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Well the penultimate blog of this year. There is only one more week left in December and then we are off to 2014. As promised last week today I am writing again about the 30 questions of kink, spread over two days a week apart. A bit of long winded descriptions hence why I choose the simpler title. Today’s questions are numbered 16-30.

Probably next week will be a shorter blog as I recover from Christmas and the copious amounts of food and booze I more than likely will imbibe. But I am sure I will be fact in full form in January.

Speaking of January, that means that the time that the yearly stats will be released is also short at hand. I am looking forward to it. While I enjoy writing and develop constant new ideas for stories and scenes that I at some point may work out into a full story, I am also always incredibly happy with seeing how many likes, views etc I have gotten per blog post. But to see how much I have written and so, is even a bigger thrill.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s get started with the last questions and my view of kink! Enjoy! (more…)

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Well the time for Christmas is rapidly approaching and this means that I am rushing all over the place to finish my projects for this year, along with all the usual stress of Christmas. I can say only one thing. Thank heavens for the likes of amazon and online retailers. It really means not having to deal with people as much as I used to have to.

But since I am not going to moan here too much about shopping (SL shopping is so much easier *laughs*). Let us have a look at what I shall write about this week. As I made the promise last week, this week I am going to do another questionnaire/meme or whatever the correct nomenclature you want to give to it. As per last week instead of doing the thirty days challenge, I am making it a thirty questions.

Of course, as per last week, if there are questions that I think are worth their own separate blog post I will eventually get around to writing about it. So, for that, I would say, watch this space. This week, the subject is not submission but kink more in general. This may be both easier to write about or harder (I already have seen some questions that made me blink).


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While looking at my blog a couple of weeks ago. I came across a, well I suppose meme, or just plain ol’ questionnaire is the correct nomenclature for this. They were labelled 30 days of submission and thirty days of kink.

Basically they exist of thirty questions (who would have guessed this, huh), that explores and goes deeper into the various aspects of either submission and kink. Obviously having something to write to is always an easier option, and thus I went for both. I will try to finish each one in a week rather than taking up the next 60 weeks (gosh, that would push me into January 2016. So I probably keep the answers nice and short and roll from here.

However the chance is always there that there are questions that I would like to explore in more depth and if that just happens to be the case, then I’ll post a full subsequent blog at a later and to be disclosed date.

Because the the questionnaires are quite long in themselves (over a thousand words), I am going to use the short form questions here and you can find the link to the full questionnaire on each blog.

For this week, I decided to go with the thirty questions about submission. Always best to get in with the personal touch. This means that next week should be the thirty questions on kink.

So, onwards and I hope you enjoy!

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