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Another evening, another time to write my thoughts on something or another. I was happily surprised to see that my blog last week was not all that badly received by you, my dear readers, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So tonight I want to talk about a lesser known side of bdsm, one were there are no physical restraints present but where almost literally it is all in the mind. While I haven’t written about this subject in a long time, I have planned to dedicate a blog to it, since about September 2012. Procrastination as such is indeed an art.

For those that not know this, I have a very long standing interest in hypnosis and the subtleties of mental play within bdsm. These probably started very early in my teens with the books of Arthur C Clarke and were certainly fuelled for weeks onwards after seeing an old showing of the adventures of the young Sherlock Holmes. Really that movie has so much to answer for. Over time I have found various websites dealing with this subject that educated me more and fuelled my desires.

So let’s explore this topic in some more detail. Please make yourself comfortable and take a couple of deep breaths …You will now get all verrrry … sleeeppy….

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Breaking a submissive?  And no, tonight I don’t want to write about the problems you encounter if you play and manage to wrench an arm out of submissives socket during suspension. Nor do I want to touch upon the dangers of two-by-four impact play (an activity only reserved for the most ardent of masochists). But every once in a while (a lot depending which circles you move in, of course) you hear submissives expressing a desire “to be broken” or dominants saying that for them a submissive must be broken to be any use.

As always, and especially with regards to the BDSM scene, the words used are always subject to semantic interpretation and thus can mean different things to different people. There are various takes of what breaking a slave or a submissive could be. So what is it like to be broken? What does it mean? Let’s explore, shall we?


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