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The weekend by, partially because a very busy and hectic real life and a reasonably occupied weekend actually has not seen me get much chance to do any writing. Plus there was something that I wanted or needed to watch. Well strongly wanted at least.

The problem is that this left me with very little time to actually do any writing whatsoever this weekend. This is pretty shamelessly bad of me. I thought I was off to a good start last week but it seems I have had a momentarily relapse. But I am sitting down to write now and while I may not have enough time left in the day to do my writing. I still have my stuff to get ready for tomorrow.

Still any writing I will get done today, will safe me having to do tomorrow. Which at the rate I am going this will be the larger chunk of writing this. But, I think as the saying goes, such is life. I still am committed to blogging. The schedule may be a bit off at times but I am planning to keep writing as much as I possibly can. The only difference I may make this year is over Christmas.

First a little bit of an update on my personal life as much as it is shareable. I have noticed a slow shift in myself moving away or perhaps moving a little bit onward. Thoughts that begin to bubble to the service. There have been a few times this week where on purpose I have not worn my collar. For the first time in over 6 years.  Time will, hopefully make it easier. I still do go back to wearing it. There is a certain familiarity and comfort in feeling it around my neck. I know that some of you think I am probably less then sane, but this is my way of dealing with it.

Baby steps. That is it…


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Good evening my dear readers. So tonight I had a much dunked ego and slightly less damaged lip. Apparently I am not grown up enough to eat pizza without any kind of help. I managed to burn the side of my mouth and lip with some piping hot salami/peperoni oil. Ouch!

Other then that it has been a little bit of a quiet week, although I am making some progress (finally!) with unpacking my house. While I will not bore you very much with all the particular details, I finally got some energy to spare to direct to finding places for stuff to go. It’s a long way to go but I made good progress and hopefully by Christmas  ninety percent of the things will be stored away!

While I was going to do some more serious writing above combination and a general feeling of being sore and tired/weary/worn-out means I had to look for other solutions. Luckily the solution for this game in the form of Tyra Love who posted a blog about her favourite and least favourite things. I met Tyra ages ago at the Cellar where she was doing some research for one of her blog posts on gags. Thus, this seemed like a good idea and some nice light subject to get my writing in, without sending my brain immediately into a huge meltdown and grey puddly mess.

A word of the “warning”; the information in this blog tonight, pertains mostly to the virtual world of Second Life. But let’s get started and see what my most favourite restraints are 😉


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Right then. Let’s get this blog on the road. I was planning to actually write pretty much ahead of time. And with that I meant write it Thursday or Friday. The weekend ahead (and by time of this writing) is promising and thus shaping up to be quite a busy one. And of course a thousand and one other things meant as per usual the road that is so full of good intentions quickly became proverbially paved.

So after  thinking about what I wanted to write I only came up with two subjects. Neither of them kink related. And since most people state side have not seen the new Doctor Who, despite mentioning it last week I am not going to talk about it because of spoilers.

And thus a new topic was needed. And since free-styling it, with the dropping of the doctor is a bit out of the question, I had the choice about writing my latest game, Assassin’s Creed IV, not entirely sure everyone is ready and wanting to hear that. And just general waffling a couple of pages all together.

I felt that would not do, so sat down and thought about a topic. And then while browsing submissive prompts, it came to me. I wanted to write about rules and regulations within a D/s relationship. Most people are aware that I already have written about this a couple of times prior.

For tonight, I wanted to try and alter my angle on it slightly and write more from my own point of view. So let’s have a start and see where we can get to:


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Today’s blog might be just a rambling sense of quite probable disjointed subjects at best loosely connected through vicarious ramblings from my poor mind. The reason for this is that this has been a heavy week and I am not currently all that brilliant, although a couple of days rest when I return to my home by Sunday will more then likely see me right.

But write I must so write I shall. On the topic of last week, I think after having written it, I found a new definition of panic. Realising that; when you schedule a post to be published, realising that on the night itself the blog has not posted and being stuck with Internet that is slower than a lame AOP postal pigeon ith a wing-twitch that is on strike and a tea break. It meant a last minute dash and scramble in the middle of the night to make sure the post got eventually pushed out. I made it but not without, shall we say, an exercise in speaking French like a person involved in the maritime profession.

On a more interesting note, while trying to get my blog posted I got an email from the powers that be, in this case wordpress, to congratulate me on the fact that I have been blogging for six years now. And how time flies. And while I know that for a majority of that time my blog has been inactive with only a sporadic update here and then, loyal followers know for the last year and a half, I have been faithfully writing pretty much every week.

So in a way that is a celebratory event of course. And that ties in with my next bit. It’s only a week to go before Mistress and I will have been together for four years. Well, we have been together for longer, but since humans (and nekos alike) have a ingrained desire to make anniversaries something that is fixed I am taking the date of her collaring me as our anniversary date. And four years, especially in a world such as Second Life is a long time. As she pointed out, I have been hers for over the half of my second life. yay! But without a shadow of a doubt it will be something I shall write more next week about.

In other news …


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Tonight’s blog is dealing with bondage, and by and large aimed at the virtual world of second Life. I am not going to even pretend I do not like being tied up or other exclamations of fake innocence in this regard. Yes, you all know I love to get tied up and that I revel in the feeling and loss of control.

This is however not a feeling that is solely restricted (see what I did there?) to the virtual world however. I enjoy bondage in real life just as much. And it is because of this love of bondage in both worlds that I am destined to draw parallels between the two in terms of ability and restriction, where I can or perhaps where applicable.

Yes I am aware that there are things in one world that can not be replicated in the real world or vice versa. If only things were so simple. Who would not be able to kneel on their knees for hours at a time, be tied up in the most stringent of positions for long periods of time without being able to move a muscle and without any after effects.

Thus we can safely conclude that no two worlds are the same and that in real life we should be aware of these risks and act on our kink in a consensual knowledgeable manner. However just because things are not the same, does not mean we can apply a degree of reason and reality to our play in the virtual world, can we?


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Well first of all thanks to me reading way to much r/bdsm and related sub-reddits; I have some topics and some are from that dark corner of my psyche. So be afraid. No just kidding, although some of my topics are perhaps controversial and not as much discussed i terms of bdsm.  But this is me we are talking about and normal is defiantly a term we should not apply here, please check and leave your sanity at the door.

One of the topics I wanted to write about, as I saw on various sites; is that the kink of the week is collars. However I already wrote in lengthy details about collaring just last month, so I am not going to touch that subject here.

So I am a bit struggling here for topics, so perhaps I mostly wing it freestyle tonight and if you are looking for something meaningful perhaps move on to next week and hopefully I can write something better than today:


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Collaring and collars in general are, or at least in my opinion, one of the most visual representations of BDSM. I was going to say that it is perhaps one of the most recognisable aspects of BDSM, but as we later shall see, there are collars out there, that if you did not know the person wearing it, you would not be any the wiser.

Tonight post is because, yay(!), I have my first question on someone who wants to know more. So a huge shout out to Jo Roberts. She asked, since she was new to the scene in general if I could please tell more (although I think her words were “everything”) about collars and collaring. And of course I can. I’ll try to put there as much information as I can. The problem there is so much information surrounding this subject that it is almost too much to write about it one blog post. Some of the collaring ceremonies can easily cover several pages in explaining.

In terms of BDSM, a collar is anything that is placed around the submissive’s neck (although occasionally other body parts are used out of practical considerations). It is an outward sign that the person wearing that collar is in a relationship with another person.

There are many ways, traditions, opinions as far as collars are concerned and those are just pertaining to the matters of the mind and heart. Even for the collars there are different materials and forms, ranging from exquisite to simple jewelry, from leather, to rubber, to metal. In the following pages, I hope to get deeper into all of the above.

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