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Good evening. After the very short, and perhaps emotional loaded blog from last week, I return to you this on the last eve of this week with something completely different. A lot more lighthearted then last week, perhaps even fun (I hope!).

Above all, this week is most definitely a longer blog. However I did mention last week in my very short blog that I was going to answer some more questions. Seems that was not going to happen. While spending some well overdue time with my dear dear friend Mara, I lamented about my lack of inspiration (strange considering that I have had several questions lined up) and not wanting to write.

She helpfully suggested, well .. as helpful as Mara always is, so I leave those that know here to come up with their own conclusions, that I write a blog named Mara’s Fault. That actually resonated within me and I started to write down the title and then inspiration struck me for a story and I started pounding the keyboard. A little while later, I had a new story, aptly thus named Mara’s fault.

It is something hard to see what way a story will take you, what format it is in and how the story will shape up. But you will see that. It is not something, style wise at least, that I have written before, so in many ways it is a kind of trial for me as well. If anything be kind! But I shall no longer keep you waiting.

By all means please enjoy …!!!


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This week has been interesting. I have come down with a nasty cold that leaves me way to tired for my liking, not to mention coughing my lungs out every ten minutes or so. Even though I am taking good care of myself and drinking plenty of fluids and such, it seems to only get better with baby steps at the time. As such my mind feels half the time the consistency of cotton wool and I just hope that this will not show through in my writing. If it does I do apologise.

Well since last week was the first part of my kinky alphabet, and I promised that I was going to finish part II this week. While as I wrote last week I was going to do it all, it quickly became quite clear that despite my best intentions I was not going to make the full alphabet in one single blog-post. Well not at least unless I wanted to approach it the equivalent of a short story or even approaching a novella.

So this week blog will just be a continuity of that, which means that this week we shall be starting with M all the way through Z. Although I may in some places have to either skip a letter or make it up as I go along (which pretty much would define by and large my writing style anyway).

With that in mind, let’s get started.


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While I was browsing my RSS feed on my phone a couple of weeks ago, I found a blog entry where someone was going through the alphabet and using the letters per week to make a blog-post. I am sure this is much in line with various meme’s that have been circulating on the plurk for the Second Life bloggers, either based on colours or months or what have you not.

As the idea appealed to me, I decided to make this my current week blog top and thus hereby I am presenting my own kinky alphabet meme. By all means feel free to share in the joy and exploration. Now while I mentioned earlier that the previous examples of this kind of blog would only focus on one letter/aspect per week, I am going to combine it all in one blog post.

Sure, I could probably do one or two every week. The lure of that is of course that I would be settled for at least the coming twenty-six or thirteen weeks but despite that appeal, I am going to do a slightly shorter version and combine the whole alphabet into one blog.

With regards for my source of my inspiration, that will be from various sources, either drawing from my real life experience within the scene, although a lot will be from my second life or my imagination and fantasies (and warning those are plenteous).

So let’s see where this takes us and how many activities/letters I can give meaning to:


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