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Well I fear I you lot have to wait a little bit longer on the next instalment of my chapter of Self Control, or any story for that matter. Plenty of ideas, that is the problem but how to convey my thoughts into writeable material seems to be the problem. But alas I must write something so tonight it is going to be one of my (which must be by now) famous freestyle articles on what ever occupies my mind.

This may not be a long blog tonight, but we shall see how we get on. As I said, plenty of ideas on stories, but as I have touched upon earlier, my stories consist of flashes of information, rather than ideas that are workable into a full story. Often I begin with outlining the idea and then I work the rest around it, or it slots magically into place. But sometimes it is just too hard to get an idea workable. While the fantasy maybe hot, to write about it, to bring that fantasy to live so that others can enjoy it in the same manner I did.. well …

Speaking of writing and writers,

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hehehe, I could not resist it. As a dedicated Doctor Who fan, I must say that thinking this morning about my blog and what to write today and thinking back about the title of my last blog, I was thinking back about the Doctor Who mini episodes that are part of Season Six.

Sadly I do not think that any of these episodes are available on youtube, but just on the Season Six DVD (regardless, if you want to find them, there are way of course but I am not going to jeopardise my blog telling you how); the episodes are called `Good night, First Night, Last Night, and Up all Night”. Of course as I have done before in “Kitten near the fireplace“, I am stealing a title somewhat.

First of all I would wish everyone reading this blog a very happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2013. It seems that we have staved on another apocalypse and I think with the ones I have survived in 2012 so far, this is rapidly something becoming I think we should all be able to put on our resumes as a marketable skill. Pretty much in line with me winning the Nobel Peace Price. Thank you, thank you, it was really nothing. Okay, so the whole Nobel Peace price was won on behalf of the European Union but hey, since I seem to be part of that conglomeration, I guess to an extend we should feel if we all won it. At least, that is my story and I am sure sticking to it.


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