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Merry Christmas

From me to all my readers, I wish you a wonderful and lovely Christmas and may you spend time with those you love and cherish.

Merry Christmas

With all my love,

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This slave has been asked, as part of her training, and to show this slaves submission to deliver a blog written in its entirely in the third person.

As this slave loves assignments such as this, she complied readily. Both because this slave wants to show that she can do as this slave has been requested, and because this slave loves the challenge. Plus having something and someone to write for is always easier. So very much easier. Knowing what to write or who to write for is in parts half the battle

And yet this slave is at the same time, somewhat apprehensive with regards to this. This is really the first time that this slave had done something like his: the writing of a blog in third person. This slave has written assignments of others instead, but it is a long time since this slave has been writing anything that is so directly connected to this slave dealing with others, okay with this slave’s life and training.

This slave also knows, or perhaps better expects that there will be some of my readers who very much will dislike this slaves blog as they do not approve of the writing style. This slave will not say whether this will be a singular occurrence or something that will happen more often over time.

Time will tell, this slave already notices that writing in the third person requires a slight adjustment in writing style so far.


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‘T was the night before Monday (well uhm, Tuesday really) and everything was silent in the house .. everything, well no not everything because well, I am using a mechanical keyboard and as the saying goes it does sounds like the clangers when typing. But alas let us no longer dwell on my horrid ability to butcher Christmas poems.

The weekend has been somewhat busy. Actually not busy but the prior week before has been rather a long and hectic one that I desperately needed to get some rest and relaxation. While I tried to write over the weekend, my low energy meant it just did not happen.

Such is life I fear and I am sure that we all have been there, me a lot lately. Perhaps having a little break over the Christmas period will do me good to recharge my internal writing batteries. Who knows. I certainly hope it does. I am not ready yet to let my blog die a quiet death yet. I think I still have a lot of things to share.

Well tonight I wanted to write a bit about dominants and some of the perhaps worrying qualities I have seen in some of the dominants online. And while I still will keep that post in my thoughts because I think that it needs to be written, for a multitude of reasons, I also need to be in a certain frame of mind to write it.

Perhaps because it is a little bit ranty and thus my energy needs to be aligned to that, rather then feeling rather mellow and happy. Perhaps it is because of the play I have engaged in over the last  few days. Perhaps because I am tired and while I did sleep well over the weekend I still have some sleep to catch up on. On the plus side, my cold while still hanging on is fighting a loosing battle, so hopefully by the time Christmas comes it will be completely gone.

So instead of writing about dominants; I am going to do my favourite topic. Answering various questions:

let’s go!

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