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It’s been a rather busy week, and while the end of this is not yet in sight, there is at least some progress. With ‘this’ I of course mean, my planned house move. Things are seemingly moving along a bit better now. Hopefully soon I can start focusing on packing and getting things underway.

In the meantime, most of my books are packed, with only one added so far this week. Not entirely the progress I had set myself but okay. The biggest problem is that this causes a very subtle amount of stress. There is a row of boxes behind me as I wrote, four high and two lines thick and it is a constant visual reminder.

As such I have been, quite a lot grumpier this week then I have usually been. Even meditation seem full of distraction, and while it is mentioned that this is not to be seen as a bad thing, on some level it still is a good indication that my mind is deeply unsettled. For those affected by my moods, I can only deeply apologise. As I mentioned to one of my friends yesterday, part of me, wants to cancel this all, calling it to an end and make a blanket fort and not come out until 2040.

Speaking of dates in the future, I seen that headspace, the company behind the platform and the meditation app that I use, makes sure subscriptions are valid (and I assume that they mean accessible) for the next hundred year. Seeing that yesterday made me laugh. There is some sort of joke to be made there how meditation increases longevity.

As  promised this week I was going to dig a little bit deeper into the clothing aspect of bdsm, a subject that for a long time has held deep fascination and interest to me.


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(I do apologise if people who had subscribed to my blog have seem to get this double, half way through writing this subject, I accidently pushed on publish instead of `save as draft’)

One of my more long standing fetishes, or things that make me tick perhaps is the better chosen word here, is for me to be told what to wear. Not only just on special occasions but a general move from giving up the control about what you wear on a daily basis. To let another define your clothes, your look has always held a very powerful attraction for me.

Where this stems from I am not sure, but I know that especially the last ten years of my life this became a powerful fantasy and as often with such things, fantasy tends to at least to some extend turn into reality. So what is it that is so powerful about being told what to wear?


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