. Which seems not all that much of a solution at all. So that leaves me with the following two approaches that may actually work:

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I don’t think I have ever written about this topic before. I may have mentioned in in passing but a recent discussion at one of my favourite hangouts in the virtual world of Second Life made me realise that I may need to write a bit more in-depth about this topic.

Urban dictionary (because sometimes it is fun to switch definitions) defines topping from the bottom as: “The person on the bottom is leading the top, thus technically topping from the bottom”. While this is a good and short definition, I do not think that this is entirely the be all and end all.

Looking around the Internet, you will find many blog posts dealing with this phenomena. Depending on the take of the author it can range from “this is a thing”, to “it’s not a thing” and “it is silly to even consider this a thing”. Where do I stand on this all? I think you should read the whole blog post to know that for sure. (Nope, no spoilers here!)

So based on a single definition as I saw it mentioned within the discussion, I am going to expand on it and describe what is good and what is not so good about topping from the bottom. Yes there can be situations where topping from the bottom may actually work in favour of everything going on.

But let us not run ahead of ourselves:

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The mind is a wonderful thing that can easily be distracted. My mind in that sense is no different. It seems almost if I am focused on procrastination to the point where I have to choice. One of these interesting symptoms is that I actually tend to start to look for things that make my life rather much more easier. By looking for things to make myself more productive, I am waisting precious time that I can use for something entirely else.

Writing in this case is for me not an entirely different animal. Often I will spend time to look for word processors that have that one feature that I really want, or that I have discovered. So, also this week. As I have mentioned before; one of my favourite mobile writing tools is Jotterpad. Frankly if I could combine Jotterpad and Abiword with a dash of vim thrown in in, I would probably, at least for me, have the most perfect writing environment. Well until I find a new feature that is.

One of the new features I found in Jotterpad this week (much thanks to the fact of joining the beta testing group) is what is commonly known as a typewriter mode. This means that your text will remain constant in the middle of the screen while that which you have written scrolls away to the top of the paper, reminiscent of the typewriters of old (I really still want a writing corner with a dedicated typewriter, even though I’d be horrid on it). Such is this desire that I just have spend the larger proportion of half an hour looking for other editors that do this, or failing that, how to make that happen within Abiword. Time that I could have used to write instead.

But, I need to get something of my chest tonight. And this time it has little to do with actually BDSM, or with Virtual worlds. It has all to do with the real world:

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To all my readers, a very happy New Year and the best wishes. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years eve! Mine was reasonably quiet, although there was some fireworks set off in the neighbourhood that I got to watch. But the new year has started and we are heading into the fray with a new blog post, because there is no rest for the wicked it seems. Either that means I am really wicked or someone has the utterly misguided idea that I am. Obviously I am innocence personified in all ways. And those sitting at the back of the peanut gallery, if you please can stop snickering, thank you very much. 😉

The last year, in a nutshell was utterly tasking. The amount of energy it has taken from me and piled up worries, has even taken me by surprise. But I am in a good place now. Still it is very much getting used to all the new sounds, the new sounds of the neighbourhood. I am still having to deal with some of the residue of when I was living in that hellhole of a place. It’s not as bad as it was, but yeah, it is still there. On the plus side, I am now looking forward to the days becoming longer and warmer again. I hope we have a great spring and summer.

But yes, my own place, and while it still needs work, I am not planning to move any time soon. Which, in time, will give me the possibility to do this place up to my own liking and standards and while it means investing money, it does mean that in the long term I can get that money back, providing the housing market doesn’t collapse. All grown up stuff that!

On that note, we shall move on with the rest of the blog. There is only so much introspective navel gazing one can and should do on a late Saturday evening while the words should appear on the screen.

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