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Good evening, welcome to another week of me writing about things that interest me, confuse me, I want to learn about or just catch my attention and I think that I have something to say about. Of course with plenty of rants.

It’s been a quiet but productive week so far and I have felt that I haven’t been as much in Second Life and around the net this week. The reason? Basically it has been a glorious week, with loads of sunshine. I have been making the most of it and attacking my garden, or rather the overgrown jungle that has threatened to take over the paving slaps. It needed to be done and while I am nowhere near finished, it already is looking way much better then it was. Still all in all, I think there is a serious case to be made for gardening with machete and flame throwers. It would definitely be more fun!

This week, I was really struggling to come up with a post, mostly because until an hour ago, writing has not been really on my mind with a lot of mundane real life stuff taking its place. But thanks to talking to some friends and reading one of the discussion logs, I came upon an idea that may be worth exploring a little bit more.

It’s also a topic that I haven’t really touched in a long time. So in that sense it makes for a good time to, albeit perhaps lightly, to revisit tonight. And what is that topic? It is about etiquette. The last time I wrote about etiquette, was in 2012 in my post about “protocol and behaviour in D/s relationships”. How does the time fly.

So with that, let’s have a look at Etiquette and how it applies.

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What is protocol? If we look at the various definitions of protocol it quickly becomes clear that most definitions have to do with either rules or code of conducts. Even the lesser used definitions seems to indicate that protocol is something of prolonged significance. For example: “the first leaf glued to the rolls of papyrus and the notarial documents, on which the date was written“. So in short a protocol can be defined as a rule or code of formally correct behaviour describing how a certain activity should be performed, acted on or responded to.

Within the world of D/s, there is general etiquette, rituals and protocols. Before diving deeper in the my chosen subject, I want to write out the various difference between the main three. For a large part rituals and protocols are at least on some parts, as we will see intertwined, or at least share parts with each other. So how are ritual, protocol and etiquette defined?


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