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After reading some comments on Black Widows (correction, it was Soph’s comment on this blogenty by Argent Bury) I just had to have a look and when I visited the store with Thalia, for um .. well, let’s call it research *Grins*.

Bountyhunter Be carefull

Above: Me on my own, on the ground and around our house, making sure that noone is misbehaving 😉 Below: me and Thalia discussing our plans for world domination *grins*

The Dangerous Duo Dressed for pleasure ;)

The last picture is Sirena’s Chicago outfit. Her shop has *loads* of beautiful clothes.

I wore it last night out, when Thalia took me, to “The Pirate of Cassiar“, a secluded dance club which was rather quiet but to be honest we didn’t care. It had been quite a while since we have out like that and just the two of us dancing.

We were so happy just being in each other company, that we pretty much just forgot everything around us. I could have stayed and danced there forever to be honest apart from the fact we needed sleep badly.

Thank you Thalia, I am short on words to describe how much it meant to me and how much I enjoyed just being with you *smiles*

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I am rather behind on catching up on my blogs (writing and reading). But in short I had some wonderful days up and including the weekend. It was good, fun… and I seem to have completely lost track of last week *laughs*

What I think was Friday was Tuesday apparently! and much more different days seem to be messed up and I seem to have completely mixed up. Of course Thalia is completely to blame for all this 😉

But one of the most wonderful things was being taken out dancing. I can’t even describe how special that was *smiles*, not to mention how much fun. I have no clue even where we were. I have some vague recollections of the club being called Heaven or so. And I think that about sums it up.

dancing01 dancing02


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Dancing @ Clockwork.

Well last night, the world pretty much seem to grind to a halt as my usual hangout was absolutely deserted. Normally there is always something going on. But last night, I sat there on my own. I was kinda moping and somewhat undecided what to do and torn between sorting to my ‘bag of goodies‘ (also know as the inventory of Doom), or hopping around in world visiting various places.

And then, Sophrosyne IM’d m, asking if I wanted to come over to the Clockwork as they were having a little party. So quickly I changed in something more (or less suitable) depending on your point of view;). And headed over. It was good to see some people again, and I think I will probably see more of them in the future (I found I actually starting to like dancing *grins*)

I would like to thank especially Alex Burgess and Esteban (damm, I love his fluffy bunny slippers) for providing the excellent music :). I was rather sad to actually have to go and crash out. So I headed *home* and what home is .. will be in the next post..

to be continued ….



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climbing out of my shell.

Well last night was fun.

For once I decided *not* hang about on my usual place and sit on cushions waiting for people to come up and talk that people come up and talk. I’ve seen Sophrosyne‘s announcement for both “Designing For Your Second Life” and the following “Pajama Party” on her blog, so it seemed a good idea to actually show up and have a look and see whats happening. Plus I think it’s good for me to go out and and meet other people 🙂

It was good, I had a good time both at the discussion and the party dancing my hearts content out (and going out in public with my new hot pink hairdo. And yes, perhaps I was a bit quiet, but I am somewhat shy when meeting new people the first time. Don’t worry it will go away and you’ll have trouble to shut me up 😉

But i think I will keep up and try to  go to more things and be a bit more outgoing about things 🙂 .. and if anyone thinks there is something going on that I might find interesting, feel free to IM and me prod me to come along 🙂


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