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Well, there is a lot of noise going on about the new Second Life viewer.If must admit I felt already a dread of fear after watching the Linden Lab video talking about the new features. It’s an interesting mix of hype- and buzzword bingo mixed with a healthy dose of pat-on-the-back, lick-me-ups and see-how-good-I-find-our-own-product.

Being the curious person myself, I decided to take a look. Surprisingly they already have a Linux viewer ready for download, sadly it seems Lindens haven’t caught on to the 64bit movement yet.

So after loading and starting the new client, let us have a look to what is going on:

1 – Menus – Directly noticeable is that the menus have changed completely. So while this make sense for newer users, for older users like me, this means a complete new learning curve.

2 – Screen estate – The new bars at the top, take up way too much screen estate, I like a nice clean UI.

3 – Colour choice – Strange enough not a colour choice inside. Even the themes offering a dual choice of skins in the old viewer has been gone. While something like the Emerald Viewer offers a myriad of choices, Linden Labs in their infinite wisdom have decided to just go with very dark colours that give me a headache.

4 – Icons – I find the icons quite a lot more confusing than the old “box” icons that immediately show me what is a prim and what not. And Why is the trash the same icon as any other folder? You wonder if any of them actually read a book on interface design at all.

5 – Sidebar – Looks okay, perhaps need to get used to this but it takes up again extra screen space. A major bug with the viewer comes immediately comes into view. Clicking the sidebar .. makes your HUD objects shift. Seriously .. what the heck? Since when is that acceptable?

Okay, is there anything good about the new viewer? In my opinion not as much. sure it looked rather licked. But form should never triumph over function. Once again it seems that Linden Lab pushes things through because it suits them rather than, what is wanted. Looking at the plethora of Open Source viewers that are out there, think Emerald, and look at the amount of extra features that are already implemented there.

One thing I did notice, and this is probably a pure Linux issue, sound works properly this time. Before, with the 1.x series of the Second Life viewer, the viewer directly speaks to the sound hardware device. I mean come on, how do you even come up with stuff like this. At least the new viewer hands off the sound to the operating systems sound system to deal with it properly.

So, all in all, once again the Lindens have pushed something which nobody really is waiting for, without listening or thinking of what their established users would want. So far I am utterly unimpressed by the viewer and it reaks largely of fail.

your friendly penguin-loving reporter from the field
signing off….


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The kitten near the fireplace..

We all know that there are toys. Collar, Cuffs and Gags, oh my… *winks*

But sometimes, just sometimes there are toys that just beg for you to be taken out and put on display. A good example of this are the Japanese clover clamps by Linus Daxter. Having seen them in world, I just knew I wanted a pair. So after a quick search and I found them and …

mmmmm … me likes.

So after a quick fitting I decided the only way this set could be shown off was to properly display myself, and what better for a submissive to display her, in nothing else that a corset, heels, stockings, gloves and the optional gag and a smile?

Corset & Fireplace I

Corset & Fireplace I

Corset & Fireplace II

Corset & Fireplace II

Corset & Fireplace III

Corset & Fireplace III

Corset & Fireplace IV

Corset & Fireplace IV

me, in various outfits and restrained and .. well on display…

What else can I say .. I had quite some fun playing with these and while I haven’t discovered all the features (with the RLV functionality enabled, it should be able for someone to pull on the chains or just pull them off (*youch*)). The best part of these clamps is that they don’t come with the typical huge nipples that one normally sees with piercings.

All in all a quite nice toy…

A bientot!


ps I: For those thinking this was going to be some kind of Doctor Who fan/slash fiction, sorry to disappoint you all. Although I do admit that I based the tittle off the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace“.

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*tap* *tap*

Is this thing still on??

*blows off the dust*

For those still looking at my blog in hope for an update, here is a couple. I haven’t blogged in a absolute ages for various reasons I am not going to rehash. But for now I am back with a couple of posts.

As you probably all noticed, there is a new header image on my blog. And about time too! The previous one was rather old. And for those that know me a bit better in-world will have noticed that I have ventured a bit more outside these days and that I indeed now have some colour.

I am not 100% satisfied with the header image just yet. But it is an improvement. The picture has been taken at our home. “Our” you will ask? Yes, some things have changed in the last couple of months.

I am currently with a new wonderful Mistress, called Miss Tungsten, after being released from Miss Thalia, with whom I am still very close and she is still one of my best friends in-world and count my blessings will remain so for the ever foreseeable future.

The chair in the background is Mistress’, a chair of course where I spend a lot of time kneeling in front of, with absolute joy and pleasure

(Gosh, I really should stop gushing).

But as often, life does move on and life finds ways and change is the only constant factor we can count on. Anyway, the real reason for me picking up the blogpen will become apparent in the next post.

A bientot


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