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Right, I am just throwing this up here before I sadly have to disappear for a while (only for the long weekend).

What’s going on??

Having seen many questions about the latest update for the Second Life viewer 1.9.0(5), have seen many bug reports about people complaining that the Restrained Life feature has vanished. Let me explain this:

As the viewer is open source (that means that you can copy the source [1] and build your own viewer (kinda like mac donalds really … “have it your way“) and publish it (providing you provide the code again). And this is exactly what Marine has so wonderfully done.

So why doesn’t it work? Simple. The Restrained Life functionality is a two-parter. There are scripts in the cuffs that do certain things (like not being able to TP, and unable to detach while locked. These script (or rather the functionality in these scripts) in turn are enforced by the Restrained Life viewer.

Now the Restrained Life viewer has always been intended for bondage-(nuts, hardcore-fans, etc), people who want a almost more realistic experience (certainly from a ‘poor’ subbies point of view). However the scripts are designed perfectly well so you can use the cuffs with the normal viewer (okay, you loose some functionality that makes the cuffs so deliciously wicked and erotic).

The only way I can really think of making it any clearer is to use a car analogy:

You have a car (second life viewer), to driver around inworld (doesn’t need explaining does it), now lets say this car runs on ‘unleaded fuel’ (Real Restrained Viewer), suddenly you decide to fill your car with this ‘leaded fuel’ (Linden Lab Offical Second Life Viewer). Sure the car may drive but it doesn’t work as your old fuel and it kinda gives that “I miss something feeling”

So where does that leave us?

Basically, exercise patience. A new viewer would need to be recompiled from scratch and made sure that all functionality works [2]. This process might take a couple of days. All I would suggest is keep an eye on the various sources (I am thinking the Real Restrained Update and Support group, Marine’s Blog, etc) and update when the latest version of the Restrained Life viewer is released. Please note that versions for the Mac and/or Linux may be slightly behind, again, patience is all I can advise.

But, now it doesn’t work and I wan it back!?

The only thing I can suggest for this is to download and reinstall the old viewer. Sadly I don’t use Windows or a Mac (I am open for sponsor deals *grins*). For Linux users I would advise using a lot of symlinks to keep separate versions apart. IM me in-world if you really want to know.

Good luck and I’ll try to let people know when the new viewer is released and all (unless Marines releases it over the weekend. Anyway, I hope that this clarifies a bit what is going on [2].


[1] – yes I know there is a lot more to it, but this blog is not the place to go into F/OSS software and GPL issues.
[2] – No I don’t know. I am not associated with Marine [3], nor do I do development work or testing.
[3] – Although if I had the money, I would buy any/all the stuff she releases *grins* and yes, it’s just that good.

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