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So tonight I am not entirely in the mental frame of mine to do actually much. I am not going in details but rest assured it is one of those up and down things that eventually I will wrangle myself out of and move onwards from. Such is I fear life and with out the lower parts we would never be able to recognise what is truly wonderful in our life and what we can be grateful for and enjoy.

However there is still something in me that urges me to sit down and write. So tonight I was going to have a rather a mixed bag of topics. But having a bit of trouble getting going I started writing up the answer to the meme I found on plurk by Berry and an hour later I looked at my word counter and saw that I had written nearly a good fifteen hundred words, which I was rather amazed by. Normally my speed is roughly need about half that. For which I totally blame (okay and I am very grateful as well ) Strawberry Singh. *nods*

So I decided there and then that I was going to make this meme my blog-post for the evening and I am leaving the topics and questions for another night. So tonight you get the answer to fourteen questions about me and why I blog:

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Collaring and collars in general are, or at least in my opinion, one of the most visual representations of BDSM. I was going to say that it is perhaps one of the most recognisable aspects of BDSM, but as we later shall see, there are collars out there, that if you did not know the person wearing it, you would not be any the wiser.

Tonight post is because, yay(!), I have my first question on someone who wants to know more. So a huge shout out to Jo Roberts. She asked, since she was new to the scene in general if I could please tell more (although I think her words were “everything”) about collars and collaring. And of course I can. I’ll try to put there as much information as I can. The problem there is so much information surrounding this subject that it is almost too much to write about it one blog post. Some of the collaring ceremonies can easily cover several pages in explaining.

In terms of BDSM, a collar is anything that is placed around the submissive’s neck (although occasionally other body parts are used out of practical considerations). It is an outward sign that the person wearing that collar is in a relationship with another person.

There are many ways, traditions, opinions as far as collars are concerned and those are just pertaining to the matters of the mind and heart. Even for the collars there are different materials and forms, ranging from exquisite to simple jewelry, from leather, to rubber, to metal. In the following pages, I hope to get deeper into all of the above.

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Tonight I want to try doing something a little bit different, by writing a slightly different story in a slightly different style. I am not going elaborate where I got my inspiration from. Suffice to say that this will be in the realm of rather short story, but one I hope you all enjoy none the less.

One of the things that always amazed or amused me, much depending on your point of view, is that I have no trouble talking to people and explaining things in enormous lines of text as I do daily on IRC and in Second Life. However; sometimes sitting down and just writing a good thousand words for a blog post, I have the knack to clamp up at the best of times.

And this is strange because to an extend I enjoy writing, maybe it is the (emotional, mental?) masochist in me that wants to drag me through this. As you probably all noted my blog last week was not all that impressive, due to an fair amount lack of inspiration. Add to the above, that I am really someone who needs a deadline to write and you will start to see my problem. Sitting down on Monday and start writing ahead of time is not something that is usually in my system. Now imagine thus that inspiration strikes at the oddest of hours, although I will say that having a phone with an notepad next to my bed does help wonders with that.

So without much further ado, I am going to give you my next story to read. Like I said, it is a short story that has been playing around my head for a while. It was a bit of a  hassle writing it, as it is somewhat different from my usual style of writing (I think). Regardless of it,  I really do hope you like it, please any comments, constructive and otherwise are very welcome. Enjoy!!


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a very short post

Today of all days has been a wonderful good day.

Meeting up with friends, having several drinks in good company and good food and the weather played its part as well. For once there was not an ice cold gale wind blowing from the North-East, but a nice sunny perhaps slightly cold afternoon. The downside of that is that I have not had thought about writing, except for it in the back of my mind.

First of all, the March Blogger Question and Answer month has passed and I have received all of exactly zero questions. Come on, people! surely I am not that scary that you love to all read my blog but not dare ask me anything. I mean anything? So to close the Q&A session any questions that are put in the comment section of this blog, by email (to lex . berchot (at) googlemail . com (and remove the spaces and such)), or asked to me in world, I will answer to the best of my abilities. After that you can always comment on my posts, either that or safe up all your questions to March 2014. And I was looking forward to the questions! *grins*

As I said it has been a good day, except in one regard … writing!

So after a long tiring but satisfying day, sitting behind my keyboard on draft-try #3 of a blog-post. I have tried one topic and found that my brain is too much mush. On the plus, while not ready for tonight’s writing, I have made a small start on the next chapter of my story. But I am not entirely satisfied with the format it is taking, so that needs some polishing. If you can re-define polishing in the same way a master sculpture polishes a block of granite with a large chisel. Part of me feels is that there is a still a lot more to tell to the story, but I must also freely admit that I have not plotted it or rather, the characters are not done, whispering their story to me. It takes time and I want to do it justice.

The most annoying thing tonight is that my brain is pretty much blank. I can not help wondering if the amount of social contact, may have exhausted my pool of things to talk about. Perhaps a side effect of being an introvert (and before anyone says something; no I am not shy, I do not come across as shy a lot of the time, mostly because well I am not. I am an introvert, which has nothing to do with being shy) that makes me have more of a need to recharge my internal batteries combined with being tired. Who knows.

I fear that this weeks block is really going to be short, I have been racking my brain for the last few hours about what to write about but nothing really is forthcoming. And with the hour growing later and later I think that the situation will not change. And sometimes I suppose it is also knowing when to stop.

At least I have written a little bit and hopefully next week I shall have something a bit more substantial. Right now I think that I am going to crawl into bed as I have another busy day planned for tomorrow.

So I shall bid you all a wonderful evening and have a lovely day. Until then …

have fun, stay safe.

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