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Well first proper blog post of the year! The weather is turning cold outside but my computer is buzzing warmly, rearing to go and this week, quite unlike last week no overheating problems with my computer. Except of course my natural perchance to excel in procrastination, but as everyone knows, that is a skill that comes natural to all cats.

So here we go. Having struggles for the last, gosh ten hours or so to come up with a topic I decided in the end to have a browse around on the web and as I am usually prone to do ended up on the submissive’s prompt website for inspiration.

Since I have not done a list of questions from them in a long while, not counting the ’30 days of …” questionnaires I did at the end of last year. I thought it would be a nice idea to kick of the year of blogging with one of them.

As fate would have it, the first seven questions that caught my mind seemed to have to do how my submission, or my actions and service relate to my owner. So who am I to argue with that and found a few more questions to complete the ten that I wanted.

So let’s have a go and a look at the 10 questions.

  1. Do you ever view service to be an ‘invisible convenience’ to your owner?
  2. Do you have a ritual where you worship your owner in any respect?
  3. Are you ever jealous of your Owner? How do you cope?
  4. How does your owner discipline you?
  5. Are you a quiet obedient submissive or is there an element of playful brattiness in your dynamic? How does your owner encourage or enhance who you are?
  6. What special training would you like to have? What benefit would it serve?
  7. What are your sleeping arrangements? Do you have a ritual before getting into bed? Do you sleep with your Owner or in another location?
  8. Have you ever been asked by your Owner to switch and play the top with another submissive?
  9. Does your Dominant give you a list/rota to do things around the house?
  10. How does your owner expect you to communicate when you are angry/upset?

As you can see these are somewhat varying in nature but all aimed at my attitude towards my owner and Mistress. So let’s have a look at the answers:

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Tonight, while once again, I was lacking more or less direction of what to write. I actually have some ideas on file, but as usual they do require a certain measure of research into the subject. And with being short changed on time this week, research is one of the things that sadly (and perhaps wrongly) slipped. But such is the nature of the beast.

So here I was sitting in my office and pondering what to write about and as usual there are three sort of options available for me at such a time: a) as always I can go back to writing more in the saga (said she modestly) that is “Self Control“, but I have not found a way forward with this yet.  b) Freestyle it c) find some other solution, usually in the way of some prompting or meme post.

And C, tonight is the choice for this blog. However instead of some meme I decided to visit the submissive prompts website and look if I could find some suitable topics to write about. Perhaps one, perhaps two or more, depending quite how the mood takes me. The topic so far covered in this blog-post will be:

(I hope the links work, wordpress.com seems to have a habit of deleting the <a id=””> tags on random,)
(i do apologise)

So, yes those are a very wild varied amount of topics, perhaps all of them worthy of their own blog-post in the future, but for now I shall start with answering them as best as I can:


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