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As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I wanted to stop by the other memorial. I will return there later when there is anything happening there. But at the same time, I dont want to be bouncing all over the place taking pictures.

The towers themselves are “ghost towers”. They are build onto scale and rise out over the clouds and literally tower over you when standing at the base.

wtc memorial wtc memorial

They are in a way beautiful and the ghost like appearance probably does do them more justice then if the creator would have had a made a solid build. Again, it’s the “simplicity” of the build that makes the statement. (I am saying simple, in the broadest definition. I can’t design to safe myself. But the best designs look so elegant and simple, yet the truth probably is a different matter. By no means am I disregarding the time and effort gone into this.

I really am running out of words to say, so I am going to leave you with simple pictures of the memorial that can be found at the base of the twintowers.

wtc stonememorial 2 wtc stonememorial

wtc stonememorial 3 memorial solar system

CS (the creator of the design) says this:

We cannot rebuild the WTC; we do not try here. We restore their image…apparitions in he mist, built to precise scale. Sunbeams past through them, as would anything else. They will remain unchanged and untouchable forever.



It’s the last of one, i promise 🙂

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well this evening I decided that no time was likethe present. As I mentioned earlier I wanted to visit the WTC memorial. So I found myself a more quiet spot and changed in something more appropriate.

When I arrived I was greeted by the land owner. I had a wander around clockwise. looking at the names and not really taking it all in. I sat down and just … stared at the wall … as tears just rolled down my face. The build is so impressive, there is little to really distract from the emotion that is covering this place. It’s a bright day.. but yet there is thunder and rain and somehow .. just somehow it all fits together.

wtc memorial #3 wtc memorial #2

After my first round, I spotted there was a little gift box, where you could buy a little white rose. Even though I dont know anyone who has been in the World Trade Center I looked around and found a spot where there were no flowers. Everyone deserves to be remembered.
I looked over the names quietly reading them as I fingered the rose tenderly between my fingers. Finally I knelt down and tenderly placed the rose at the bottom of the momument .. I finished walking around the monument quietly, and had a quick peek in the photo room. It just makes you feel humble and quiet .. all those faces .. gone.

wtc memorial wtc memorial #4

It was impressive, it was emotional. I did spot Liam Kanno, the builder of this sim, but was kinda too impressed and too shy to actually say hi.

I think Aleister Kronos describes it best in his blog:

It makes no political statements, no vacuous words about the war on terror, no soundbites about justice, strength and fortitude. It strips all of that noise away, to remember the lives lost on that terrible day.

Please go and have a look at his blog. His pictures far outdo mine and he’s far to modest about it too. My thanks goes to Rik Riel who posted about this site on his blog that was shown through the planet of wordofsl.

His site also has links to other events that are planned around this commemoration. Tomorrow I plan to at least pop over to the memorial on Tuscany Island. Primperfect posted an event-schedule for tomorrow. Pay attention to their advice on the end of their posting.

I like to close this post with a quote a friend of mine gave me:

Always remember the dead,
but do not forget the living

And I think it’s right. What better way to not let fear, anger and hatred win, then living your live and be at peace*



*philosophical thought of the day completly free 😉

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Tomorrow is the commemoration of the September 11 Attacks on the World Trade Center. I will be attending The World Trade Center sim possible this afternoon, or this evening. And most likely tomorrow during the day. I will try to aim there for at least the official opening (which I believe to be at the same time the first plane striked the tower.

There is also the memorial on Tuscany Island. which I hope to be able to visit as well.

I will be posting pictures .. so check back



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