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Well it has been a rather few busy and funny old weeks, as you may have noticed she hasn’t really written a lot, mostly because last weekend she was not feeling very well, something not entirely unlike a migraine which left this girl feeling very much far worse off.

Other than that she has been preparing for th arrival of her parents this weekend, cleaning the house and all that jazz that comes with visits. But that is not entirely the thing that has got me delaying, although feeling tired due to it all certainly will not have helped.

Still she’s having fun in the world of second life, having learned a lot in the past weeks, not just about herself, but about bdsm by and large as well. What can this girl learn about bdsm you’d say? More then you would think. She definitely is not a know it all. There are always things that we can learn and can improve on. Taken that it has taken this girl twenty months she seems finally moving on a little bit. There is much to go and much that sounds like secrecy in this blog. Maybe in due time all will be clear and this girl can be more open about the changes that are happening. For now she is taking baby steps into a new world. As she once described to a friend: “it kind of is like holding a hot cup of coffee, filled to the brink and you have to sneeze”

Anyway, this week is that last part in the hypnosis series, there were originally thirty questions, but she may drop some from this as well, there are some questions she already answered in a previous blog of hers on this topic. With that having said: Time to get cracking!


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Well, here’s the second part of this girls thirty questions on hypnosis as promised (part I, can be read here). And definitely on time as opposed to several days late. Got some mixed reactions on the last blog that she wrote, some good, some less so. But one can’t assume that just every blog well please everyone or at least content wise will appeal top everyone. This girl is of course aware that not everyone will share her entire range of fetishes and fascinations within BDSM. Different strokes and different folks.

To think of that, this girl got set a task this morning (Thursday, as we are speaking). She was to engage in foot worship, cleaning a dominants shoe with her tongue. She was not allowed to talk (after all, who’d want a slave talking with their mouth full), but had to pay strict attention to the shoe, as she will be quizzed on it.whether or not she’ll pass it remains to be seen

It’s a strange place to find myself in, to be subjected to such a thing. This girl wouldn’t say that foot worship is especially a fetish of her, but in the sense of it being a service to provide, she happily does it. Of course the control element and the humiliation of it, work well for this girl.

Still this girl is sure, the activity is having its intended effect as she keeps thinking back to it, remembering the details and with that the feelings that ran through her, work may be interesting today, hehe. But as this girl said, today will be on the next ten questions on hypnosis. So without much further ado, let’s get started:

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This week blog will be part one of a three parter, a total of thirty questions about and on the subject of hypnosis. Why hypnosis, of all subjects. Because it is one of this girls interests. Whether or not she has ever tranced or that her version of what she believes or wants out of hypnosis neither here nor there.

What matters is, is that this is a subject that this girl finds interesting and that she would like to write about and share with you. And because she has never done a thirty questionnaire on the topic of hypnosis, so to get one done this year and help it to her explain and explore this topic and interest of her.

Her love, well at least her interest in hypnosis is something that has been with her for a long time. Perhaps probably the first type of fetish she was really aware of (well short of enjoying being captured and being tied up.

As this girl said, 30 questions more then likely separate over three blog posts. Originally this was called 30 days of hypnosis kink but to be writing for the next two and half years about hypnosis is a bit sleep inducing shall we say? So with that, this girl will try and condense the blog a bit in three separate weeks of writing and hopefully that gives her enough time and space to explore this topic and give all the answers as best as she can. So without much further ado, let’s kick off this blog and start with the first question.

If you want to answer the questions yourself, please feel free to leave the answers to them in this girls comments, or if you want to write your own blog post about it, by all means go ahead. Just please post this girl a link to your blog then in her comments so that she can read yours! Please? For the meantime, have fun reading!


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Good evening my dear readers. So tonight I had a much dunked ego and slightly less damaged lip. Apparently I am not grown up enough to eat pizza without any kind of help. I managed to burn the side of my mouth and lip with some piping hot salami/peperoni oil. Ouch!

Other then that it has been a little bit of a quiet week, although I am making some progress (finally!) with unpacking my house. While I will not bore you very much with all the particular details, I finally got some energy to spare to direct to finding places for stuff to go. It’s a long way to go but I made good progress and hopefully by Christmas  ninety percent of the things will be stored away!

While I was going to do some more serious writing above combination and a general feeling of being sore and tired/weary/worn-out means I had to look for other solutions. Luckily the solution for this game in the form of Tyra Love who posted a blog about her favourite and least favourite things. I met Tyra ages ago at the Cellar where she was doing some research for one of her blog posts on gags. Thus, this seemed like a good idea and some nice light subject to get my writing in, without sending my brain immediately into a huge meltdown and grey puddly mess.

A word of the “warning”; the information in this blog tonight, pertains mostly to the virtual world of Second Life. But let’s get started and see what my most favourite restraints are 😉


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Today’s blog, written on the eve of the of the day before, due to me travelling, is going to a fun mismatch of various topics that have streamed across my conscious in the last week. Either inspired by my time talking to people in Second Life, in my real life community or as seen on FetLife or Reddit.

First of all, while actually reading Fet or FL as it is called for short, although I always get confused with that acronym as it is used in Second Life with the meaning of “first life”. But I digress, as I was saying when browsing Fetlife this evening I saw the news that Gord, the man who was behind the website houseofgord.com and I would say at the forefront of the phorniphilia movement, has passed away at the age of 67. I am going to post the announcement here ad literatim:

On the evening of September 3rd, 2013 we lost a master, a hero, and a true artist in every sense of the word. His lover Femcar was with him till the very end, although not by his side. She was in her proper place, on her knees naked, below his desk. He burst through our world, larger than life, lived and died on his own terms. He will truly be missed, and his art will live on forever.

I am sure that there are many people both in the virtual world and in the real world who over the course of years have been inspired and influenced by Gord and his works of arts. While I don’t know Gord in person I was very much aware of his work and some of it actually resonated within me, this of course playing nicely into my likes of restrictions. What’s for sure is that he will be missed. My thoughts, and with me more than likely many others go out to his loved ones and families. Requiescat in pace.


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Tonight’s blog is dealing with bondage, and by and large aimed at the virtual world of second Life. I am not going to even pretend I do not like being tied up or other exclamations of fake innocence in this regard. Yes, you all know I love to get tied up and that I revel in the feeling and loss of control.

This is however not a feeling that is solely restricted (see what I did there?) to the virtual world however. I enjoy bondage in real life just as much. And it is because of this love of bondage in both worlds that I am destined to draw parallels between the two in terms of ability and restriction, where I can or perhaps where applicable.

Yes I am aware that there are things in one world that can not be replicated in the real world or vice versa. If only things were so simple. Who would not be able to kneel on their knees for hours at a time, be tied up in the most stringent of positions for long periods of time without being able to move a muscle and without any after effects.

Thus we can safely conclude that no two worlds are the same and that in real life we should be aware of these risks and act on our kink in a consensual knowledgeable manner. However just because things are not the same, does not mean we can apply a degree of reason and reality to our play in the virtual world, can we?


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Well, nothing changes the mind as much as a week onwards after my last blog-post. Yes I still plan to eventually do a fashion post of some sorts, but after talking with someone I decided to change tack (see what I did there?), and write about another one of my likes. But hey being a girl and a kitten, I am not if allowed (or entitled *cough*) to change my mind on certain things. Well, come to think of it, I am allowed to change my mind on all things, just as long as I am willing to accept the consequences but I am not going there and that is perhaps a topic for another blog-post some time down the line.

And as per usual I digress. As I was saying,  I decided to blog about one of my likes, and that like was pet-play. So what is pet-play in short? Pet-play, also sometimes called animal roleplay, is as the name already infers a form of roleplay where one of the participants assumes the role in greater or larger parts of an animal of their choice including mannerisms and behaviour. The main theme of pet-play is usually the voluntary transformation of a human being to animal status, and focus on the altered mind-space created.

The most common themes in pet-play are puppy-play, kitten-play and of course pony-play. But other variants such as cows and pigs are not entirely uncommon. However in the latter case there seems to be a larger element of humiliation present in the play then on average.

So let us explore, or rather sit back and listen to me talk about my views on pet-play:

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So, probably next week I plan to have several pictures up from new outfits that I have bought recently. It is a bit harder since one of my favourite photo-post editing sites has gone up in flames back in April or so. Basically they got bought out by Google and Google said sorry, but no cheese for you. Why is this important? It is not really, there are plenty of tools available even on my computer who should be capable of doing the same job. Just that the site managed to pack them somewhat easier for me to comprehend.

So while I have a long list of topics to potentially write about, there was little in my list that entirely grabbed my attention. So while I thought to write a bit freestyle again, I also came to the conclusion that I haven’t wrote much about BDSM the last few weeks, well excluding my story. So perhaps I should start rambling about this topic instead. Last time I seemed to have decent results with that.

This idea was inspired partly by a friend of mine in-world who showed me a picture of a pet-store where he had a look at the various implements that were on sale. Which made me muse about how much things there are in our daily life that we can use to enhance play with. So hence the topic, perverting the house … and seeing what you already have on hand that can be used to play with…..


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(I do apologise if people who had subscribed to my blog have seem to get this double, half way through writing this subject, I accidently pushed on publish instead of `save as draft’)

One of my more long standing fetishes, or things that make me tick perhaps is the better chosen word here, is for me to be told what to wear. Not only just on special occasions but a general move from giving up the control about what you wear on a daily basis. To let another define your clothes, your look has always held a very powerful attraction for me.

Where this stems from I am not sure, but I know that especially the last ten years of my life this became a powerful fantasy and as often with such things, fantasy tends to at least to some extend turn into reality. So what is it that is so powerful about being told what to wear?


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Well since the last post about me being a rubber doll seemed to have been such a success, I decided a while ago to make a couple of more photos. This time however in a slightly more “traditional”.

Well `traditional’ goes of course only so far. The traditional part is the big but beautiful crafted Victorian key, that powers my doll insides. I love this key, it has at the same time this sturdy but most artistic look. And above all, it can be modified to be fitted with various scripts and coloured to my heart desired.

As for the outfit, mostly fully covered in shiny black latex. A knee-wide, wide, flowing latex dress, with wide pink petticoat underneath, a latex corset over transparent latex covering my skin. My arms encased in black latex opera gloves, latex stockings, and knee-high heeled latex boots.

But, as the saying goes, a picture tells more than a thousand words:

The key normally is in turn linked to my collar and the RLV viewer as well through some rather clever scripting. This means once my key runs out, my clock work stops, and I go silent. Until some kind soul takes pity on me and rewinds me again.

And for those that know me;  yes I know about the colours. But I found it somewhat fitting. I know, I know…..I am just weird like that 🙂


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